Icon Airflite Peacekeeper Rubatone Review: Best-Looking Helmet Ever

Icon Airflite Peacekeeper Rubatone Review: Keeping Up Appearances

Today, we’re going to be looking at the Airflight Peacekeeper helmet from Icon. This full-face helmet is one step away from Icon’s top model, the Airframe Pro. 

The Peacekeeper is a little bit bulkier and heavier, but still a solid option in their lineup. With aggressive styling and a plethora of customization options, this helmet is bound to catch your eye.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best full face motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Icon Airflite Peacekeeper Rubatone Review


What Customers Think

  • Comfortable Helmet
  • Great All Round Helmet
  • Venting Didn’t Seem To Do Much

Aggressive Styling and Design

Flight Shield and Finish

One thing that makes Icon stand out is their aggressive styling with most of their products. 

The Airflight Peacekeeper features a unique Flight Shield design with a rubitone or matte finish, making it look fantastic from every angle. Icon deserves kudos for thinking outside the box with this design.

Customization Options

Icon is known for providing cool design options for its helmets, and the Airflight does not disappoint.

There are numerous styles and colors to choose from, not just for the helmet itself but also for various components, including the face shield, pinlock insert lenses, drop shield, rear spoiler, optional airfoil top mount, and even a visor option to transform your full-face helmet into a dual sport/adventure-style helmet.

Features and Performance

Face Shield

The face shield offers great optical clarity and an excellent field of vision. It also features Icon’s Prolock shield locking system, providing a solid, tactile snap when the shield locks into place. 

This system is easy to use, whether you’re wearing gloves or not. Additionally, vent ports in the lower section allow air to flow through the chin vent.

The Peacekeeper model comes with an additional clear face shield, and we chose the RST dark gold finish, which is mirrored and has a slight tint, making it look awesome.

Shield Changing System

Icon has made the shield-changing process very simple. To remove the shield, open it all the way, pull out the side plates at the opening, lift the shield up once more, and then pull the ends out. 

To install a new shield, simply reverse the process. This straightforward design reduces the risk of breaking any components when changing shields.

Interior Features

Inside the helmet, you’ll find a standard molded breath deflector and a fog-free drop shield, which comes tinted but is also available in multiple color options. 

The drop shield is easily engaged by a slide on the side of the helmet and locks securely in the up or down position.

Sculpted Neck Roll Design

Icon’s signature sculpted neck roll design not only looks great but also helps mitigate interference with jackets, suits, or backpacks.

Comfort and Fit

Hydra Dry Liner and Speaker Cutouts

Icon uses a premium Hydra Dry wicking liner in the Airflight Peacekeeper, which is removable and washable. This helmet also features standard speaker cutouts for easy installation of communication devices.

Twin Channel EPS Foam and Supervent Ventilation System

Under the liner, you’ll find twin-channel EPS foam, which is part of Icon’s Supervent ventilation system. This system includes four intake vents in the front and two exhaust ports in the rear. The chin vent switch has three settings (off, face, and shield) instead of the typical open and closed options.

Optional Chin Skirt and Potential Issues

The helmet comes with an optional chin skirt that works well to keep air out. However, it can make accessing the chin vent switch difficult while riding. Additionally, I found the chin skirt tends to come loose when removing the helmet.

A potential concern is the cheek pads putting pressure on the back of the neck, which can be initially uncomfortable. 

Over time, I got used to this sensation and didn’t notice it anymore, but it’s worth considering when choosing this helmet.

Safety Features

The Airflight Peacekeeper’s shell is made of injection-molded polycarbonate and has an EPS foam liner. It is DOT and ECE-approved. 

It’s important to note that this specific model does not have the MIPS brain protection technology, but other Airflight models are available with it.

Additional Details

Weight and Shell Sizes

The Peacekeeper weighs about 3.79 pounds, making it an average-weight helmet. It comes in three different shell sizes: one for extra small/small, one for medium/large, and one for XL to 3XL.

Icon Helmet Sizing


Head Shape Compatibility

This full-face helmet is designed to fit intermediate to long oval-shaped heads.

Optional Airfoil Top Spoiler

The Airflight Peacekeeper also comes with an optional airfoil top spoiler, which is easily attached with foam tape. It’s available in a matching black color, as well as four additional colors to choose from.

Features and Benefits

Variety of styles and colors to choose fromAllows for customization and personalization of the helmet to match individual preferences
Prolock shield locking systemProvides secure locking of the face shield and easy operation with or without gloves
Simple shield changing systemMakes it easy to replace the face shield without risk of breaking components
Molded breath deflector and fog-free drop shieldReduces fogging and helps to keep the rider’s breath away from the face shield
Sculpted neck roll designHelps to prevent interference with jackets, suits, or backpacks and adds to the aesthetic appeal of the helmet
Hydra Dry wicking liner and speaker cutoutsProvides comfort and easy installation of communication devices
Twin-channel EPS foam and Supervent ventilation systemEnhances ventilation and helps to keep the rider cool and comfortable
Shell made of injection-molded polycarbonate with EPS foam linerProvides DOT and ECE-approved safety and protection in case of a crash
Optional airfoil top spoilerAdds to the aesthetic appeal of the helmet and helps to improve aerodynamics
Designed for intermediate to long oval-shaped headsEnsures compatibility with a variety of head shapes and sizes

What They Could Have Done Better

Comfort and Weight

The modified helmet, after adjustment, is comfortable to wear. It is light enough not to cause any discomfort or strain on the neck. 

The padding on the inside is adequate, and it doesn’t press too hard on the forehead or the temples. The chinstrap also fits well, providing a secure fit.

However, despite the helmet’s overall comfort, it has some major flaws that need to be addressed.

Wind Noise

One of the biggest gripes with the helmet is the wind noise. The covers over the visor hinges catch a lot of wind, which can be distracting and annoying to the rider. The wind noise is particularly noticeable at higher speeds and right next to your ears.


The helmet’s visor looks cool and futuristic, but it’s not as practical as a conventional visor. 

The tint is frail and easily scratches, reducing visibility. Cracking the visor open does not provide sufficient airflow as a conventional visor does, and when you crack it a little more, it shakes a lot over 35-40 mph, which can be disorienting.

What Our Test Rider Thought


Changing the face shield was a breeze. Whether you need to switch to a tinted shield for sunny days or a clear one for night riding, you can do it in seconds. This feature allows you to customize your helmet for any weather or lighting conditions.

If you’ve ever ridden into the sun, you know how frustrating it can be to squint your way through your ride. That’s why the drop-down sun shield on this helmet is a game-changer.

With just a flick of a switch, you can protect your eyes from the sun’s glare without having to stop and put on sunglasses. And when you ride into the shade, simply flip it back up, and you’re good to go.


While this helmet has many great features, I found it’s noisier than other helmets I have worn. However, after I put in my earplugs, the noise was reduced significantly.

Unfortunately, I have found that the venting system on this helmet doesn’t work as well as I would have liked. If you ride in hot and humid conditions, this can be a deal-breaker.

However, if you wear moisture-wicking clothing and ride in cooler weather, you may not notice the lack of ventilation as much.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Icon Airflight Peacekeeper helmet is an excellent addition to Icon’s lineup. With seemingly endless customization options and constantly released new patterns, this helmet offers great build quality and comfort, despite a few minor issues.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below.

Icon Airflite Peacekeeper Rubatone Review


What Customers Think

  • Comfortable Helmet
  • Great All Round Helmet
  • Venting Didn’t Seem To Do Much

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