Putting the REV’IT! Reacts Apex Pro Mesh Jacket to the Test

As motorcyclists, finding the right riding jacket is crucial to staying protected and comfortable across many miles. I recently tested the REV’IT! Reacts Apex Pro mesh jacket to see how it stacks up for summer weather riding.

In this review, I’ll share my hands-on experience using this jacket over several weeks and hundreds of miles. You’ll get an in-depth look at the Reacts Apex Pro’s features, fit, protection, and performance.

I’ll also highlight some of the pros and cons so you can determine if it’s the right summer riding jacket for your needs.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best mesh motorcycle jacket? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Reacts Apex Pro Mesh Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Generous ventilation system
  • Ultra lightweight mesh construction
  • Removable waterproof liner included

A Lightweight Mesh Design with Sporty Style

My first impression after slipping on the Reacts Apex Pro was how incredibly lightweight it felt, thanks to the outer shell constructed entirely from polyester mesh.

Despite the airy material, REV’IT! Managed to integrate quilted leather panels at the shoulder and elbows for abrasion protection.

The combination results in a jacket that flows a ton of air while still providing critical impact resistance.

I also appreciated the sporty aesthetics of the Reacts Pro, including touches like the pre-curved sleeves and frame.

The styling strikes a nice balance between an upright touring fit and a tucked, aggressive sports position.

For my purposes, it worked well whether I was on my sports bike or standard motorcycle.

Removable Hydratex Waterproof Liner for Weather Protection

One of my favorite features of the Reacts Apex Pro is the included Hydratex® waterproof liner. This lets me ride comfortably even when Mother Nature decided to unleash some rain.

The liner attaches quickly and effortlessly due to the zippered integration system. I could throw it on in just seconds when the weather took a turn.

Even better, REV’IT! Designed the liner so you can wear it on the exterior of the jacket to keep the shell fully dry.

Admittedly, the liner fits snugly when worn on the outside. But it did the job, and I stayed dry inside. Having the ability to toss on the waterproofing exterior versus the interior provides way more flexibility.

Generous Ventilation Keeps You Cool in Warm Weather

VENTILATION WAS A TOP PRIORITY since I tested the Reacts Pro in peak summer. This mesh jacket delivered airflow in spades courtesy of the**

  • Mesh outer shell
  • Chest intake vents
  • Bicep vents
  • Rear exhaust vents

**Even at highway speeds, the air circulates through continuously. Inside, I felt like I was riding in a light breeze instead of being encased in a sauna. The ventilation enabled me to wear it for hours in temps reaching 95°F without overheating.

Between the mesh construction and strategic vent placement, the Apex Pro is one of the most breathable jackets suitable for summer motorcycling.

Packable Design with Integrated Storage Solutions

Thanks to the compact, lightweight design, I regularly packed the Reacts Pro jacket into my backpack or luggage. When not in use, it compresses down small for easy portability.

For times I wanted to take the liner along, the Apex Pro has an integrated rear stash pocket. I could stow the liner inside when not needed.

The jacket also includes two exterior zippered pockets and an interior vertical pocket for securing essentials during rides. While not huge, they provide adequate space for wallets, keys, phones, and other daily carry items.

Fits True To Size with 4-Way Stretch Panels

Sizing is crucial when shopping for motorcycle jackets online. I’m happy to report the Reacts Apex Pro fits true to size based on REV’IT!’s sizing chart.

I tested a size large, and the fit felt tailored but not too snug with just a t-shirt underneath. The sleeves were perfect in length.

There’s also decent flexibility thanks to the 4-way stretch paneling integrated on the sleeves and sides.

Overall, if you know your typical jacket size, you can confidently order the Reacts Pro mesh jacket without needing to size up or down.


High Abrasion Zones Protected By Leather & SuperFabric®

While mesh jackets prioritize airflow, you still want assurance that critical areas are shielded if the worst should occur.

The Reacts Apex Pro incorporated premium Monaco Cowhide leather along the elbows and shoulders. This leather is also used in high-end race suits, so you know it offers serious abrasion resistance without wearing prematurely.

Additionally, the elbows feature SuperFabric® panels. This unique material contains tiny welded-on ceramic fragments. It provides exceptional tear and slide resistance to shield your elbows.

The CE Level 2 armor in the elbows and shoulders also bumps up impact absorption. And there’s a pocket to add an optional back protector for full upper body protection.

Burns in the Road on the Reacts Apex Pro Mesh Jacket

With several weeks of riding behind me, I am confident in providing a full assessment of the REV’IT! Reacts Apex Pro’s strengths and weaknesses:

Pro & Con’s


  • Ultra lightweight mesh construction
  • Removable waterproof liner
  • Generous ventilation keeps you cool
  • Sporty styling looks great on all bike types
  • True-to-size fit
  • Ample protection for a mesh jacket


  • Snug external fit of the waterproof liner
  • No ability to adjust collar tightness
  • Non-waterproof exterior pockets

Final Verdict

So what’s the final verdict after hundreds of miles on the Reacts Apex Pro mesh jacket?

In two words: I’m thrilled! This jacket exceeded my expectations across the board and has become my go-to for warm-weather rides.

The ventilation and comfort it provides are second to none. I stay cool even when the mercury rises. And it offers ample protection, including CE armor and abrasion panels.

The style is sporty while remaining versatile across motorcycle types. It also packs down well for traveling and commuting.

For hot weather riding, the REV’IT! Reacts Pro mesh jacket deserves a spot at the top of your list. Its blend of cooling airflow, weather protection, armor, and versatility is tough to beat. Highly recommended for any rider prioritizing these attributes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Reacts Pro mesh jacket work well in cool weather?

Thanks to the included Hydratex liner, the Reacts Pro can adapt to cooler temps. Just don’t expect it to perform like a winter jacket. Wear appropriate base layers to boost warmth if needed.

How durable is the mesh material used on the jacket?

The polyester mesh feels thick and substantial. So far, it has shown no signs of tearing or abrasion after several hundred miles of use.

Can you wear a back protector with the Reacts Pro jacket?

Absolutely. It has a dedicated back protector pocket for adding CE-approved armor to safeguard your spine.

Does the jacket have adequate nighttime reflectivity?

Reflective bands on the sleeves and back provide passive visibility when riding at night. For even greater conspicuity, I recommend pairing it with a reflective vest.

Is the Reacts Apex Pro waterproof or just water resistant?

The outer shell is water-resistant but not fully waterproof. The included Hydratex liner provides a waterproof barrier when worn on the inside.

Parting Thoughts on Finding the Best Motorcycle Jacket

As you shop for your perfect motorcycle jacket, consider prioritizing these key factors:

Fit – Ensure you can comfortably wear the appropriate base and mid-layers underneath. Order true-to-size based on brand sizing charts.

Protection – Seek abrasion-resistant materials and CE-rated armor at the shoulders, elbows, and back. Consider a model with chest protection as well.

Weather adaptability – Opt for a jacket that transitions from summer heat to cool rainy days through vents, liners, and waterproofing. Versatility is crucial.

Night visibility – Reflective elements and bright colors are a must for staying visible after dark.

Finding a jacket that checks all these boxes takes your riding comfort and safety to the next level. After testing the REV’IT! Reacts Apex Pro: it fulfills these needs better than almost anything else on the market.

Ride on and stay safe! Let me know if you have any other jacket recommendations I should test. I’m always eager to hear about new gear that could become a staple in my riding kit.

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