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REV’IT! Quantum 2 Gloves Review: Racing Gloves or Poser Gear?

When REV’IT! released its new Quantum 2 glove with enhanced armor and abrasion resistance. I knew I had to test it out.

In this REV’IT! Quantum 2 Motorcycle Gloves review, I’ll break down whether these circa $200 racing gloves live up to their premium price point, especially compared to popular alternatives.

But my guiding question is: Are these the best racing motorcycle gloves? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Quantum 2 Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Flexible panels don’t limit movement
  • Goatskin and cowhide resist abrasion
  • Extensive armor absorbs impact forces

My Verdict on the Rev’It Quantum 2 Gloves

After testing the Quantum 2 gloves myself, I can confidently say Rev’It stepped up the protection substantially compared to earlier models while retaining an exceptional feel.

The extensive TPE plastic armor coverage over the fingers, knuckles, and edge of the palm provides serious impact absorption that inspires confidence, pushing the pace on winding roads.

I also appreciate how the long gauntlet cuff perfectly interfaces with most jacket sleeves to prevent air leaks.

In my experience, the glove remains impressively comfortable even in hot weather thanks to the perforations and moisture-wicking liner.

The adjustable wrist and cuff closure also let me tweak the fit precisely to avoid pinching while the glove moves seamlessly with my hands.

Ultimately, the Quantum 2 glove excels wonderfully as a versatile, durable summer sports glove with the protection necessary for moderately aggressive track riding.

I struggle to find any real flaws or shortcomings, considering its very reasonable $170 price point.

Prices fluctuate on motorcycle gear, so while I’ve seen the Quantum 2 gloves retail around $200, often offers special discount promotionsOpens in a new tab.. So check them out before purchasing.

Comparison To Other Gloves For The Track

Product NameKey Features
Alpinestars GP Plus R V2Goatskin construction, carbon fiber knuckle protection, perforated panels for ventilation
Held Evo Thrux IIKangaroo leather and Cordura construction, Viscoelastic foam for impact absorption, waterproof and breathable Hipora liner
Spidi Carbo EvoCarbon fiber knuckle protection, goatskin leather palms, windproof and water-resistant
REV’IT! Quantum 2TPU plastic armor coverage, cowhide & goatskin leather, seamless 3D air mesh liner, adjustable wrist and cuff closure

The Quantum 2 gloves stand out for their extensive TPU hard shell armor, which provides substantial impact protection for aggressive riding.

The Held Evo Thrux II offers more weather protection with its waterproof liner, while the Alpinestars GP Plus R V2 provides great feel and ventilation at a budget price point. Ultimately, the Quantum 2 strikes an ideal balance between safety features and flexibility.

Unpacking the Rev’It Quantum 2 Glove

The Quantum 2 glove brings race-level safety in a stylish, versatile package suitable for sport riding applications.

Its main value proposition centers on melding hard armor with flexible materials to enable dynamic body positioning and weather protection without compromising impact absorption.

So, what exactly does this glove have to offer?

Abrasion and Tear Resistance

The glove utilizes a combination of cowhide leather on the backhand and supple goatskin on the palm to resist abrasion while optimizing the feel. It also incorporates durable 3D air mesh and synthetic suede panels in high-flex areas.

Impact Protection

For protecting the hands in a crash, the Quantum 2 gloves provide extensive TPE plastic armor coverage. Hardshell sliders on the fingers, knuckles, palm, cuff, and thumb absorb and distribute impact energy. Underneath the armor, Temperfoam acts as an additional shock dampener.

Secure Fit & Sizing

An adjustable wrist strap and wide pull tab allow customizing the glove tightness, while stretch panels over the knuckles improve flexibility without compromising safety certifications. This construction securely locks the gloves onto the rider’s hands.

REV’IT! Men’s Glove Sizing Chart


Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.


Strategic perforations coupled with moisture-wicking tricot fabric help vent heat and prevent sweat buildup inside the glove. Underneath the protective layers, the seamless inner lining maximizes next-to-skin comfort.

How the Quantum 2 Gloves Perform by the Numbers

Protection Levels5/5
Comfort Features4/5
Weather Adaptability3/5

In addition to the strong scores above, the Quantum 2 gloves excel in these key areas:

★ Full-Gauntlet Design

The long cuff enables tucking under most jacket sleeves to prevent air infiltration and provide complete coverage in a fall.

★ Touchscreen Friendly

Conductive fingertip pads allow using phones and GPS without removing the gloves. This bonus convenience retains critical protection.

