Belstaff Stealth Crosby Review: Should You Cash Out Your 401k For This?

The Belstaff Stealth Crosby jacket is an upgraded version of one of the brand’s most popular designs.

With key improvements to fit, function and safety, this new jacket aims to provide maximum protection and versatility for riders.

But with a hefty price tag, does the Stealth Crosby provide enough added value compared to the original Crosby or other premium options?

After thoroughly testing this jacket, I will reveal how it performed across critical categories and whether it justifies the cost for discerning motorcyclists.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best waterproof motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Belstaff Stealth Crosby Jacket


Key Takeaways

Overview of the Stealth Crosby Jacket

The Stealth Crosby is a mid-length, 4-pocket waxed cotton motorcycle jacket. Belstaff gave the classic Crosby design a modern, stealthy upgrade while retaining its iconic style. Some key features include:

  • 8oz Techwax synthetic-cotton outer fabric
  • Waterproof and breathable inner membrane
  • CE AA safety rating
  • Neoprene collar and cuff lining
  • D3O armor at shoulders and elbows
  • Upgraded blacked-out hardware

This jacket definitely looks sharp and covert with its all-black hardware. The Techwax outer feels lightweight and abrasion-resistant. Overall, the upgrades enhance comfort and protection compared to the original Crosby.

However, these improvements come at a cost – the Stealth Crosby costs about £100 more than the standard Crosby. The higher price tag had me evaluating whether the jacket truly warrants the premium.

Outer Fabric – Techwax Synthetic-Cotton

The Stealth Crosby uses an 8oz Techwax outer shell rather than the traditional waxed cotton of the original Crosby. This advanced fabric blends high-grade synthetic fibers into Bellstaff’s cotton to create an abrasion-resistant material.

During testing, I found the Techwax outer to feel lightweight and flexible while retaining the wax coating’s water-resistant properties.

It provides protection without adding bulk. The material feels premium compared to cheaper waxed cotton from other brands.

The Techwax fabric held up well during rides without any tearing or damage. I also didn’t experience overheating, thanks to the breathable cotton blend. Overall, this innovative outer fabric improves upon traditional waxed cotton.

CE AA Safety Rating

One of the biggest upgrades with the Stealth Crosby is the CE AA safety rating. The original Crosby was only CE-certified.

This new certification verifies the jacket meets rigorous standards for impact protection. CE AA is the highest rating for motorcycle jackets under the CE classification system.

The Stealth Crosby achieves this level while maintaining a slim, non-bulky design. The armor inserts and abrasion-resistant outer fabric provide serious protection without excess weight.

As a bonus, the jacket includes a pocket to add an optional CE-certified back protector for even more safety.

Waterproof yet Breathable Membrane

While waxed cotton repels water, the Stealth Crosby adds an inner waterproof membrane for wet weather protection.

During testing in heavy rain, the jacket kept me completely dry. The waxed outer shed water, while the inner membrane prevented any moisture from seeping through.

Despite being waterproof, I stayed comfortable thanks to the breathable membrane. It effectively wicks away sweat and condensation. I stayed warm and dry without overheating.

This combination of waterproofing and breathability makes the Stealth Crosby suitable for year-round riding.

Premium Details and Hardware

As expected for a premium brand, the Stealth Crosby excels in its details and hardware. For example:

  • The jacket features durable, rubber-coated snaps throughout. These are an upgrade over the original’s exposed metal snaps.
  • The zippers, buckles, logos, and accents all have a blacked-out finish that adds to the jacket’s covert aesthetic.
  • The neoprene collar and cuff lining enhance comfort while sealing out the elements.
  • The jacket includes reinforced material at the elbows and shoulders for extra abrasion and impact resistance.

These high-end details contribute to the jacket’s premium quality and help justify the price. The Stealth Crosby feels like a jacket built to last.

Fit and Comfort

In terms of fit, the Stealth Crosby has an athletic, rider-focused cut. For reference, I’m 5’10” with a 38″ chest, and the size small fits me well.

The jacket allows a full range of motion, which is great for maneuvering on a motorcycle. The waist belt also lets you tailor the fit.

Overall, the Stealth Crosby is exceptionally comfortable thanks to:

  • Flexible, unrestrictive outer material
  • Neoprene collar and cuffs that seal out wind
  • Mesh lining that feels smooth against the skin
  • Articulated elbows for mobility

The jacket also has a longer cut that suits tall riders and protects vital organs. For me, the mid-length design provides excellent coverage while riding.

Between the premium fabric and construction, the Stealth Crosby feels like it molds to your body – a hallmark of Belstaff quality.


While the Stealth Crosby excels in most regards, I did notice a few drawbacks during testing:

  • The price tag makes it one of our most expensive jacket options. The upgrades come at a premium cost compared to the standard Crosby.
  • The blacked-out color scheme limits versatility. You can only wear it as an all-black jacket rather than pairing it with different pants.
  • No thermal liner is included. You’ll need to layer up or buy a separate liner for cold-weather riding.
  • The fit is slim. Bulky layers can feel tight. I’d suggest sizing up if you plan to wear thick mid-layers.

So, while not perfect, these are minor complaints given the overall premium quality of the jacket.

Final Verdict

Is this the best motorcycle jacket? This jacket delivers exceptional protection, comfort, and versatility thanks to its innovative fabric, safety upgrades, and premium construction.

For riders looking for the ultimate mid-length motorcycle jacket, the Stealth Crosby is a worthwhile investment.

While the £650 price tag is steep, the jacket’s premium details, safety, and weather protection justify the cost. Given Bellstaff’s longevity reputation, this jacket is built to provide years of performance riding.

So, if you ride year-round, do long-distance touring, or appreciate quality gear – the new Stealth Crosby is one of the best options available.

This iconic jacket has evolved into an even more capable riding companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Stealth Crosby work for all seasons?

The jacket’s waterproof yet breathable membrane makes it suitable for year-round riding in any weather. You’ll stay dry in the rain thanks to the waxed outer and inner membrane while avoiding overheating due to the breathability.

How does sizing run?

The Stealth Crosby runs true-to-size but leans slim in the body and arms. There is some adjustability at the waist with the side buckles. Try it on in person if possible, and size up if you need to layer heavily underneath.

Is this a fully waterproof jacket?

Yes, the waxed outer cotton and waterproof inner membrane provide complete waterproofing. No water permeated the jacket during my testing in heavy