Icon Airflite Mips Stealth Review: Outperforms Other MIPS Lids?

The icon airflite helmet’s coolest selling point is its stylish design, which sets it apart from other helmet brands in terms of customization and individuality. 

With a range of face shields, spoilers, and graphics, riders can make their helmets their own. But the design is not all there is to this helmet.

In this icon airflite review, we’ll look at what makes this full-face helmet so special and why it could be just what you’ve been searching for when it comes to finding a new riding accessory.

Icon Airflite Mips Stealth


Key Takeaways

  • Sleek matte black color scheme
  • Helmet with advanced safety features
  • MIPS technology reduces rotational impact

Icon Airflite Helmet Review

Shell Construction

The Shell Construction of the Icon Airflite MIPS Stealth motorcycle helmet is a standout feature. 

Utilizing an injection molded polycarbonate shell and removable side plates provides superior levels of protection while ensuring long-term durability. 

This construction also allows for greater customization options, such as the quick change fog-free face shield, which comes with every purchase.

Icon Airflite Mips Stealth Review

This lightweight yet sturdy design looks great and offers unparalleled safety features that have been rigorously tested in real-world scenarios. 

The internal air pressure system ensures optimal aerodynamic performance and reduces long-ride fatigue

Additionally, this advanced engineering keeps wind noise to a minimum while providing superior ventilation via integrated intake channels at the front and rear of the helmet.

The result is a sleek design that meets all necessary safety standards without sacrificing comfort or style. 

Furthermore, its ergonomic fit makes it ideal for riders looking for reliable protection on each journey.

Icon Airlift Shell Sizes

The shell of the Airflite MIPS Stealth is a powerful symbol of protection and safety, providing wearers with an assurance that they are in good hands. 

It represents strength and durability, features incorporated into the design to ensure its stability during high-performance activities. 

With this in mind, it is important to consider the range of shell sizes available when selecting a helmet for optimal performance.

The Airflite MIPS Stealth offers three different shell sizes: 

  • Small (55-56cm)
  • Medium (57-58cm)
  • And Large (59-60cm)

Icon Airflite Helmet Size Chart

Helmet SizingHead (cm)

Furthermore, each size also boasts Multi-Directional Impact Protection System technology – known commonly as MIPS – to provide enhanced protection against rotational impacts.

When selecting your helmet, be sure to take accurate head circumference measurements before purchase so you can determine the most suitable shell size.

This simple step can ensure that you get optimal comfort and protection from your helmet while enjoying your favorite outdoor activities safely.


The Icon Airflite MIPS Stealth helmet has positioned itself as an industry leader in terms of ventilation, offering multiple oversized intake and exhaust ports designed to keep the rider cool. 

This model is equipped with a Recessed Twin Channel Supervent cooling system, which directs air through two large front intakes and several rear exhaust vents. 

This advanced engineering ensures that even during tough rides on hot days, your head remains comfortable and free from excessive heat build-up. 

Additionally, the Fog Free Inner Sun Shield helps reduce stuffiness while providing additional protection against UV rays.

Furthermore, its streamlined design reduces drag at higher speeds, making it ideal for all riding scenarios, whether taking pleasure cruises or going off-road racing.


The visor of an Airflite MIPS Stealth Helmet is constructed with molded breath deflector technology, which uses DOT FMVSS SAI AS standards for superior performance. 

It also meets or exceeds all ECE 22-05 safety requirements and delivers excellent optical clarity through its scratch-resistant coating. 

The visor also comes with four different locking positions: 

  • Fully open
  • Half-open
  • Closed lock
  • And fully locked position

This provides complete control over airflow and visibility when needed most.

Airflite’s unique design has made it one of the top choices among motorcyclists looking for comfort and security without compromising style or quality.


The interior of the Icon Airflite Mips Stealth helmet is an absolute marvel! 

The removable Hydradry moisture-wicking liner helps to keep sweat away from riders’ faces during long rides in hot weather

When evaluating the world standard that comes with owning an Icon Airflite Mips Stealth, there are several key characteristics to consider:

  • Safety – The lightweight construction ensures maximum protection against impacts while maintaining optimal breathability.
  • Comfort – Removable Hydradry moisture-wicking liners ensure a comfortable fit no matter what climate riders are in.
  • Fit – Injection molded polycarbonate shells provide superior stability and adjustability for every head shape and size.
  • Style – Sleek colors and trendy designs give cyclists a sense of individuality without compromising security or ride quality.


The Airflite MIPS Stealth Helmet has become a popular choice among riders due to its lightweight design. 

Weighing in at only 3.2 lbs, the helmet is comfortable and provides sufficient protection without feeling bulky on your head. 

It comes in small/medium (MD) and large (LG). The LG version includes an adjustable chin curtain for added comfort while riding.

One of the key advantages of this helmet is that it does not come with SAI or SG certification stickers, making it ideal for those who do not need such certifications but still require adequate safety features. 

