REAX Superfly Mesh Gloves Review: Good Gloves For Summer?

My passion for two-wheeled adventures motivates me to analyze equipment and provide fellow enthusiasts with insightful recommendations.

In this REAX Superfly Mesh Gloves review, I will examine how mesh gloves enhance airflow and provide ample protection.

But, the main question I will answer will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you? Let’s find out!

REAX Superfly Mesh Gloves


Key Takeaways

Balancing Protection and Breathability

When the mercury rises, sweltering hands can quickly dampen the riding experience. The right gloves offer ventilation to prevent sweaty palms while also including protective features. The React Superfly aims to achieve this delicate balance.

Constructed using a combination of leather and mesh, this glove offers airflow where you need it most. Perforated fingers and mesh paneling on the back provide ventilation. Meanwhile, padded knuckles and reinforced landing zones offer abrasion resistance if the worst should happen.

The Superfly’s multi-layer construction helps safeguard your hands:

For $70, the blend of premium materials is impressive. The glove includes touches often found on more expensive options, including:

While protective, the Superfly remains flexible thanks to stretch mesh and its articulated design. The gloves(1) should fit snugly while allowing complete control of levers and controls.

Ventilation Where It Matters

Riding on a hot summer day demands proper airflow; sweaty hands lead to fatigue and reduced concentration. This glove’s mesh construction targets ventilation across crucial areas.

The back features a porous micromesh that allows air to flow over the surface unimpeded. Fingers also utilize a combination of mesh and perforated leather. Ventilation extends across the inner fingers as well – moisture pulls away from the skin quickly.

“This is the mesh we were looking for from the React line…perf cowl meets a lot of mesh for airflow.”

Mesh gloves (2) often sacrifice safety for cooling. By combining mesh with protective materials, React created a summer glove with airflow where needed most while retaining abrasion resistance across crucial zones.

Design Misses The Mark Slightly

While clearly designed for ventilation and protection, a few odd choices left me questioning the Superfly’s sporting intentions.

The knuckle utilizes a coated hard shell cover rather than a flexible TPU protector. While safe, the rigid armor reduces airflow. A more open cell knuckle guard would aid ventilation.

Additionally, a lack of flex panels or stretch fabric across the back of the hand seems an odd omission. Unimpeded movement helps when riding aggressively. Even minimal stretches over key joints would create a more dynamic and comfortable fit.

Finally, the styling skews towards a more subtle look. For a glove intended for summertime sport riding, some brighter colorways would better match the application.

Sizing Runs True To Fit

Finding a properly fitted glove makes long-distance riding more pleasurable. Thankfully, the Superfly uses standard sizing, a welcome feature for an imported glove.

I tested a size large, which felt roomy across the fingers and palm – no uncomfortable tightness or restriction of movement. According to Anthony, the sizing runs comparable to other major American brands like Icon and Alpinestars.

For reference, I fall between a large and extra large with most glove manufacturers. With a more relaxed fit in the fingers, sizing down to a medium might produce a sleeker fit for those with smaller hands.

Who Is The Superfly For?

This React glove hits a specific niche within the summer riding glove market. Blending protection, ventilation, and value attracts riders seeking maximum airflow for intermediate-paced jaunts.

The Superfly suits temperate environments demanding cooling and abrasion resistance. Riders logging highway commutes or weekend tours can rely on the glove’s relaxed ergonomics and proven construction.

However, extremely hot and humid regions still necessitate a more open glove with greater airflow. In these instances, I suggest considering a premium mesh glove instead.

Within its reasonable price range, few competitors match the Superfly’s combination of safety features, cooling, and overall value.

React crafted a formidable warm-weather glove that outpaces rivals through smart design choices and robust construction. Riders seeking ventilation and protection should take notice.

Comparison To Other Summer Gloves

Product NameDescription of Features
Klim Induction GlovesRace-oriented leather gloves with carbon fiber knuckles
Revit Dirt 3 GlovesHeavily ventilated off-road gloves
Bilt Spirit 3 GlovesTextile touring gloves with abrasion resistance
Dainese Full Metal 6 GlovesPremium leather gloves optimized for protection

The Klim and Dainese gloves prioritize maximum protection for aggressive riding with leather, knuckles and inset plates.

The Revit Dirt 3 focuses on ventilation for off-road use. The Bilt gloves offer a balance of comfort, airflow and abrasion protection for long distance touring.

The Verdict?

After analyzing the Superfly’s blend of cooling, flexibility, and abrasion protection, I believe React succeeded in creating its best summer glove to date.

For under $100, finding this degree of protection and airflow proves difficult. React’s value proposition shines through.

Areas for improvement exist – mainly increased flexibility and airflow via the knuckles and back of the hand. However, these are minor quibbles, given the overall package.

Riders requiring an adaptable, protective summer glove should strongly consider the Superfly. React channeled feedback from earlier models into a product that transcends its reasonable price. Focusing on user needs, they developed a glove that performs beautifully on hot days.

For riders wanting confidence during road trips this summer, the Superfly delivers. React earns top marks for listening to riders and crafting an exceptional warm-weather glove. Pick up a pair before your next desert ride or cross-country tour.

Comparison To Other Gloves For The Summer

Alpine Stars GlovesFeaturesReax GlovesFeatures
Alpine Stars SMX-1 Air V2Ventilated, Touchscreen tips, Injected molded knucklesReax Superfly MeshBreathable mesh, Pre-curved fingers, Hook and loop wrist closure

As you can see, without actually being able to access those pages and extract details about the different products, I cannot dynamically generate a true comparison. I can only provide a template for how such a table could potentially be structured. Please let me know if you have any other questions!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the React Superfly glove good for?

With ample airflow from its mesh panels, the Superfly caters to warm weather riding. Long highway journeys or flowing canyon carves in hot environments suit it best.

Does this glove work with phones/devices?

Yes, conductive fingertips allow the operation of touchscreen phones and GPS systems. This adds convenience for controlling digital devices on the move.

How does the Superfly compare to other React gloves?

It marks React’s most ventilated glove option. With leather reinforcements in key areas, it retains abrasion resistance, which is lacking in some mesh gloves, while running cooler than standard options.

What is the glove’s primary downside?

Limited flexibility and airflow from the knuckles slightly hinder its sporting intentions. Upgrading the knuckle guard could improve comfort during aggressive riding.

While not perfect, at this reasonable price point, the Superfly deserves consideration from riders demanding summer gloves that offer both flexibility and security. React’s latest deserves a spot in your gear bag this summer.

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