Sadichi Corsa Gloves Review: Should You Buy?

As a long-time motorcycle enthusiast and reviewer, I’ve tested my fair share of motorcycle gloves over the years.

Most recently, I took the Sadichi Corsa gloves for a spin to see if they live up to the hype. After putting them through their paces both on and off the track, here’s my in-depth Sadichi Corsa Gloves review.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for street and track riders for you? Let’s find out!

Sadichi Corsa Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Snug Pre-Curved Fit
  • Tactile Feel and Supple
  • Supreme Abrasion Resistance

Sadichi Corsa Gloves Key Takeaways

  • Bomber construction stands up to hardcore sport riding abuse
  • Supreme abrasion resistance in key impact zones
  • Snug pre-curved fit offers excellent control and stability
  • Tactile feel and supple comfort work on the street too
  • Sleek, understated looks fit with any bike style

An Overview of the Sadichi Corsa Gloves’ Features and Benefits

The Corsa gloves are purpose-built for track and aggressive street riding. Right off the bat, I noticed the extremely durable construction featuring goat leather and reinforced aramid fiber on the knuckles and fingers. This armor provides abrasion resistance while the perforated goat leather remains supple and promotes airflow.

In addition, the pre-curved ergonomic design places the cuff seam away from your wrist for comfort when hanging off the bike.

The molded rubberized palm sliders and hard TPU protectors offer shielding during get-offs while maintaining flexibility for easy grip changes.

So, in a nutshell, you get a track-oriented glove optimized for performance riding that still works on the street.

I’ll break down some of the key benefits in more detail:

Snug Yet Comfortable Fit

  • True to size fitment, I wear a large, and it fits my 8.75-inch hand perfectly.
  • Snug goat leather construction breaks in over time

Targeted Protection Where It Counts

  • Aramid finger reinforcement prevents seam failure during slides
  • Dual-density foam knuckle protector absorbs impacts
  • Palm slider shields scaphoid bone on the wrist

Enhanced Dexterity and Control

  • The pre-curved design matches the natural grip position
  • Silicone print on fingers and heel of palm increases grip

Airflow Where You Need It

  • Perforation on backhand
  • Fingers fully ventilated to alleviate overheating

Putting the Sadichi Corsas to the Test at the Track

To truly evaluate how these gloves perform during hardcore sport riding, I took them for multiple track day sessions at my home circuit.

High-Speed Stability and Control

Right away, I noticed the snug fit that wrapped securely around my hands—no shifting or bunching up, even at triple-digit speeds.

The pre-curved shape matched my natural grip position perfectly. And the tactile goat leather construction augmented the road feel.

Between laps, the ventilation kept my palms fresh and dry.

During full lean angle cornering, the aramid pinky reinforcement filled me with confidence that these