Knox Zephyr Pro Jacket Review: Best Summer Riding Option?

The summer riding season means it’s time to shed the heavy layers and ride in maximum comfort. But you still want protection.

That’s where the Knox Zephyr Summer Riding Jacket comes in. This lightweight, highly breathable jacket provides serious armor without weighing you down.

But is it right for your needs? And Is this the best motorcycle jacket for the summer? Let’s find out!

Knox Zephyr Pro Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

  • Flexible armor safety
  • Maximum airflow comfort
  • Lightweight summer protection

Lightweight Construction, Heavy Duty Protection

When the temperatures rise, the last thing you want is a bulky, suffocating jacket. The Zephyr is made from lightweight, highly breathable materials to keep you cool.

The outer shell uses abrasion-resistant mesh material on the chest, sleeves, and back. This allows for maximum airflow while still providing protection. Mesh makes up about 60% of the outer surface.

The remaining 40% uses a durable stretch nylon that resists abrasion while moving with your body. The Zephyr is CE Class AA rated for abrasion resistance—the same as many race suits.

For impact protection, the Zephyr uses Knox Microlock armor. This advanced armor uses a viscoelastic material that is soft and flexible when at rest. But on impact, it instantly hardens to absorb and disperse energy before it reaches your body.

You get Level 2 shoulder, elbows, and back armor for comprehensive protection. And there’s a removable Level 1 chest protector under the jacket that secures with velcro.

Cooling Comfort Without Compromise

The Zephyr is designed specifically for warm-weather riding. The mesh material makes up the majority of the jacket surface to allow massive airflow to your torso.

The back protector sits completely off your spine, leaving a 1.5-inch gap for air circulation. No more feeling like you’re wearing a backpack in summer heat.

The sleeves connect to the body armor with stretch panels that allow full mobility without pulling. And the inner bicep and side torso panels are mesh for ventilation.

For a secure fit, there are adjustable cuff straps and adjustable side straps at the waist. This prevents the jacket from flapping at speed while still allowing flexibility. Snaps allow you to customize the tightness.

The collar is made from soft, ribbed stretch fabric that sits comfortably against your neck. It includes a snap closure to seal out the elements when needed.

The front zipper and adjustment snap use gunmetal hardware for durability, matched by Knox’s reputation for quality construction.

Storage and Convenience Features

The Zephyr doesn’t skimp on features just because it’s designed for summer. You still get the essentials like zippered storage and a connection system.

At the lower back is a concealed, zippered pocket that’s large enough for a wallet, phone, or documents. The zipper sits flat to avoid discomfort while riding.

On the inside of the waist are belt loops that allow you to attach riding pants, preventing air from rushing in at speed. The loops are made from elasticized material, so they move freely.

The cuffs and waist adjusters let you tailor the fit. And the collar snapped closed or open for versatility. There are no excessive straps or adjustments to complicate things.

The Knox Advantage

Knox has been creating innovative motorcycle protection since 2006. They introduced the first CE-approved back protector that wasn’t bulky foam or plastic. And their armor continues to set the standard.

The CE Level 2-approved Microlock protectors used in the Zephyr are the result of continuous research into impact protection. This advanced armor allows summer jackets to provide serious protection without being hot, restricting, and uncomfortable.

And their solutions aren’t just for motorcycles. The same technology protects muscle cars at 200+ mph speeds. Military applications take combat armor to the next level. And industrial customers demand the same protection and mobility.

Riding Comfort Meets Safety

The number one priority of the Zephyr is keeping you protected and comfortable in summer weather. It’s designed for serious riders who won’t compromise on safety but need a jacket for hot conditions.

The extensive mesh and streamlined armor placement provide airflow where you need it most. The materials resist abrasion and dissipate impacts without retaining heat or restricting your movement.

The result is a jacket that allows you to focus on the road ahead rather than discomfort. Hard armoring doesn’t have to mean a hard, hot ride. With the Zephyr, you get riding comfort and riding confidence together in one stylish package.

The Perfect Riding Jacket for Warm Climates

The Zephyr hits a sweet spot between all-mesh jackets with minimal protection and hardcore riding jackets that are overkill in the heat.

It provides a smart balance of stylish design, tough construction, and highly breathable performance. You shouldn’t have to choose between looking good and staying cool.

Mesh jackets look great but need more advanced armor. Heavily armored jackets turn you into a sweaty mess. The Zephyr combines fully armored protection with excellent airflow to give you the best of both worlds.

And by using flexible,