REAX Ridge WP Gloves Review: Good For Wet Weather?

Finding the perfect pair of riding gloves can be a challenge. You need protection from the elements, versatility for different types of weather, and features that enhance your experience on the road.

That’s why I was eager to test out the new Reax Ridge Waterproof Gloves to see if they lived up to the hype.

With a combination of durability, comfort, and functionality, could these become my new go-to gloves for the majority of the year?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best waterproof motorcycle gloves for you? Let’s find out!

REAX Ridge WP Gloves


Key Takeaways

REAX Ridge WP Gloves Key Takeaways

  • Protective – Robust construction safeguards from abrasion
  • Waterproof – Proprietary membrane keeps hands dry.
  • Versatile – Spirited, long distance and urban riding capabilities

A Glove for All Seasons Except Winter

  • Reax Ridge excels in fall, spring, and cooler summer weather
  • Waterproof yet breathable membrane keeps hands dry
  • Lack of insulation makes them unsuitable for frigid winter temps

When examining the Ridge’s capabilities, it’s clear they are optimized for typical rider conditions in spring, summer, and fall.

They provide waterproofing thanks to a bonded inner membrane, but the tradeoff is less ventilation compared to a mesh glove.

While sweaty palms can be avoided by matching your speed to temperatures, extremely hot mid-summer riding is probably best served by a more airy option.

The waterproof liner also lacks insulating properties. So when the mercury really plummets, heating elements or bulkier gloves are necessary to keep frostbitten fingers at bay.

Within these reasonable limitations, though, the Reax Ridge stands out from competing gloves in this price range of around $130. Let’s break down some of the key features.

Four Notable Benefits

1. Protective Without Sacrificing Comfort

The Reax Ridge manages to offer robust protection without turning your hands into sausage-like appendages. Constructed using 0.8-0.9mm premium cowhide leather, it provides abrasion resistance while maintaining a precise fit.

This supple grade of leather is normally reserved for lightweight jackets, demonstrating Reax’s commitment to quality.

Further shielding comes from injection molded knuckle armor that moves with your fingers to prevent discomfort.

The knuckles integrate dense foam for an added layer of shock absorption. See the Reax Ridge Waterproof GlovesCheck Price at

2. Waterproof Breathability That Doesn’t Bunch

Inside the gloves, a lightweight tricot liner wicks moisture while a separate mik fit membrane prevents liquid ingress.

Unlike many competitor gloves, this waterproof component is bonded to the fingers and palm to prevent irritating bunches and wrinkles.

By eliminating this squeegee effect, tactile feel and control are vastly improved. Further comfort arises from the tricot’s soft microfleece construction. So, even if your bike ends up soaked from a passing storm, your hands remain pleasantly dry.

3. Visibility and Multi-Touch Functionality

The Reax Ridge excels at adapting to changing modern conditions. Touchscreen-compatible fingertips enable easy access to your smartphone without removing the gloves. This allows you to snap photos, queue up a new playlist, or call for help without pulling over.

The gloves also address increasing safety concerns by incorporating reflective details along the fingers and back of the hand. Approaching drivers are much more likely to spot these flickering details compared to black leather.

4. Premium Goatskin Reinforcement

While cowhide leather makes up the majority of the glove, extra reinforcement comes from patches of digital goatskin leather.

Prized for its natural water resistance and heightened abrasion protection, goatskin safeguards the areas most vulnerable to wear: the palm and outer thumb.

Additionally, injecting flexible foam beneath these panels further dampens vibrations.

MaterialsCowhide leather, goatskin leather, tricot liner, waterproof membrane
ProtectionInjection molded knuckles, leather, foam
ComfortContoured fingers, adjustable wrist, touchscreen fingertips
FunctionalReflective accents, soft visor wipe

Now that we’ve covered the key components of the Reax Ridge gloves let’s examine how they hold up during real-world use across a variety of motorcycling disciplines.

Testing the Reax Ridge in the Real World

To fully test the capabilities of the Reax Ridge, I wore them while riding my trusty BMW R1150R “Old Blue” for hundreds of miles in various conditions. Here’s how they stacked up.

Sport Riding in Cool Weather

Carving mountain highways put the gloves through their paces. Tucking in for sweeping downhill corners revealed no signs of bunching in the fingers, allowing me to precisely modulate braking pressure.

Ventilation proved adequate to prevent a soggy hand sauna despite spirited riding. The molded knuckles slid easily over pavement during a low-speed parking lot tip-over, saving my wrists and palms from abrasion.

Overall the Reax Ridge offers impressive dexterity for spirited canyon riding while still providing piece of mind if the unexpected occurs.

The snug fit stays secure even when violently flinging the bike from full left to full right lean angles. That said, when riding in hot temps, I still prefer the increased airflow of mesh and perforated leather options.

