The IRC M5B Evo: The All-Round Extreme Tire You Need

Every so often in our lives, we encounter something so spectacular, so profound, it redefines what we thought was possible.

The same can be said about the stunning innovation of the M5B Evo Front dirt bike tire. Many of you might already know the groundbreaking prowess of the M5B Evo Rear Tire, its name becoming nearly inseparable from the brand that brought it to us, IRC.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best dirt bike tires for you? Let’s find out!



Sub Title

  • Durable 3-ply carcass
  • Excellent stability at speed
  • Tall and aggressive tread pattern

A Crafted Masterpiece Tailored for Rigorous Conditions

The M5Bb Evo Rear was initially designed to tackle soft terrain with unparalleled grace. Its aggressive lug pattern and exceptional knob height positioned this tire as the ultimate choice for navigating through soft sand, loam, and muddy conditions, earning it the royal title – of the ‘hill climb king.’

Naturally, the intention behind the M5B Evo Front Tire was to build a tire with a similar aggressive trait that could excel not just in the aforementioned situations but even beyond.

Surpassing Expectations

Interestingly, it wasn’t only the sand riders and hill climbers that fell in love with the M5B Evo Rear. This tire, known for its lasting tread, won the hearts of the average moto rider as well.

Imagine being able to ride for ten long hours and still having more knob height than the typical Moto tire – that’s precisely the value for money the M5B Evo Rear offers.

It’s the tire of choice for the tubeless single-track rider, with its sturdier carcass capable of handling low PSIs and a relatively softer compound that facilitates additional traction in more challenging situations.

The Unveiling of the Front Tire Beast

In designing the front tire, they had a clear goal – to create a universally versatile soft terrain tire that could deliver performance anywhere.

In my personal endeavor to perfect this tire, I carried out extensive testing of different knob compounds and carcasses.

The mission was simple yet formidable – find a dirt bike tire that could master the loamy terrain while maintaining a balanced aggression to match the M5B Evo Rear’s outstanding knob height.

Navigating the Complexity of Terrain Transitions

The block pattern and spacing of the M5B Evo Front Tire are aggressive, crafted specifically for softer terrain.

With three unique center block spacings, transitioning from straight lines to corners becomes a seamless experience.

The taper angle on the side center knobs is adjusted for additional assistance while cornering. However, the performance gradually diminishes as the terrain hardens, thanks to the aggressive knob pattern.

In response, IRC utilized a slightly softer compound and carcass, which flexes more, compensating for the lessened knob contact in harder terrain. This clever alteration makes the tire ideal for the average rider across most terrains.

My Personal Experience with the M5B Evo Front

I’ve ridden the M5B Evo Front Tire on terrain ranging from sand to mud, loamy motocross, and hard enduro. Each time, the tire surprised me with its versatility and steadfastness.

Even in sugary dry sand, where I expected the tire to falter, it gripped the ground and stayed on track impressively. It performed with aplomb on motor tracks and single tracks, handling side hills better than any tire I’ve personally tested.

Tips for Tire Pressure Adjustment

When you decide to try this tire, remember to adjust your psi or mousse foam insert setup to suit the terrain you’re riding.

For softer feels and traction in slick technical situations, I personally recommend about 12 psi equivalent in hard enduro.

Around 14 psi equivalent tends to work better for moto track and faster situations. Experiment and adjust to find your tire’s peak performance.

Addressing the Extreme

Extreme conditions require not just an ordinary tire but a hero; the M5B Evo fits the bill. Its redesigned, softer rubber compound combined with super tall knobs gives an unparalleled advantage on those challenging climbs.

However, there is a noticeable difference in the more technical rocky sections compared to other tires like the IX 09w Kokoda or the VE 33 Dakota. I suggest focusing on momentum and clutch control to keep the tire planted in these situations.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Super tall and aggressive tread pattern for incredible traction in loose dirt and mud
  • A new softer rubber compound enables grip across all surfaces
  • Optimized knob spacing smoothly transitions from a straight line to cornering
  • Durable 3-ply carcass built to withstand intense riding
  • Excellent stability at speed and responsive cornering
  • It Hooks up immediately off the line to blast through the terrain
  • Conquers the steepest hills and extreme climbs
  • Tunable performance through air pressure adjustments
  • Long-lasting tread retains height even after heavy use
  • Versatile performance across diverse riding conditions

Concluding Thoughts

While the M5Bb Evo Front Tire may not outperform a Dakota series tire in pure extreme enduro, its well-rounded performance makes it a worthy choice for those who occasionally venture into extreme situations.

So, dear readers, I say embrace the M5B Evo Front Tire. Ride it, test it, and experience its unrivaled versatility. With this tire, you’re bound to be the one scaling that hill while others watch in awe.

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