Why the Bell Race Star DLX Flex Helmet is Worth the Investment

Bell has been making helmets since the late 1950s, and their latest offering, the Bell Race Star DLX Flex, is a remarkable full-face helmet that looks phenomenal and is also packed with the latest technology. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at this helmet and see how it performs.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best full-face motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Bell Race Star Flex DLX


What Customers Think

  • Love the transitions lens
  • The field of vision is unmatched
  • Light as a feather and very comfortable

Design and Features

The Bell Race Star DLX Flex has a 3K carbon fiber shell, giving it the look, performance, and feel of a true race-inspired full-face helmet. 

It also has what Bell calls a “Race View” purpose-built profile. Simply put, the Race Star lineup has been specifically optimized for a more compact and tuck riding position as opposed to their street view profile, which is more upright for sports touring positions.

Incorporated into the shell are four intake vents – two at the chin, one on the forehead, and one on top of the head – and one rear exhaust port. 

The slide levers are easy to manipulate with or without gloves. However, one small gripe is that the vent switches have to be engaged in the opposite direction to work properly.

The chin switch is open in the down position while the forehead is up to open. The top of the head switch slides back to open, but the exhaust is slid forward to be open. It’s nothing major but can take some getting used to.

The amazing ProTint photochromic shield is another standout feature of this helmet. 

The shield sports Panavision viewports that help increase your field of view vertically and laterally compared to earlier models. While in a tighter tucked position, it helps with head checks and lane changes.

The closure system is basic but really solid; you get a loud snap when closing it. There is no detent for the first opening position, though you have to pry it open with your thumb to do so.


The ventilation system on this full-face helmet works well thanks to its four intake vents and one rear exhaust port. I felt comfortable even when riding in hot weather conditions.

Shield System

As mentioned earlier, this helmet comes equipped with an amazing ProTint photochromic shield that adjusts automatically according to light conditions. 

The shield also features Panavision viewports that provide an increased field of view vertically and laterally compared to earlier models.

However, one downside is that the supplied shield isn’t Pinlock-ready; you’ll need to spend an additional $80 if you want Pinlock compatibility.


Inside this helmet lies one of the most technically advanced liners available today: Virus Cool Jade Power Mesh liner infused with recycled jade creates a natural cooling effect combined with ultra-wicking construction and reduces skin surface temp by 10 degrees (claimed). 

I wasn’t able to verify that claim personally, but I didn’t get overly hot on my ride even though it was in the mid-to-upper 80s temperature-wise.

The MagnaFusion magnetic cheek pads are antibacterial and much easier to remove/install thanks to their magnetic action. There are also easy-to-read instructions for EMS responders in case of an accident.

The standard D-ring closure system secures everything together while riding along with a nice little chin curtain further inside.

Safety Features

This helmet uses Bell’s own Flex Impact Liner technology designed specifically for managing energy from a wide range of impacts using three types of unique materials at varying densities: EPO provides soft & flexible low-density polymer at low speeds while EPS & EPP aid middle-to-high speed impacts management.

It’s worth noting that although the MIPS energy management system isn’t used in this model (Race Star), it’s used in its next-level-down version, “Star.” 

Sizing Options

This full-face helmet comes in six different shell sizes, promoting Bell’s pro-fit philosophy. A smaller profile means lighter/faster helmets, creating less neck fatigue for riders and less noise/better stability overall experience.

There are six impact liner sizes complementing different shell sizes for near-custom fit sizing ranging from XS-2XL; I found my medium size fit nicely during testing sessions.

Bell Star/Race Star Helmet Sizing


Price Point

At over $700 USD price point (depending on color choice), some might find it expensive compared to other brands/models out there, and I wouldn’t say it was the best full-face helmet for the price.

However, considering all the features/technology packed into this lid alongside its premium build quality/materials, plus being backed by the years-long legacy behind the Bell brand name, makes me think otherwise! 

Features and Benefits

3K carbon fiber shellRace-inspired look and performance
Race View profile optimized for tuck riding positionProvides a more compact and aerodynamic profile
Four intake vents and one rear exhaust portExcellent ventilation for comfortable riding in hot weather
ProTint photochromic shield with Panavision viewportsIncreased field of view vertically and laterally for safety
Virus Cool Jade Power Mesh linerNatural cooling effect with ultra-wicking construction
MagnaFusion magnetic cheek padsAntibacterial and easy to remove/install for added comfort
Flex Impact Liner technologyEnergy management for a wide range of impacts
Six different shell sizes and six impact liner sizesNear-custom fit sizing for added comfort and stability
Bell brand legacy and premium build quality/materialsAssurance of quality and durability for long-term investment

What I Like and Don’t Like

This helmet has an amazing field of view, together with some other good safety features. When I was testing this helmet, It happened I was going on a long trip, so I had plenty of time to test it out. Even though I was wearing the helmet for several hours because it is so light, it was very comfortable.

One thing I did find on the trip was that even though this helmet is a snug fit, and I found it a little uncomfortable at first, after a few hours, I didn’t notice the tight fit.

Another thing I think could be improved was the noise levels. For me, I would have preferred it to be a little quieter and provide better airflow.

The best thing about this helmet is the transition visor which, for me, is a “game changer.” However, I wish the visor would get darker.


Overall, I highly recommend checking out Bell Race Star DLX Flex if you’re looking for high-end racing-inspired motorcycle helmets packed with advanced features/technology!


How much does the Bell Race Star Flex DLX Lux weigh?

The Bell Race Star Flex DLX Lux weighs 3 pounds and 5 ounces on the scale for the medium size.

What is the difference between Bell Race Star Flex DLX and Bell Race Star?

The Bell Race Star Flex DLX is 10% lighter than its Race Star cousin and features speaker pockets plus new triple-density cheek pads for even more comfort1.

Bell Race Star Flex DLX


What Customers Think

  • Love the transitions lens
  • The field of vision is unmatched
  • Light as a feather and very comfortable

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