Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh Jacket Review – Cool and Comfy?

Finding gear that balances protection, comfort, and affordability is always a challenge. This is why I jumped at the chance to test out the new Sedici Alexi 2 mesh jacket and pants to see how they stack up.

Sedici claims these jackets provide versatile weather protection and impact resistance. But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best mesh motorcycle jacket for you?

I have the inside scoop on the Sedici Alexi jacket after riding hundreds of miles in different conditions. Read on to find out if this affordable riding gear stood up to the test – or fell short when it counted most.

Sedici Alexi 2 Mesh Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Feature-packed at low cost
  • Comfortable, cool, and safe
  • Versatile four-season protection

Overview of the Aleksei-2 Mesh Jacket and Pants

The Aleksei-2 jacket and pants provide a great combo of safety features, weather protection, and ventilation. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Removable Waterproof and Thermal Liners allow you to adapt to different temperatures and conditions. Wear them together in cold weather or remove them in warm temps.
  • CE Level 2 Armor – Impact protection at the shoulders, elbows, and knees gives you peace of mind in a crash.
  • Extensive Abrasion Protection – 1200D material overlays on the shoulders, elbows, knees, hips, and seat provide slide resistance.
  • Generous Ventilation – Mesh paneling on the chest, back, and thighs prevent you from overheating.
  • Comfort Features – Stretch panels, pre-curved arms, and soft interior lining make the gear comfortable during long rides.

Siddiqui managed to add all these features while keeping the price very reasonable compared to premium brands. Next, I’ll share my detailed review based on extensive testing over several weeks.

Putting the Aleksei-2 Mesh Jacket and Pants to the Test

I tested the Aleksei-2 riding suit in a variety of conditions, from warm sunny days to cooler temperatures with rain. Here are my thoughts after riding over 500 miles with this gear:

Versatile Weather Protection

One of my favorite things about the jacket and Sedici Alexi pants is the ability to adapt them for different weather conditions by adding or removing the included liners.

The waterproof liner kept me bone dry during a couple of rides in light to moderate rainfall. It’s nice and lightweight, so it didn’t affect the comfort at all. I also didn’t have any issues with stuffiness since the outer shell is still well-ventilated.

On brisk morning rides in the 50s (°F), the insulated thermal liner added noticeable warmth without much bulk. It locks securely into the waterproof liner, so putting them on or taking them off takes just a minute.

Having the flexibility to adjust layers based on the temperature and weather is a huge plus. The Aleksei-2 can truly be a 3-4 season riding suit with this modular design.

Ventilation Where It Matters

Even with the liners removed, I stay cool wearing the Aleksei-2 jacket and pants on hot summer days, thanks to the generous mesh paneling integrated throughout.

Strategically placed mesh sections on the chest, inner arms, shoulders, thighs, and back allow air to flow freely. Heat and humidity don’t build up inside like with some riding gear.

I also appreciate that the mesh seems more open and breathable compared to the previous Sedici motorcycle jacket. The redesigned ventilation makes a noticeable difference in cooling performance.

Comfort That Goes the Distance

The Aleksei-2 riding suit strikes a great balance between protection and comfort. I never feel restricted wearing it, whether I’m sitting upright or tucked into a sportbike riding position.

The pre-curved arms on the jacket and articulated knees on the pants prevent binding or bunching up. Stretch panels in the shoulders, crotch, back, and knees also allow free movement.

The smooth nylon lining and mesh inserts have a soft next-to-skin feel. Even during multi-hour rides, I stay comfy thanks to the plush interior.

Safety Features That Provide Peace of Mind

While the comfort and versatility initially grabbed my attention, the integrated safety features provide real peace of mind every time I ride with the Aleksei-2.

The CE Level 2 armor at the elbows, shoulders, hips, and knees would help absorb the impact in an accident to protect me from serious injury. The armor fits securely in exterior pockets and can be upgraded as well.

Abrasion-resistant panels made from a robust 1200D material offer additional slide protection. They’re strategically placed in high-impact zones for maximum coverage.

Finally, the use of reflective detailing and logos improves visibility to other motorists in low light conditions. Safety is not an afterthought with this gear.

How the Aleksei-2 Compares to the Competition

Here’s a look at how the Aleksei-2 mesh jacket and pants stack up against similar options from premium brands:

Aleksei-2 MeshAlpinestars Air PlusDainese Air Flux D-Dry
CE RatingLevel 2Level 1Level 1
WaterproofingFull linerNoneOuter shell only
InsulationFull thermal linerNoneNone

As you can see, the Aleksei-2 matches up very well with the premium alternatives, with better armor, weather protection, and insulation at an attractive price point. You just can’t beat the value this gear provides.

Final Verdict – Ideal 3-4 Season Riding Suit

Is this the best mesh motorcycle jacket? After hundreds of miles riding with the Siddiqui Aleksei-2 mesh jacket and pants, I’m convinced this gear should be on every motorcyclist’s shopping list.

The safety features provide real peace of mind, while the removable liners make this suit adaptable for most conditions. Impressive ventilation from the mesh panels keeps you from overheating as well.

Factor in the reasonable pricing, and the Aleksei-2 emerges as an ideal riding companion for most of the year. It’s my strongest recommendation for any rider looking for versatile, high-quality motorcycle gear.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some common questions about the Aleksei-2 riding suit:

Does it come with a back protector?

No, a back protector is not included. But there is a pocket to add one, which I recommend doing for additional impact protection.

How is the sizing?

It fits true to size based on the sizing chart. I’m 5’10”, 175 lbs, and the medium jacket and pants fit me perfectly.

Is the outer shell waterproof?

The outer shell is not fully waterproof, so you’ll need to install the liner in wet conditions. But the liner keeps you dry in light to moderate rainfall.

Can I connect the jacket to the pants?

Yes, the jacket and pants have a zipper connection, so you can join them securely into a one-piece suit if desired.

What colors is it available in?

It’s only offered in the black and gray colorway seen here. More options may be added in the future.

So, in summary, the Aleksei-2 mesh jacket and pants provide an unbeatable mix of safety, versatility, comfort, and value. I’m excited to continue relying on this innovative riding gear for seasons to come.

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