IRC VX40: A Game Changer for Intermediate to Hard Terrain

IRC, a leader in the tire industry, has once again shown its commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions for riders worldwide with the introduction of the all-new VX40 Intermediate to Hard Terrain dirt bike tire.

Following an extensive testing and development process, which included rigorous trials in varying conditions, the VX40 tire stands as a testament to IRC’s relentless pursuit of innovation and quality.

Their mission was clear: to develop a tire with an optimal internal structure and rubber compound that would meet the demands of this specific style of riding.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best dirt bike tire for you? Let’s find out!

IRC VX40 Review


Key Points

  • Enhanced grip on varying terrains
  • Superior grip and consistent wear
  • Lightweight, flexible, puncture-resistant

Bridging the Terrain Gap: The VX40 Block Pattern

The beauty of the VX40 lies in its specialized block pattern. Designed with a focus on intermediate to hard-pack terrains, IRC’s engineers prioritized the concept of contact patches in the pattern design.

The importance of direct ground contact is amplified the harder the terrain, necessitating more knobs on the tire.

To illustrate this concept, imagine the disparity between a street tire and a sand tire; while the former is designed for optimal grip, the latter is built for digging into soft surfaces.

Striking a balance for hard-pack and intermediate terrains, IRC’s VX40 features a knob spacing that ensures constant grip across diverse terrains.

The effectiveness of the VX40’s tread pattern isn’t solely attributed to knob spacing. The introduction of an innovative new rubber compound plays an equally significant role in delivering the tire’s superior performance.

The Perfect Balance: Introducing an All-New Rubber Compound

IRC has developed a groundbreaking new rubber compound that successfully achieves a delicate balance between performance and durability.

It’s well-known that a softer compound yields a better grip on hard-pack terrains. Indeed, a softer compound provides enhanced grip in virtually all situations, but it typically sacrifices tire longevity.

In creating the VX40, they extensively tested different compounds with a key focus on finding a compound that offers the longest-lasting performance without compromising on grip.

After exhaustive testing, they finally settled on a balanced intermediate compound, soft enough to ensure excellent grip but hard enough to guarantee consistent wear.

Superior Internal Structure for Unmatched Performance

No tire analysis is complete without discussing the internal structure, and the VX40 is a stellar example of thoughtful and effective design.

This tire employs a two-ply structure with an additional breaker ply carcass. This configuration results in a lightweight casing that reduces spinning mass while also delivering enhanced stability and flexibility.

Moreover, the additional breaker ply adds an extra layer of puncture resistance, making the VX40 a great choice for tubeless users.

Personally, the VX40 has become my preferred choice for hard-enduro riding. The blend of innovative compound and intermediate tread patterns is perfectly suited to my riding style, and I’m confident that it will soon become a staple in the routines of many riders.

Optimized block patternEnhanced grip on varying terrains
New balanced compoundSuperior grip and consistent wear
Two-ply with breaker plyLightweight, flexible, puncture-resistant

Availability and Sizing Options

Available in several sizes (80/100 and 99/21 inch front and 110/100 and 120/90 18 rear), as well as options for 19-inch motocross rear (110/90 and 120/80), the VX40 offers an extensive range to meet diverse rider needs.

Here is a bullet-point list of the VX40’s features that stand out:

  • Optimized block pattern for diverse terrains
  • New balanced rubber compound
  • Lightweight and flexible two-ply structure with an additional breaker ply
  • Extensive range of sizing options

With the VX40 Intermediate to Hard Terrain Tire launch, IRC is once again redefining off-road tire performance. In fact, I’ve already installed it on my bike.

We look forward to hearing from riders as they put this innovative new tire to the test on their off-road adventures.

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