REV’IT! Spark Air Jacket Review: Will It Keep You Cool In 100° Heat?

As much as I love my leather jacket, it just doesn’t cut it on scorching 90-degree days.

The Spark Air caught my eye because it has the comfort and breathability of a sweatshirt yet manages to integrate CE-approved armor for safety.

My goal was to see if the Revit Spark Air could truly replace my heavier jackets during hot weather riding.

I looked forward to testing its ventilation, fit, comfort, protection, and versatility. But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best motorcycle jacket for the summer for you?

This REV’IT! Spark Air Jacket review reveals how it performed in real-world conditions.

Rev’It! Spark Air Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Integrated CE armor for safety
  • Athletic cut with stretch panels
  • Mesh shell enables maximum airflow

Ventilation and Breathability

Keeping cool is critical for summer motorcycle gear. I’m pleased to report that the Spark Air delivers exceptional airflow thanks to its lightweight polyester mesh outer shell.

The jacket and pants have a perforated, net-like texture, allowing air to pass freely.

Riding on 90+ degree days, I stayed remarkably cool and dry wearing this gear. The mesh panels completely cover the torso, arms, and legs, providing constant ventilation to the areas that need it most.

Inside the jacket, 3D mesh lining enhances breathability. I like how air circulates throughout the interior as well.

The pants offer the same level of airflow with full mesh construction. I feel very little insulation or heat buildup, even sitting in traffic. The Spark Air ensemble keeps me as cool as wearing a t-shirt and shorts.

Armor Protection

Despite its minimalist feel, the Spark Air carries CE-approved armor for impact protection. Both the jacket and pants are fitted with Revit’s SeeSmart CE Level 1 armor on the elbows and knees.

This armor is made of flexible, breathable material that moves comfortably with the body. I hardly notice it’s there until I need it.

The padding is strategically placed right over the impact zones, covering the joints effectively without limiting mobility.

I appreciate how Revit integrated armor without compromising comfort or ventilation.

The jacket and pants exceed safety standards, earning AAA CE certification for abrasion resistance as well. This was unexpected for such an airy design, but it provides peace of mind during rides.

Fit and Comfort

The Spark Air jacket and pants have an athletic, sweatshirt-like cut optimized for riding. The jacket fits snugly with stretch panels placed strategically for flexibility.

Lycra cuffs secure the sleeves, while the collar has a soft micro-fleece lining that prevents chafing.

Inside the jacket, pwrStretch fabric allows great freedom of movement in the torso and sleeves. The pants are also lined with pwrStretch for optimal flexibility. They have a jogger-style fit with stirrups under the feet.

I find this gear extremely comfortable even when worn for hours in hot conditions. The jacket and pants move with me like a second skin. I can easily walk, sit, stand, and ride without restriction.

The Spark Air ensemble delivers a sublime blend of ventilation, armor integration, and ergonomic design. The fit and feel is like wearing your favorite athleisure wear.

Water Resistance

While the Spark Air excels at airflow, it offers minimal weather protection. The mesh outer shell provides high air permeability but zero water resistance.

I rode through light rain, and the jacket and pants soaked completely through within minutes. This is not surprising given the mesh construction, but it is worth noting for riders in wet climates.

You’ll want a waterproof rain layer for summer showers to go over the Spark Air. Or simply plan to get wet! The gear dries quickly after.


A major plus with the Spark Air jacket and pants is their versatility. Unlike leather jackets, you can comfortably wear this ensemble off the bike all day.

The casual style works well for running errands, going to the gym, or everyday use.

I like having the option to motor to my destination and then seamlessly walk around town in the same gear.

The jacket pairs well with jeans, shorts, or pants for a sporty look. Nobody would guess you’re actually wearing motorcycle armor!

This adaptability makes the Spark Air very travel-friendly, too. It takes up minimal room in luggage and works well for layering.

Value and Cost

With an MSRP of $320 for the jacket and $250 for the pants, the Spark Air is reasonably priced for the technology and protection offered. It costs substantially less than leather jackets with similar safety ratings.

For riders in hot climates who log serious miles in summer, investing in well-ventilated gear pays for itself in comfort and safety. Considering its versatility, the Spark Air delivers great value at this price point.

In summary, the Revit Spark Air hits a sweet spot between protection, breathability, comfort, and affordability. Riders seeking lightweight all-weather options should give it serious consideration.

Pros and Cons

Exceptional ventilation from mesh outer shellMinimal water resistance
CE-approved armor for impact protectionThe hood does not fully detach
Athletic cut with strategic stretch panelsThe ankle opening could be wider
Excellent flexibility and range of motionAnkle opening could be wider
Lightweight and travel-friendlyStirrups cannot be removed
AAA abrasion resistance ratingOn the expensive end
Stylish and versatile for everyday wear


Does the Spark Air jacket have a waterproof liner?

The jacket is made entirely of mesh and has no waterproof or insulating layers. You’ll need a separate rain layer for wet weather riding.

What safety certifications does the armor have?

The SeeSmart armor in the jacket and pants is CE Level 1 certified, considered basic impact protection.

Can I upgrade the back protector in the jacket?

Yes, the jacket has a pocket to accommodate a back protector, sold separately. Consult Revit’s size chart to ensure proper fit.

Do the pants have any storage pockets?

No, the pants are designed minimally with no cargo pockets for sleekness and ventilation. There are only slashed hand pockets near the waist.

What is the sizing like on the Spark Air gear?

The sizing runs very true-to-size based on Revit’s size charts. I recommend ordering your normal jacket and pants size unless you prefer a tighter or looser fit.


Is this the best motorcycle jacket for the summer? After thoroughly testing the Spark Air, I’m convinced it’s an ideal summer riding option for hot