This also helps keep the overall weight down compared to other helmets certified with these standards. 

Furthermore, despite being lightweight, the helmet meets stringent DOT and ECE 22-05 standards for motorcycle helmets, ensuring reliable performance during impacts.

Icon Airflite Wind Noise

The Icon Airflite Mips Stealth is a popular helmet among cyclists due to its lightweight nature and superior noise level control

With an impressive average of 36 decibels of sound reduction, the helmet can help protect riders from hazardous loud noises while on their rides.

There have been reports of poor noise isolation, with one review recording a loud 110 decibels, other reviews note that wind noise over 50mph is intense. Overall, the helmet scores above average for helmet noise.

This makes it one of the quietest helmets available on the market today.

The use of advanced materials such as high-strength carbon fiber reinforces this point further.


It does not come with Bluetooth speakers, but they can be installed, and there are recommended models for the Airflite helmet.

Reviews of the helmet mention that it looks great, has a snug fit, and has low wind noise when using Bluetooth speakers.

Safety Ratings

The Icon Airflite MIPS Stealth Helmet meets or exceeds the safety standards of DOT FMVSS 218 (US), ECE 22-05 (Europe), PSC (Japan), and SAI AS1698 (Australia). 

It has also been tested by Sharp Helmet Testing, with 32 impact tests conducted on seven helmets across a range of sizes to assess how well each helmet could protect the brain in the event of a crash.


The Icon Airflite MIPS Stealth is a great choice for riders who want the best of both worlds – safety, and style. 

The helmet shell construction provides superior protection, while its range of sizes ensures that all riders can find the right fit. 

Its ventilation system helps keep heads cool during hot days on the road, while adjustable visors offer added customizability. 

The interior includes plush padding and an adjustable fitment system to help ensure maximum comfort and security. 

Additionally, thanks to its Bluetooth capabilities, riders will enjoy clear audio quality with minimal noise interference, even at high speeds.

Icon Airflite Safety Rating

The Icon Airflite helmet has received a 3-star safety rating from SHARP, the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme, which is a helmet safety scheme run by the UK Department for Transport. This rating indicates that the helmet provides a slightly above-average level of impact protection.

The helmet is constructed with a polycarbonate shell and features a double D-ring retention system. It has been certified by the Department of Transportation (DOT) in the United States and is also approved by ECE 22.05, which is a standard set by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

In the impact tests run by SHARP, the back and top of the helmet produced the best results for protection, whereas the sides and forehead offered average protection.

The Icon Airflite helmet also features a unique visor system and is praised for its wide viewport, which enhances visibility and contributes to safety.

However, it’s important to note that helmet safety can also be influenced by factors such as proper fit and usage, so it’s crucial to ensure that any helmet you choose fits correctly and is used as intended.

What Customers Think

The Omnicrux helmet is praised for its comfort, design, and finish. Reviewers have reported that the helmet fits perfectly with the use of the size guide and is comfortable to wear, even with glasses on. The chin curtain is effective in keeping the wind out and is warm during cold mornings.

The helmet comes with two visors, a clear and a smoked one, and has a pristine design and finish. The helmet bag is also of great quality.

However, some riders have experienced issues with sizing, with multiple reviews stating to order one size up from what you usually wear.

Additionally, some riders have reported that the helmet is loud and the face shield scratches easily. A few riders have also reported that the sizing chart was off, leading to multiple returns and extra costs.

Some riders have also reported that the helmet fits too small, even after ordering the correct size.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Comes with two visors, clear and smoked
  • Good quality design and finish
  • Good visibility
  • Light and well-padded
  • Good noise reduction in motion
  • Looks futuristic and stylish
  • Good venting


  • The sizing chart is off; order a size up
  • Noisy at lower frequencies
  • The face shield is easily scratchable,


Is the Icon Airlift Noisy?

The Icon Airflite helmet noise level was recorded at about 110 decibels during a road test at an average wind speed of 110-120 km/h. Personally, when I tested the helmet on long highway stretches at around 130 km/h, I found the noise isolation to be very poor, resulting in a loud experience.

How Much Does the Icon Airflite Weight?

The Icon Airflite motorcycle helmet weighs approximately 1.7 kilograms (3.75 pounds). This weight is slightly heavier than the average polycarbonate helmet but is not heavy enough to cause discomfort during use

Is Airflite Icon Comfortable?

The Icon Airflite helmet is generally comfortable. It has no pressure points, and the cheek pads fit nicely. Owners have praised its ventilation and shield system. 

It also ventilated fairly well with a 2-degree difference and remained comfortable on the first ride. As a result, the helmet is suitable for weekend cornering and weekday traffic battles.

Is Icon Airflite Snell?

The Icon Airflite Helmet is Snell-certified and SHARP 5-star safety-rated. It has a poly-carb shell with massive airflow to keep the wearer cool. 

It is highly rated and considered a solid value proposition. In addition, the helmet carries a certification label inside that confirms it meets Snell Standards.

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