Shark Spartan RS Carbon Review: A Cut Above The Rest?

When it comes to selecting a motorcycle full-face helmet, the most critical factor to consider is safety. 

As a rider, you need to ensure that the helmet you wear meets the highest safety standards to protect you in case of an accident. 

Fortunately, the number of helmets available that meet the new ECE 2206 safety standard is increasing every day. 

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best full-face motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Shark Spartan RS 20 Carbon


What Customers Think

  • Very Quiet
  • You can feel the quality
  • Needs More Than Two Shell Sizes

Stylish Design Inspired by Muscle Cars and Bikes

The Shark Spartan RS is the newest addition to their Spartan series and features styling cues from muscle cars and muscle bikes. 

It boasts an aggressive design, particularly around the chimney vent, that stands out on the road. 

The initials “RS” at the end of the name can signify various things, but the intended meaning is likely the German interpretation of road sport.

Sports Touring Helmet with Dramatic Looks

The Shark Spartan RS is not only visually stunning, but it is also a sports touring helmet that delivers exceptional performance. 

It has a fiberglass shell that meets ECE 2206 safety standards and offers excellent impact resistance. 

Comfortable and Convenient

Apart from the stylish and safe design, the Shark Spartan RS is incredibly comfortable to wear

The helmet’s liner is designed to fit snugly on the head, providing maximum comfort even on long rides. 

The helmet is set up and ready for Shark’s own Bluetooth intercom system, which makes it incredibly convenient for riders who like to stay connected while on the go.

Fiberglass Shell: Sturdy and Reliable

One of the key features of the Spartan RS Helmet is its fiberglass shell. While full-face helmets with this material are not known for being lightweight, the Spartan RS offers a sturdy and reliable option for those seeking maximum protection. 

Weighing in at 1542 grams, this helmet falls within the average range for its class.

Ventilation: Stay Cool and Comfortable

Riding in a helmet can be hot and stuffy, especially during summer. However, the Spartan RS Helmet offers a solution to this problem with its effective ventilation system. 

The helmet features intake vents on the forehead and chin and exhaust vents at the back, which work together to circulate air and keep you cool and comfortable on your ride.

The helmet features a dramatic-looking chin vent that allows air to flow through and circulate inside the helmet. 

By sliding the switch down on the chin vent, you can open a route for air to get through the top of the chin bar and come out to give the visor some airflow. This helps to reduce fogging and keeps your vision clear.

The top of the helmet also features a similarly styled scoop that can be adjusted using a switch. 

Sliding the switch back allows you to uncover two holes that let air get down to the top of your head. 

Also, channels through the EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) lead warm air to the exhaust vents at the rear. 

This creates a flow of air that helps to regulate your body temperature and prevent overheating.

On-Road Performance: Smooth and Stable

Of course, a helmet can have all the technical features in the world, but if it doesn’t perform well on the road, it’s not worth much. 

Thankfully, the Spartan RS Helmet delivers on performance. It offers a smooth, stable ride with minimal wind noise and maximum visibility. 


This lid uses a system that was first introduced on the Spartan GT back in 2020, featuring two securing points on each side of the helmet that gives it a firm attachment.

The visor is easy to change, with a graduated set of grooves on the left side that give it some resistance as it slides up and down. 

You can adjust the tension by tightening or loosening the small Allen screw in the tab on the helmet’s left side. 

As you lower the visor, you’ll feel it clicking over those grooves, and then the central tab comes to rest on the chin bar, leaving a small gap around the base of the visor to lock it down. 

To lock the visor in place, you simply give it a firm press, which activates the locking switch.

Raising the visor requires you to press the switch and lift the visor simultaneously. This takes a little getting used to, but I found that using my index finger to push the switch and lift the visor in one motion worked best. 

The visor has a variable thickness across its surface, providing a reassuring feel and excellent optical quality. With great peripheral vision, it is perfect for most riding situations.

While the eye-port may not be as deep as what you would find on a sports bike helmet, this is not a particular criticism since the Spartan RS is not designed for sports bike riders. 

The visor is protected against misfire, with a Pinlock Max Vision insert ensuring that the outer edges won’t interfere with your vision..

Sun Visor

Shark motorcycle helmets are equipped with sun visors that operate on a switch located on the top of the helmet shell, similar to the main visor. 

The sun visor can be lowered in graduated steps, allowing riders to fine-tune the visor’s position to their desired level of protection from the sun.

 In fact, there are 42 different levels of adjustment, making it easy for riders to find the perfect position for their visor.

When the sun visor is lowered to its lowest position, it covers almost the entire inside of the helmet, including the middle piece that extends beneath the breath guard. 

This ensures that riders are protected from the sun’s rays from all angles, providing them with optimal comfort and safety during their ride.

Anti-Fog Coating vs. Optical Clarity

One feature that some riders might notice missing from Shark’s sun visors is an anti-mist coating. 

However, this is not necessarily a drawback, as Shark is more concerned with providing riders with optimal optical clarity.

Shark’s philosophy is that an anti-fog coating may reduce the optical clarity of the sun visor

While this may not be an issue for riders who primarily ride in ideal conditions, those who frequently ride in misty or humid conditions may prefer a sun visor with an anti-fog coating.


The first thing you’ll notice about the interior of this helmet is the plushness of the materials used. 

The cheek pads and top of the head are covered in a brushed material that feels soft and comfortable against the skin. 

This helps to reduce friction and irritation, which can be a common issue with helmets that have rough or abrasive interiors.

Another interesting feature of this helmet is the use of different materials in different areas. 

For example, the area around the forehead and back of the head is made from a smoother material than the rest of the liner.

This may help to improve ventilation and airflow, which can be especially important in hot or humid conditions.

