Rev’It! Shade H2o Jacket Review: Are Your Pockets Big Enough?

I focus on gear that excels in everyday use, not just for special occasions. My daily commute involves a half-hour ride in ever-changing weather.

I need gear that is tough enough to withstand a spill but stylish for the office. I also log weekend miles touring the countryside, so comfort and versatility are must-haves.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best motorcycle jacket for all seasons for you? Let’s find out!

Rev’It! Shade H2o Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Versatile for all seasons
  • It keeps you dry in the rain
  • True-to-size, comfortable fit

The Revit jacket caught my eye because it seemed to check all my boxes:

  • Waterproofing – Hydratex laminated construction should keep me dry.
  • Armor – CE-rated armor for impact protection.
  • Comfort – Stretch panels and removable liner for customizable comfort.
  • Reflectivity – Reflective accents for visibility.
  • Style – Understated look appropriate for work or play.

Over 3 weeks, I wore the Shade H2O as my go-to jacket to gauge whether it could be the ultimate year-round commuting companion.

Rev’It! Shade H2o Jacket Fit and Sizing

Finding a jacket with a flattering fit is crucial for comfort and safety. Here’s how the Revit Shade H2O size and fit measured up when I put it to the test:

  • I’m 5’10” and 180 lbs with an athletic build. The size large fit me comfortably without restricting movement.
  • The overall cut is roomy enough for layers but avoids looking boxy.
  • The sleeves are pre-curved for a natural fit in riding position.
  • Revit’s size chart accurately matched my measurements to the appropriate size.
  • The 600 denier polyester outer shell feels durable and abrasion-resistant.
  • Stretch panels at the shoulders and elbows allow flexible mobility.
  • The collar and cuffs are finished with smooth neoprene for comfort.

My impression: True to size, flattering fit, and construction that inspires confidence in its quality and protective abilities.

REV’IT! Men’s Textile Jacket Sizing


Armor and Safety Features

Protective capabilities are vital for motorcycle gear. Here is an overview of how the Revit Shade H2O jacket performed:

  • CE-level 1 armor at the elbows and shoulders provided impact protection without limiting mobility.
  • The back protector pocket lets me insert my own CE-level 2 protector for extra coverage.
  • Reflective details on the sleeves and back increased visibility for night riding.
  • The wrist closures could be more secure, but I felt reasonably protected overall.

Based on my testing, this jacket isn’t as robustly armored as some track-focused options but still provides adequate protection for street riding.

Weatherproofing Performance

With “H2O” in its name, waterproofing is expected from this Revit jacket. During numerous commutes in light to moderate rainfall, it kept me dry as promised:

  • The waterproof Hydratex® Z-liner and storm flap behind the zipper blocked rain effectively.
  • Wet weather riding didn’t leave me soaked or cause the jacket to wet out.
  • The waist cinch helps prevent water from sneaking up under the jacket.
  • Pockets are water-resistant rather than fully waterproof.

For routine rides in the rain, the Shade H2O delivered reliable water protection and peace of mind. In extremely heavy downpours, dedicated rain gear would be a better choice.

Ventilation and Thermal Comfort

A jacket’s ability to adapt to changing temperatures can make or break your riding comfort. Here’s how the Shade H2O performed in this regard throughout my testing:

  • The full-sleeve removable thermal liner increases versatility for colder weather.
  • Air vents on the chest and back allowed me to regulate airflow as needed.
  • The fabric felt a little warmer than I’d prefer in hot summer temperatures.
  • The fit accommodates thin layers underneath when needed.

The jacket provides decent airflow for mild temperatures and adequate adaptability for cooler weather. In extreme heat or cold, more specialized layers may be preferable.

Convenience and Design Details

Beyond basic function, the little details can elevate a jacket. The Revit Shade H2O includes some rider-focused touches I appreciated:

  • Ample stash pockets inside and out provide storage for my phone, wallet, and more.
  • The collar has a soft micro-fleece lining for added comfort.
  • A subtle pass-through slit facilitates access to pant pockets.
  • The slim sleeves accommodate wearing gloves without bunching.
  • Silicone grips inside the waist hem prevent the jacket from riding up.

Small aspects like this enhanced the jacket’s ease of use and capabilities for daily riding duties.

Key Features

ProtectionCE-rated armor, back protector insert
WeatherproofingWaterproof Hydratex Z-liner
ComfortStretch panels, removable insulated lining
ConvenienceStorage pockets, waist cinch
VisibilityReflective accents

Pros and Cons

Pros– True-to-size fit– Reliable waterproofing– Removable liner extends seasonal versatility
Cons– Minimal ventilation for very hot weather– Not the most stylish design– Heavier than some mesh/textile jackets

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this jacket suitable for winter riding?

With the insulated liner installed, the jacket provides decent cold weather protection for temperatures down to about 40°F when layered properly.

For colder conditions or lengthy winter outings, I would recommend adding a thermal base layer and/or upgrading to a more insulated winter riding jacket.

How is the sizing?

The sizing runs true to size based on Revit’s size chart. I would recommend measuring your best-fitting jacket and comparing it to the size chart to determine your ideal fit.

The jacket has a relaxed but not overly baggy cut to allow wearing layers beneath.

Is this a fully waterproof jacket?

The Hydratex Z-liner and the storm flap behind the front zipper make the jacket waterproof in light to moderate rain.

It will withstand commuting duties fine but may eventually wet out in extremely heavy downpours. You’d want a separate rain suit layered over your gear for those situations.

Does this jacket work well for summer riding?

It can work decently in mild summer temperatures with the insulating liner removed and vents open to maximize airflow.

However, the 600D polyester shell doesn’t breathe as well as a true mesh motorcycle jacket. Consider a more perforated or textile alternative for hot summer riding.

How durable and protective does this jacket feel?

The jacket features substantial 600 denier fabric, CE-rated armor, and reinforced impact zones for decent abrasion resistance in a slide.

It provides adequate protection for standard street riding and urban commuting duties. A thicker leather or adventure touring jacket would be preferable for more aggressive riding.

My Final Impressions

Is the Revit Shade H2O the best motorcycle jacket? Over several weeks of wearing the Revit Shade H2O in various conditions, I gained an in-depth understanding of its overall performance and capabilities.

For a circa $250 jacket, it punches above its price point in terms of fit, quality, and functionality.

The jacket exceeded my expectations for waterproofing during wet rides and provided better cold-weather versatility than anticipated.

I also appreciated small touches like the pass-through slit for pant pocket access and silicone waist grips that enhance convenience in daily use.

Downsides were minimal but worth noting: ventilation could be better for hot summer riding, and the style skews more practical than fashion-forward.

All-out track riders or hardcore adventure tourers may also desire more premium protection.

However, for the intended purpose of all-season commuting and street riding, I was very satisfied with the Revit Shade H2O.

The combination of protection, weather resistance, comfort, and versatility provides solid value at this reasonable price point.

For riders looking for a mid-range, do-anything textile motorcycle jacket, the Revit Shade H2O warrants strong consideration.

I’ll be reaching for it all year round when I need reliable performance and the option to add or remove layers as conditions demand. It’s built to handle whatever the road throws your way.

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