HJC i10 Review: 3 Things You Should Know Before Buying

The latest addition to HJC’s lineup is the i-10 helmet, which replaces the world-famous CL-17. As a top-selling helmet for many years, the CL-17 has undoubtedly left a mark. 

The i-10 is poised to fill its predecessor’s shoes, providing an entry-level option with exceptional features at an affordable price point.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best full-face helmet for you? Let’s find out!

HJC i10


What Customer Think

  • Super Comfy
  • Good Ventilation
  • A Lot of Helmet For The Money

Overview of the HJC i-10 Helmet

The i-10 helmet’s pricing starts at around $149, with prices going up to $159 depending on the style, color, graphic, or finish chosen. 

Despite being an entry-level full-face helmet, the i-10 packs a punch with numerous remarkable features.

Key Features

Polycarbonate Composite Shell

The helmet’s polycarbonate composite construction allows it to be strong, lightweight, and durable while offering a superior fit for an entry-level price point.

Multi-Density Liner

The multi-density liner enables the helmet to absorb impacts at varying speeds, ensuring well-managed low- and high-speed impacts.


HJC has done an excellent job designing the i-10 to accept wind and air from the front while allowing a Venturi effect towards the back to pull warm, moist air out of the helmet. This ventilation system outperforms many other entry-level full-face helmets we have tested previously.

Super Cool Moisture-Wicking Liner

The helmet’s interior features a super cool moisture-wicking liner, ensuring comfort and dryness during rides.

Pinlock Anti-Fog Lens Compatibility

The i-10 is compatible with HJC’s Pinlock anti-fog lens system, which can be installed using the two pins on the side of the helmet. 

The dual-pane lens completely eliminates fogging, while the chin vent channels air directly onto the inside of the face shield to further prevent fogging.

Double D-Ring Closure

The i-10 utilizes a reliable and tried-and-true double D-ring closure system, ensuring a secure fit during rides.

Smart HJC Ready

The i-10 full-face helmet is ready for HJC’s proprietary Smart HJC Bluetooth communication system, made by Sena. 

It can accommodate either a 10B or 20B unit, providing seamless integration with the helmet’s design, including a dedicated spot for the microphone and indentations for wire routing.

HJC Helmet Sizing

The HJC i10 helmet is available in sizes 2XS-5XL.


Ventilation System

The i-10 boasts an efficient ventilation system with four primary vents (or eight, if counting each hole):

  1. Chin Vent: Four separate vents serve different purposes, such as directing air into the helmet or onto the backside of the shield to prevent fogging.
  2. Forehead Vent: A switch opens two small vents, allowing air to flow in at the top, helping to draw bottom air up and in.
  3. Top Vents: Two easily accessible vents on the top of the helmet can be opened with a gloved hand, enabling air to channel from the front to the back of the helmet.
  4. 4. Exhaust Vents: The rear exhaust vents are always open, creating a Venturi effect that pulls warm air out of the helmet. The open vents allow for continuous airflow, keeping the helmet fresh and well-ventilated.

Face Shield and Rapid Fire Quick-Release System

The face shield features seven indents for adjusting its position to suit various riding situations. 

It locks down securely and can be cracked open slightly for extra ventilation. The i-10 is equipped with HJC’s Rapid Fire quick-release system, allowing for easy removal and reinstallation of the face shield with minimal effort.

Interior and Comfort Liner

The i-10’s interior includes a D-ring fastening system for secure attachment. The comfort liner and cheek pad system can be easily removed, revealing the helmet’s multi-density EPS liner. 

The interior also features a docking station for the speaker and channels for wire routing, making it convenient for riders who want to install a communication system.

Features and Benefits

Polycarbonate Composite ShellStrong, lightweight and durable construction for an affordable price.
Multi-Density LinerAbsorbs impacts at varying speeds, ensuring superior protection.
Ventilation SystemStrong, lightweight, and durable construction for an affordable price.
Super Cool Moisture-Wicking LinerProvides comfort and dryness during rides.
Pinlock Anti-Fog Lens CompatibilityAccepts wind and air from the front while pulling warm, moist air out of the helmet with a Venturi effect towards the back.
Double D-Ring ClosureReliable and secure fit during rides.
Smart HJC ReadyDual-pane lens eliminates fogging, and chin vent channels air onto the face shield.
Ventilation SystemFour primary vents with a variety of purposes for continuous airflow.
Face Shield and Rapid Fire Quick-Release SystemSeven-position adjustable face shield with easy removal and reinstallation.
Interior and Comfort LinerRemovable comfort liner and cheek pad system for convenience and multi-density EPS liner for protection.

What I Liked and Didn’t Like

I found the cheek pads a little tight initially, but they loosened up over time. If you still find them too tight, you can buy replacement cheek pads for $20-30  that can be swapped out for a more comfortable fit.

In the past, HJC was known for creating helmets suitable for people with larger or rounder head shapes. 

However, with the discontinuation of the CL-17 and the introduction of the i10, they have shifted towards an oval shape, which is good for me. While this change may not be ideal for those with larger head sizes, the i10 remains a well-regarded helmet.

One notable downside to this helmet is that it does not come with a built-in sun visor. However, you can order a separate dark smoke face shield (HJC HJ-31 Pinlock-Ready Face Shield) for daytime riding.

The one thing that stood out for me was the ventilation. I can genuinely feel the air flowing through the helmet, which is a significant improvement compared to other brands, such as the Faseed helmet.

The helmet uses a double D-ring fastening system, which I found takes slightly longer to adjust compared to other fastening methods.

However, I found it provides a secure fit and increased safety, making the extra time spent on adjustments worthwhile.


Is HJC i10 a quiet helmet?

HJC i10 is considered to be a quiet helmet, especially at lower speeds. However, it gets louder, especially at higher speeds.

Does the HJC i10 have Bluetooth?

The HJC i10 does not have Bluetooth built-in. However, it has cutouts in the cheek pads and lining, which allow for the easy installation of the optional SmartHJC communication system. You need to purchase separately.

Does the HJC i10 have a sun visor?

No, the HJC i10 does not have a sun visor. It is a full-face helmet with a clear visor that is pinlock compatible.

Final Thoughts

The HJC i-10 helmet offers an impressive array of features for its price point, making it one of the most affordable Snell-rated helmets on the market.

With a weight of just 3.8 pounds, anti-fog capabilities, excellent ventilation, and compatibility with communication systems, the i-10 helmet is an attractive option for riders seeking an entry-level helmet without compromising on quality and performance.

HJC i10


What Customer Think

  • Super Comfy
  • Good Ventilation
  • A Lot of Helmet For The Money

The i-10 helmet is the perfect blend of functionality, safety, and affordability, making it an ideal choice for those looking to upgrade their helmet or purchase their first one. With HJC’s reputation for producing high-quality helmets, the i-10 is set to become another top seller in the motorcycle gear market.

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