REV’IT! Dirt 3 Gloves Review: Too Hot to Handle?

The warmer months mean it’s time to gear up for motorcycle riding season. As you dust off your bike and plan summer road trips, choosing the right gloves is essential.

With so many options on the market, how do you decide? Enter the Revit Dirt 3 gloves. I’ve tested these versatile, protective gloves designed for dual sport and adventure riding.

Read on as I break down whether the Revit Dirt 3 is the best summer motorcycle glove.

REV’IT! Dirt 3 Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Maximum airflow
    Touchscreen compatibility
    CE-rated protection

The Verdict: Ideal Summer Motorcycle Gloves

After putting the Revit Dirt 3 gloves through their paces in every summer riding scenario imaginable, I can confidently recommend them for warm-weather motorcycling.

The upgrades over the previous generation Dirt 2 are substantive – namely, improved ventilation, comfort, and touchscreen compatibility. While not inexpensive, they outperform many premium gloves.

Balancing Protection and Breathability

Riding in hot weather calls for gloves that protect without overheating. The Revit Dirt 3 aims to strike this balance with maximum airflow from 3D mesh coupled with CE-rated knuckle protection.

The back panel utilizes an open honeycomb design to allow air to flow while maintaining abrasion resistance.

The knuckles feature injection-molded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shields for impact protection. An extra layer of leather on the palm boosts slide resistance.

So, do they hit the sweet spot between ventilation and safety? Here’s my take after logging serious miles on the Dirt 3 this summer:

Revamped Touchscreen Fingertips

One common complaint about the previous Revit Dirt 2 was that the fraying fingertip material interfered with touchscreen use.

The Dirt 3 now incorporates their proprietary Blackout Leather material on the index finger and thumb. I’ve used this on other Revit gloves (1) and found it much more durable. After hundreds of miles and screen swipes, there are zero signs of wear.

Comfort Where It Counts

The 3D mesh, redesigned knuckle pleats, and newly contoured palm reduced any binding points. I immediately noticed a comfort upgrade from the Dirt 2, especially during longer rides.

The revised palm is cushier with larger honeycomb stamps, although some may prefer the feel of the old style. One downside of added protection is that the pinky and outer hand have a bit more bulk.

Airflow On Point

From city rides in sweltering heat to twisty mountain switchbacks, my hands stayed cool wearing the Dirt.

Setting out on a particularly hot Sunday morning recently, I was amazed at how well they regulated temperature.

Despite the non-perforated goat skin leather layers, sweaty palms were never an issue. Bold upgrade in the ventilation department.

Ideal Uses for the Dirt 3 Gloves

While labeled adventure/dual