★ Style Points

The gloves perfectly match Rev’It’s sharp-looking Quantum jackets for riders wanting integrated aesthetics across their gear.

Which Riders Would Benefit Most from the Quantum 2 Gloves?

The Quantum 2 gloves truly shine for sportbike riders hitting curvy backroads or attacking the occasional track day.

Their extensive armor coverage provides peace of mind when riding at higher speeds while maintaining critical flexibility and tactile feel.

However, those seeking hardcore race protection or significantly colder weather usage would be better served by sturdier winter-focused gloves. The Quantum 2’s focus centers squarely on warmer weather sport riding.

Pros and Cons

Extensive TPU plastic armor for impact protectionExpensive compared to budget gloves
Cowhide & goatskin leather resist abrasionNot fully waterproof
Adjustable wrist & cuff closure for secure fitLimited insulation for cold weather usage
Perforations & moisture-wicking fabric for ventilationTouchscreen pads wear down over time
Seamless 3D mesh liner prevents skin irritation
Conductive fingertip pads retain dexterity
Matching style & colorways with Quantum jackets
Gauntlet cuff interfaces well with jackets


And Finally

Given their abundant safety features, versatility supporting moderate track and year-round street usage, and durable construction quality, I believe the Rev’It Quantum 2 gloves justify their circa $200 MSRP. While not inexpensive, they outperform many lower-cost options in useful ways.

For riders prioritizing premium protection and the convenience of touchscreen fingertips without compromising feel, the Quantum 2 gloves earn my sincere recommendation.

When combined with Rev’It’s matching jackets, they complete a sharp-looking, highly protective sport-riding package.

Let me know in the comments if you have any firsthand experience with the Quantum 2 gloves compared to other options!

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REV’IT! Mangrove Gloves Review: Cool Without Sacrificing Protection?

The REV’IT! Mangrove gloves caught my eye with their ventilated armor protection claims despite the budget pricing.

But do the REV’IT! Mangrove Motorcycle Gloves provides genuine impact buffers and abrasion shields comparable to premium alternatives that cost far more.

In this detailed REV’IT! Mangrove Gloves review, I’ll cover whether these affordable gloves match up to my personal standards for safety, comfort, and value.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best summer motorcycle gloves for you? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Mangrove Gloves


Key Takeaways

REV’IT! Mangrove Gloves Review Final Verdict

After testing the REV’IT! Mangrove motorcycle gloves (1) this summer, I’m thoroughly impressed by their ventilation and protection capabilities, considering the very palatable budget price.

The CE certification, in particular, reassures me that REV’IT! Built legitimate safety into these gloves, not just stylish looks.

In my experience, the combination of injection molded thermoplastic armor and perforated mesh fabric provides impact resistance and airflow on par with my $150 Alpinestars gloves.

Dexterity and responsiveness also match my more expensive alternatives, thanks to stretch panels between the fingers.

I typically prefer leather for abrasion protection, but the proprietary PWR shell fabric proves itself abrasion-tough as advertised.

Now, it’s worth noting pricing and availability do fluctuate at times. currently shows some sizing variations at closeout sale pricing, so I’d recommend checking there for potential deals before buying elsewhere.

Comparison To Other Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Reax Superfly Mesh GlovesMesh construction for breathability and air circulation. Reinforced palm for durability. Adjustable wrist closure.
REV’IT! Dirt 3 GlovesHighly ventilated design for hot weather riding with 3d air mesh. Knuckle protection. Stretch panels for versatility.
Alpinestars SMX-1 Air V2 GlovesMesh and leather construction for air circulation and abrasion resistance. Hard knuckle gloves feature a high-tech protector. Touchscreen-compatible fingertips.
BILT Spirit 3 GlovesFull-grain leather construction. Perforated panels for ventilation. Carbon knuckle protection. Adjustable wrist closure.
Alpinestars SPX V2 GlovesMesh and leather construction for air circulation and abrasion resistance. Hard knuckle protection. Touchscreen-compatible fingertips.

A Primer on Motorcycle Glove Materials and Technology

Before assessing the Mangroves specifically, it helps to level-set some background glove terminology and components.

Entry-level Motorcycle gloves span a wide range in terms of materials, features, and pricing, but their core protective purpose remains consistent.

The outer shell needs abrasion resistance to guard against road rash. Leather excels here, with cowhide and kangaroo hide being popular options. Synthetics like polyurethane also resist sliding pavement shreds.

Palm sliders act as extra armor over high friction zones.