Secure Attachment for Safety

Of course, comfort is only one aspect of the interior of a helmet. Safety is equally important, and that’s where the design and construction of the liner come into play. 

In this particular helmet, the liner is securely attached to the shell, which can help to reduce the risk of it coming loose or shifting in the event of an impact.

This is a significant improvement over some other helmets, where the liner may be more loosely attached or may shift around during use

Finally, it’s worth noting that the interior of this helmet is both removable and customizable. 

This means you can easily take out the cheek pads and other liner parts for cleaning or replacement. 

There are even recesses behind the cheek pads that are specifically designed for intercom speakers, which can be a useful feature for riders who want to stay connected while on the road.

In addition to being removable, the liner is also customizable. If you find that certain parts of the liner are uncomfortable or don’t fit quite right, you can easily swap them out for different sizes or materials. 

This can be a great way to fine-tune the fit and comfort of your helmet, which can make a big difference in your overall riding experience.


The Shark Tooth Intercom has a battery that sits in a cavity behind the neck roll of the helmet. 

This location provides easy access to the battery and means that you can attach a slimmer control unit to the outside of the helmet. 

Having a slimmer control unit allows for better maneuverability and improved comfort.

Fitting a Universal Intercom

Suppose you want to fit a universal intercom to your motorcycle helmet. In that case, you have a better chance of success with a Cena unit since the speakers for the 20s EVO may not fit into the recesses of the helmet. 

The control unit fits easily when fitting a Cardo Packtalk Bold, but the 40-millimeter speakers may not sit correctly in the recesses.

ECE 2206 Standard

The Spartan RS helmet has been approved for the new ECE 2206 standard for use on the road. 

This new standard is designed to be more rigorous and demanding than its predecessor, the ECE 22.05 standard. 

The ECE 2206 standard demands stiffer tests and requires helmets to withstand harder impacts and a wider range of impact areas. 

The new standard also includes glancing blows, rather than direct hits, to simulate real-world accident scenarios better.

ACU Approval

In addition to being approved for road use, the Shark Spartan RS helmet has also received approval from the ACU (Auto-Cycle Union) for racing and track use. 

This approval requires helmets to meet specific safety standards designed for high-speed racing scenarios. 

The ACU approval provides additional reassurance to riders who use the Spartan RS helmet for racing or track use.

Features and Benefits

Aggressive design inspired by muscle cars and bikesUnique and stylish appearance on the road
Fiberglass shell that meets ECE 2206 safety standardsSturdy and reliable protection in the event of an accident
Comfortable and snug linerMaximum comfort, even during long rides
Integrated Bluetooth intercom systemConvenient and easy communication while on the go
Effective ventilation systemThe adjustable scoop on the top of the helmet
Dramatic-looking chin ventCirculates air to keep the rider cool and comfortable
Adjustable scoop on the top of the helmetAllows for airflow and reduces fogging for clear vision
Smooth and stable on-road performanceDelivers a great riding experience with minimal wind noise and maximum visibility
Quick-release visor with Pinlock Max Vision insertAllows for easy replacement and provides clear vision with great peripheral vision
Adjustable sun visor with 42 different levels of adjustmentProvides optimal comfort and protection from the sun
Plush and comfortable interiorSoft and comfortable materials that reduce friction and irritation
Secure attachment of the liner to the shellReduces the risk of shifting or coming loose in the event of an impact
Customizable interiorEasily removable and customizable parts for a perfect fit and comfort
Approved for ECE 2206 safety standardMeets rigorous safety standards for road use
ACU approval for racing and track useMeets safety standards for high-speed racing scenarios
Provides additional airflow for better temperature regulationStreamlined design and comfortable fit for each size range
Importance of proper sizingChoosing the right size for maximum protection and comfort while riding

Shell Sizes: 

To accommodate the various sizes of the Spartan RS helmet, two shell sizes are available. 

Helmets up to and including size medium share the smaller shell, while large, extra large, and double XL helmets share the larger shell. This allows for a more streamlined design and a more comfortable fit for each size range.

Importance of Proper Sizing

Choosing the right size helmet is essential for ensuring maximum protection and comfort while riding. 

A helmet that is too small may not provide adequate protection in the event of a crash, while a helmet that is too large may shift around or come off during a collision. 

It is important to measure your head carefully and consult the size chart provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you select the correct size.


What They Could Have Done Better

To be honest, there isn’t much I don’t like about this helmet. It’s a great fitting helmet, very snug, and the sun visor gives full coverage, and really easy to fit the intercom.

The visor locks easily but is a bit fiddly when I wear my winter gloves.

I’m a size 59-60, and the size large I tested fits me perfectly. The Interior liner is good quality, the venting works well, and the glasses channel is perfect. I don’t get any pressure from my glasses.

The Pinlock visor gives me a wide vision, and you can feel the quality. It is substantial but not too heavy. It’s much quieter than any helmet I’ve bought over the last 15+ years.

The only gripe, and it’s a small one, is that having only two shell sizes lets it down.

In Conclusion

The Shark Spartan RS is an outstanding helmet that is packed with features to provide riders with a safe and comfortable riding experience. 

Its sleek design and aerodynamic shape make it an attractive option for riders who value both style and function. 

The helmet’s excellent ventilation system ensures that the rider stays cool even during long rides, and the anti-fog visor guarantees clear visibility in all weather conditions. 

Additionally, the helmet’s lightweight construction and comfortable fit make it an ideal choice for riders who want to stay comfortable on extended rides. 

Overall, the Shark Spartan RS is an exceptional helmet that is worth considering for any serious rider.

Shark Spartan RS 20 Carbon


What Customers Think

  • Very Quiet
  • You can feel the quality
  • Needs More Than Two Shell Sizes

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