About Samantha

Samantha Mallinson

Samantha Mallinson is the manager of the content team at Kings Motorcycle Gear, the #1 online reviewer of motorcycle accessories and riding apparel.

An avid motorcyclist herself, Samantha oversees a team of writers who provide gear reviews, riding tips, guides, and other two-wheel-focused content for the King’s Motorcycle Gear blog.

With over a decade of experience in the motorcycle gear industry, Samantha expertly matches riders with the perfect accessories and apparel for their bike and style of riding.

Whether you’re a new rider looking for recommendations or a seasoned veteran wanting to step up your gear game, Samantha and her team at King’s Motorcycle Gear have got you covered.

When she’s not managing her squad of moto-journalists at King’s Motorcycle Gear, you can find Samantha embarking on two-wheeled adventures across the Pacific Northwest and reviewing the latest must-have gear for female riders.

Samantha holds a motorcycle technician certification and is constantly expanding her expertise so she can provide riders with up-to-date, comprehensive recommendations.

With a passion for helping the riding community and experience driving a team of talented motorcycle content creators, Samantha delivers authoritative insights and advice to equip Kings customers for whatever the road has in store.