Sedici Marco 2 Mesh Jacket Review After 200 Miles

I recently had the opportunity to test out the new Sedici Marco 2 mesh jacket and pants. As an avid motorcyclist who loves riding in warmer weather, I was looking for gear that would provide protection without making me overheat.

After putting it through extensive testing, I’m excited to share everything you need to know about this impressive mesh adventure riding outfit.

Sedici Marco 2 Mesh Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Heavy duty protection
  • Great value for the price
  • Breathable mesh construction

In this review, I’ll cover the key features, sizing and fit, protection, comfort, and overall performance on and off-road.

You’ll get details on how it held up during real-world testing, along with pros, cons, and recommendations.

Whether you’re an adventure rider seeking a highly breathable jacket and pants or a casual dual sport enthusiast needing gear for the warmer months, read on to see why the Sedici Marco 2 should be on your radar.

Why I Tested the Sedici Marco 2 Mesh Outfit

As an adventure rider living in a warm climate, finding protective and comfortable riding gear for summer is a constant challenge.

I need equipment with abrasion resistance and impact protection for traversing rough terrain, but I also don’t want to bake in the sun. It’s a tricky balancing act.

When Sedici released the Marco 2 mesh jacket and pants, I knew I had to try them out. The switch from a laminated shell to a lightweight mesh chassis promised way more airflow while keeping the rugged durability I rely on. The included waterproof liners also provide flexibility for when I get caught in the rain.

I spent over 200 miles testing this outfit on- and off-road to see how it performed in real riding conditions. Through city commutes, highway blasts, and gnarly dirt trails, I put it through its paces.

Keep reading to find out if it lived up to expectations and how it might work for your summer adventures.

Marco 2 Mesh Jacket and Pants Key Features

  • Mesh chassis construction – Breathable 750D mesh makes up the main body for ventilation.
  • Waterproof liner – A lightweight waterproof layer can be added for weather protection.
  • CE-rated armor – Shoulders and elbows have Level 2 protection. Knees are Level 1.
  • Abrasion protection – Ballistic nylon overlays on shoulders, elbows, and seat.
  • Stretch panels – Accordion fabric at knees, elbows, back, and crotch for flexibility.
  • Pockets – Dual exterior chest pockets and interior waterproof pockets.
  • Reflective details – Piping and logos throughout for visibility.

Sizing and Fit

I’m 6 feet tall, weigh around 210 pounds, and have an athletic build. For the jacket, I went with a size large based on the size chart. The fit was spot on, with enough room to layer underneath.

The pants I ordered in XL to accommodate knee braces. Again, the sizing was accurate, though the included liner does make them slightly snugr.

Overall, both pieces allow a wide range of motion without feeling restrictive. I never felt constrained during aggressive off-road riding. The stretch panels add flexibility without looking baggy or loose.

However, the pants are best worn over boots rather than tucked in. Trying to get them over my Alpinestars Tech 7s was tricky due to the narrow leg openings. Just something to keep in mind.

Protection and Safety Features

For a warm weather jacket and pants, the Marco 2 provides an impressive amount of protection:

  • CE-rated armor – The shoulders and elbows have Level 2 armor, while the knees are Level 1. The back protector is sold separately.
  • Ballistic reinforced overlays – 1200D ballistic nylon overlays on the shoulders, elbows, and seat.
  • Abrasion resistance – Durable 750D mesh stands up to scrapes and slides surprisingly well.
  • Reflective details – Reflective Sedici logos and piping on both pieces for visibility.

This exceeds the protection I would expect from most mesh riding gear. The CE armor and ballistic reinforcement give me confidence when riding aggressively over rough terrain.

The mesh stands up to abrasion better than expected, too. After my testing, it showed barely any signs of wear. For the price, this is very impressive.

Comfort and Ventilation

When riding in 80+ degree weather, comfort is my top priority. I want to stay cool while enjoying the open road, not bake in a personal sauna.

The Marco 2 Mesh delivers superb airflow and ventilation:

  • Lightweight mesh construction – The 750D mesh chassis allows tons of air to flow through.
  • Waterproof liner – Use the shell alone in warm temperatures for maximum breathability.
  • Limited insulation – Aside from the thin liner, no additional insulation holds heat.
  • Moisture-wicking lining – Interior lining diffuses sweat to keep you dry.

During testing up to 95 degrees, I stayed remarkably cool and dry the entire time in just the mesh shell. The constant air circulation prevented that stifling, muggy feeling I get with other gear.

Overall, the comfort and ventilation exceeded my expectations. This is by far the most breathable protective jacket and pants I’ve worn.

Tested on the Road and Dirt

To really put the Marco 2 Mesh through its paces, I rode it on a variety of bikes in diverse conditions:


  • Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro
  • KTM 500 EXC-F


  • City commuting in 90-degree heat
  • Highway rides up to 80 mph
  • Hard off-road trails with mud, hills, rocks, and ruts
  • Gravel backroads
  • Light rain showers

The Sedici outfit handled it all with flying colors. The mesh jacket flowed plenty of air on the sweltering pavement while the reinforced shoulders and elbows held up to branches and brush.

The pants allowed full mobility when standing on the pegs and absorbed impacts well when I dumped the bike in some mud.

Throughout it all, the jacket and pants proved rugged, comfortable, and highly versatile for multi-surface riding. I’d have no hesitations tackling serious off-road rides or multi-day tours wearing this gear.

The Pros

After rigorous testing, here are the things I liked most about the Sedici Marco 2 mesh outfit:

  • Superb ventilation – The lightweight mesh keeps you cool in warm weather.
  • Waterproof liner included – Provides