Metzeler MC360 vs. Dunlop D952: A Striking Contrast

As a passionate off-road biker, I am forever in search of the perfect companion for my ride. That search often leads me down the path of tire comparison. Today, I bring to you an intriguing duel: The Metzeler MC360 vs. The Dunlop D952.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best dirt bike tires for you? Let’s find out!

Metzeler MC360: A Legal Road Warrior

The Metzeler MC360, with its mid-to-high compound, has been my go-to tire. It seems like the ideal fit for my road-registered bike, boasting road legality.

I confess, as a dedicated dirt biker, my road adventures are limited to commuting between trails or to them from my home.

On the tarmac, the MC360 delivered just what I expected, acting like a competent yet unexciting travel partner. My concerns began, however, when the rubber met the dirt.

Venturing Off the Beaten Path

My first dirt ride on the MC360 was, in short, disconcerting. It felt as if I were riding on a flat tire. The bike’s back end slid and slopped from side to side, making it feel distressingly loose. I was alarmed enough to halt my ride, turn off the bike, and perform a thorough check.

A sinking feeling gnawed at me: there was no physical issue. The MC360 wasn’t gripping as I’d hoped. It was particularly disappointing around fast-flowing corners, failing to provide that punch of power or the expected lift. The experience left me feeling disoriented and less in control.

The Dunlop D952: A Dirt Champion

In contrast, the Dunlop D952 truly impressed me. It’s not a road-legal tire, but it dominated in its true realm: the dirt. Its performance felt akin to a motocross tire, lifting the wheel and biting into the corners with confidence.

The D952’s performance on rocky terrain was commendable. With a couple of hours of riding under my belt, the initially disconcerting sensation gave way to a newfound appreciation for the bike and its capabilities.

The Verdict: Performance and Durability

The Dunlop D952 significantly outperformed the Metzeler MC360 on durability, lasting over a thousand kilometers on tough, rocky terrain. Despite being quite worn, it continued to deliver until the end.

The Pirelli Scorpions, on the other hand, barely lasted 200 kilometers. While their initial performance was good, their lack of endurance left much to be desired.

The Pursuit Continues

While I’m still experimenting with the MC360, I must confess that I remain unconvinced. Its performance has been underwhelming, particularly when compared to the Dunlop D952. My hope is that it will at least prove its worth in terms of durability.

If Dunlop were to produce a road-legal version of the D952, that could potentially be the perfect tire. In the meantime, my search for the ultimate tire continues.

For all the off-road bikers out there, may we find the tire that suits our rides and enhances our thrilling experiences on the dirt.

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