REV’IT! Quantum Jacket Review: Keeps You Cool In The Summer?

Finding motorcycle gear that keeps you cool while still providing protection can be a challenge. In this REV’IT! Quantum Jacket review, we’ll take a close look at the REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air jacket to see if it’s the best lightweight, ventilated jacket for summer riding adventures.

And we will answer the main question: which is is this the best motorcycle jacket for the summer for you? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Quantum Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways on the REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air Jacket

  • Maximum airflow from mesh ventilation
  • Abrasion-resistant 600D panels in key areas
  • Sportbike-specific performance fit
  • CE armor for basic impact protection
  • Convenience features enhance functionality

An Overview of the REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air Jacket

The Quantum 2 Air jacket from REV’IT! is designed for maximum airflow to keep you comfortable even on the hottest days. It features a lightweight 600D polyester chassis with tons of perforated mesh paneling for ventilation. The sporty style includes articulated elbows for flexibility and TPU sliders on the shoulders for abrasion resistance.

While minimal, it does include some CE-approved armor for impact protection on the shoulders and elbows. There are also several convenience features like adjustable waist straps, a short connecting zipper, and well-placed pockets. Overall, this jacket seems optimized for aggressive sport riding in warm weather.

But how does it actually perform out on the road? Let’s take a more in-depth look at the key features and technologies of the REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air jacket.

BREAKDOWN: Materials and Construction of the Quantum 2 Air Jacket

The Quantum 2 Air jacket uses a combination of 600D polyester and ventilated mesh throughout its construction. The outer shell utilizes the 600D polyester in high-impact zones like the shoulders and elbows for abrasion protection.

Lighter ventilated mesh makes up the main chest, back, and inner arm panels to promote airflow. The mix of materials provides protection without sacrificing breathability.

For flexibility, articulated panels at the elbow allow natural movement of your arms when riding. The jacket also incorporates TPU sliders at the shoulders for additional abrasion resistance in the event of a slide.

Ventilation and Cooling Performance

When it comes to keeping cool, the Quantum 2 Air delivers vast mesh panels that allow air to freely flow through the jacket. The chest, back, and inner arms utilize a high-flow mesh that should keep you dry and comfortable in most conditions.

The mesh is well placed in areas prone to heating up or sweating, like the underarms and back. The Quantum 2 Air Jacket provides exceptional airflow that makes it ideal for warmer weather riding.

CE-Approved Armor and Protection

While clearly designed for maximum ventilation, REV’IT! It still equipped the Quantum 2 Air with some armor for impact protection. It includes CE Level 1 certified shoulder and elbow armor.

The SeaSmart armor is flexible, lightweight, and designed for comfort. While not as protective as higher-level options, it does provide impact absorption that could prevent or lessen injuries in the event of a crash.

For the back, there is a pocket to add an optional back protector that can provide CE Level 1 or 2 protection. The Quantum 2 certainly focuses more on cooling than armor, but it does have basic impact-absorbing materials.

Convenience Features and Design

The Quantum 2 Air contains several rider-focused features that add convenience without compromising the lightweight design. This includes:

  • 2 Storage Pockets – Spacious pockets hold essentials like a wallet, keys or phone.
  • Short Connecting Zipper – Allows attaching pants to jacket for full coverage.
  • Waist Adjustment Straps – Provides custom fit and secures the jacket in place.
  • Jeans Loop – Helps stabilize the jacket when riding in casual clothes.
  • Neoprene Collar – Adds comfort at the neck area.

These features enhance functionality for daily use without limiting mobility or ventilation.

Fit, Sizing, and Style

The Quantum 2 Air runs true to size but fits snugly for a performance riding fit. For layering undershirts or using back armor, sizing up is recommended.

It has a straight-cut design with pre-curved arms and is available in sizes S-4XL. Shorter and longer sizes are also available for improved fit.

The style leans toward aggressive sports with its sublimated print graphic, TPU sliders, and ventilated mesh panels. For a more toned-down look, solid color options are offered as well.

REV’IT! Men’s Jacket Sizing Chart


How Does the Quantum 2 Air Jacket Compare?

REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air vs Alpinestars Oscar Charlie Air Jacket

The Alpinestars Oscar Charlie Air jacket has a similar hot weather focus with ample mesh ventilation. It comes with more extensive CE level 1 armor coverage at elbows, shoulders, and back.

But the Oscar Charlie has a looser, more casual fit compared to the performance-oriented Quantum 2 Air. For sportbike riding, the Quantum 2 provides more flexibility and a better on-bike fit.

REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air vs. Dainese Air Frame Textile Jacket

Compared to the Dainese Air Frame jacket, the Quantum 2 Air provides better cooling from its mesh panels and airflow. The Air Frame does have more heavy-duty abrasion protection in key impact zones.

However, the Quantum 2 Air is over $100 less expensive than the Air Frame currently. The value provided by the Quantum 2 Air’s ventilation makes it a better choice for most.

REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air Jacket vs Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 Mesh Jacket

The Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 is also designed for warm weather with its full mesh construction. It includes a waterproof liner for weather versatility.

But the Phoenix 5.0 has a looser standard fit and looks more casual than the sleek, performance fit of the Quantum 2 Air. For sportbike riding, the Quantum 2 Air takes the edge.

The Verdict: Who is the Quantum 2 Air Jacket For?

For riders who log miles in hot summer temperatures, the REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air Jacket delivers exceptional airflow to keep you cool and dry. The blend of 600D abrasion-resistant panels and ventilated mesh provides protection without compromising breathability.

The streamlined, performance-oriented fit is ideal for sportbike riding. Convenient features like adjustable waist straps, short connect zipper, and storage pockets increase functionality. And the sharp, sublimated print graphic looks high-tech and eye-catching.

While light on armor, it still contains CE-approved shoulder and elbow pads. So you get basic impact protection that could prevent road rash in the event of a slide.

For riders focused on staying cool above all else, the Quantum 2 Air Jacket is an outstanding choice and the best-ventilated mesh jacket around.

Overall, if you ride in hot conditions and need reliable cooling, the Quantum 2 Air Jacket deserves strong consideration. Its unmatched ventilation helps you push through summer heat comfortably.

Now we want to hear from you – how important is cooling and ventilation in your motorcycle jacket? What other key factors do you look for when choosing warm-weather motorcycle gear? Let us know in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions About the REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air Jacket:

What type of armor is included with the Quantum 2 Air jacket?

The Quantum 2 Air comes equipped with CE Level 1 certified SeaSmart armor in the elbows and shoulders. There is also an armor pocket for adding a CE Level 1 or 2 back protector.

How does the sizing run on the Quantum 2 Air jacket?

The sizing runs true but fits snugly. Suppose you need room for layering or prefer a looser fit; consider sizing up one full size. Short and tall size options are also available.

Is the Quantum 2 Air jacket waterproof?

No, the Quantum 2 Air jacket is focused on airflow and ventilation. It is not waterproof, but the 600D panels provide some water resistance. For wet-weather riding, a separate waterproof layer is recommended.

Can you attach the Quantum 2 Air jacket to the riding pants?

Yes, the Quantum 2 Air jacket has a short connecting zipper that allows attaching riding pants to provide full coverage and prevent wind from entering the gap between the jacket and pants.

Does REV’IT! Sell matching pants for the Quantum 2 Air Jacket?

Yes, the REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air pants are designed to pair with the Quantum 2 Air jacket. They utilize the same materials and color treatments to provide a complete matched set.

What is the main competition for the REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air jacket?

The main competitors are the Alpinestars Oscar Charlie Air, Dainese Air Frame Textile jacket, and Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 mesh jackets, which also focus on airflow and ventilation.

And Finally

The REV’IT! Quantum 2 Air jacket delivers exceptional cooling performance for summer riding. Its strategic use of ventilated mesh fabric provides unmatched airflow where you need it most.

While light on protection, it includes basic CE-approved armor for impact absorption.

For riders who value staying cool above all else, the Quantum 2 Air jacket is a fantastic choice ready for warm-weather adventures.

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