A Decade of Devotion: My Love for Dunlop D606 Tires

I stand before you today with a tale of unwavering loyalty and steadfast dedication. Yes, this is a tale of my enduring love for the Dunlop D606 tires, a love that spans over eight years of unforgettable adventures.

This story comes with a caveat, though. It might not resonate with everyone, but for the rugged, adventure-hungry spirits out there, it could be a revelation.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best dirt bike tires for you? Let’s find out!

Dunlop D606


Key Takeaways

  • D.O.T. approved
  • 10% on-road, 90% offroad
  • Excellent traction in all offroad conditions

Uncompromising Longevity

In these past eight years, I’ve put my DR-650, mounted with D606s both front and rear, through the rigors of countless adventures. These tires have never faltered from the high-speed highway cruises to the challenging outback explorations.

They have been my steadfast companion, covering an impressive 32,000 kilometers without a puncture or dented rim.

Even after a forceful impact in the Grampians, the rim bore just a mark, no more. A testament to this dirt bike tire’s exceptional durability.

Superior Wearability and Performance

Dunlop has expertly crafted these tires using a hard, nylon rubber compound. It is the secret behind the D606’s superior wearability.

Yes, it offers some flexibility, but it doesn’t give way like some of the excessively rubbery alternatives prone to quick wear out. This tire compound offers impressive wear, especially during those high-speed highway rides.

I managed to squeeze out 5,000 kilometers of aggressive riding without completely wearing out these tires. Truly remarkable for a street-legal, aggressive knobby tire!

Subtle Presence, Striking Aesthetic

The D606s might not attract a horde of inquisitive onlookers or fuel animated tire discussions at the parking lot, but that’s okay.

Their impact is silent but powerful. These tires lend an undeniable rugged charm when they sit on your bike. A fresh pair of D606s on the bike never fails to make my heart flutter with excitement.

Reliable Grip in All Conditions

Whether it’s sand, dirt, rocks, highways, or wet roads, the D606s provide an impeccable grip. And in the rain, they’ve held their ground, never giving me a reason to doubt their capability.

Naturally, as an experienced rider, I adjust my riding style to the conditions, but the tires have always been a trustworthy ally.

The Practical Details

Regarding tire pressure, I consistently stick to 25 psi in the front and 30 psi at the rear. However, deflating the tires to around 18 psi front and 15 psi rear for those adrenaline-filled rides or in sandy conditions can offer a surge in confidence.

Lower pressures increase the tire’s contact patch with the ground, improving grip and control. Despite these adjustments, I’ve never had issues with the tires spinning on the rims, thanks to their strong sidewalls.

A Wise Investment

From a price perspective, I’ve found the D606s to be a wise investment. For example, my recent set cost me $290.85.

I’ve learned that smart online shopping can fetch you a set for as low as $237. So, affordability is yet another reason to appreciate these tires.

Varied Sizes for Your Needs

The Dunlop D606s come in two sizes for the rear (17 inch and 18 inch) and one size for the front (21 inch). So, you have the liberty to choose based on your preferences and bike type.

Conclusion: A Tire Worth the Praise

In conclusion, the Dunlop D606 tires are a worthy investment for any adventure enthusiast. Despite not being the latest or the flashiest, they hold their ground, offering uncompromising performance and reliability.

So, next time you’re considering a tire upgrade, I’d say give the D606s a thought. Trust me, it will be an adventure you’ll cherish.

Remember, while tires play a crucial role, your riding skills and instincts remain paramount. So, keep on riding, and if you ain’t riding, keep on keeping on!

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