The Verdict

  • ✅ Suited for moderate sport riding temps
  • ✅ Excellent abrasion protection
  • ✅ Contoured for a great feel
  • ❌ Not ideal for the summer heat

All-Day Touring Comfort

Multi-day trips covering 500+ miles put the Ridge’s long-distance comfort to the test. Despite miles of continuous vibration exposure, my hands felt fresh after hopping off the bike, thanks to the effective foam padding.

Being able to quickly check directions on my phone using the touchscreen-compatible fingertips was enormously convenient.

The adjustable wrist cuff also comes in handy here. When wearing a jacket, I prefer to tighten the glove openings for a draft-blocking seal.

But when the heat starts building in a mesh jacket, it’s quick work to loosen the gloves and allow refreshing air to circulate up the sleeves.

Finally, the glove lived up to its waterproof claims after unexpectedly riding through a fast-building thunderstorm. My hands remained pleasantly dry while the rest of me got soaked!

So, while the Reax Ridge gives up some warm weather comfort compared to mesh options, the glove excels at cooler weather distance rides in terms of comfort and convenience. Wet weather performance also helps remove the hassle of packing an extra rain glove.

The Verdict

  • ✅ Proven waterproof membrane
  • Vibration dampening foam comfort
  • ✅ Handy touchscreen fingertips
  • ✅ Adjustable wrist for personalization

Urban Commuting

Navigating congested city streets and highways creates unique hazards for motorcyclists. Thus, I was pleased to note the reflective striping added a level of visibility and safety not present in most non-commuter-focused gloves.

The grip endurance also proved excellent after hundreds of miles of stop-light dragging clutch pulls and firm braking maneuvers.

And I appreciated being able to wipe accumulated grime off my face when stopped, thanks to the conveniently placed visor wipe panel.

Overall, the glove provides assurance during dicey merges or while lane splitting, thanks to the protectiveness.

The handy features also simplify riding tasks that are more prominent around town. My only gripe is that warmer stops at traffic lights overwhelm the glove’s cooling capabilities compared to mesh.

The Verdict

  • ✅ Reflective accents boost visibility
  • ✅ Easy face shield wiping
  • ✅ Grip durability for heavy clutch/brake use
  • ❌ Not the best for hot city summers

How Does the Reax Ridge Stack Up to Competition?

When it comes to maneuverability, comfort, convenience, and protection – the Reax Ridge pretty much checks all the boxes for a well-rounded three-season glove. It carved mountain roads with precision while providing insurance against get-offs.

All-day rides were comfortable thanks to vibration dampening. Practical touches enhanced the experience. And wet weather was finally No Big Deal, thanks to the proprietary waterproof liner.

But other gloves do excel in certain areas. As mentioned, extremely hot conditions overwhelm the Ridge’s cooling capabilities compared to mesh and perforated options.

If you solely ride in cold winter temps, bulkier insulated gloves will keep your paws warmer. For maximum abrasion resistance in a crash, reinforced racing gloves trade comfort for nearly indestructible fortification.

You also won’t benefit from the Reax Ridge’s helpful features commuting in a car. So factor in your specific riding habits before deciding.

When used within reason, though, it’s hard to beat the overall value this thoughtfully designed glove provides riders needing versatile protection across changing seasons and conditions.

I’ll be keeping the Ridge handy as my do-it-all glove for the majority of the year, thanks to its well-rounded abilities. Ride on!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are available?

The Reax Ridge gloves come in sizes ranging from Small all the way up to 3XL. Refer to the size chart on to find your ideal fit. They are designed to match standard US sizing.

Will these keep my hands warm in winter?

Due to the lack of insulation, the Reax Ridge gloves are unsuitable for frigid winter riding. You’d want to look at a more heavily insulated gauntlet glove once temps drop below 45 degrees or so.

How long do the gloves last?

Considering factors like construction quality, materials used, and real-world testing, I’d expect you to easily get a few seasons of regular use out of the Reax Ridge if you care for them properly. Results will vary depending on your specific riding habits.

Can you wear these off the bike?

While optimized for motorcycle riding, there’s no reason you couldn’t wear the Reax Ridge gloves while doing general outdoor tasks.

Their stylish, muted appearance allows them to blend right in for casual use. You’ll sacrifice some dexterity compared to thinner work gloves, though.

So, in summary, after hundreds of miles, the Reax Ridge took everything I threw at them and emerged no worse for wear.

Their well-rounded blend of safety, comfort, convenience, and affordability has secured their place in my riding kit for the majority of the year.

Have you tried the Reax Ridge or similar gloves? Share your experiences below! I’m interested in hearing what features are most important for your riding style. Ride safe out there, everyone.

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