REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket Review: Too Hot to Handle in Summer?

When I first checked out the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 jacket boasting exceptional airflow from ample mesh paneling, I wondered – could this jacket truly keep me cool while providing crucial impact and abrasion resistance?

After testing out the Eclipse 2 in punishing summer heat, with its resistant mesh panels, does it live up to its reputation as an optimal warm-weather riding jacket?

In this REV’IT! Eclipse 2 jacket review: I’ll analyze if it meets expectations for the ideal hot-weather riding jacket. But is it truly ideal for beating the heatOpens in a new tab. while staying safe? Let’s investigate further.

REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Serious safety from abrasion resistance
  • Ventilation matched claims impressively
  • Armor accommodates needed upgrades

Our Verdict On The REV’IT! Eclipse 2 jacket

I ride at 100°F regularly, so exceptional cooling was my top criterion. Too many jackets claim “ventilation,” which proves mediocre at best.

But REV’IT!’s proprietary wind tunnel testing ensures the cooling competence of their jackets, adorned with mesh panels, which live up to expectations and maintain a superior product rating. 

I also like the upgrades from the original Eclipse, like increased abrasion resistance meeting Class A standards.

The jacket won’t disintegrate in a slide. Yet it retains flexibility for an adaptive fit while riding – no restrictive body armor hindering movement or comfort.

I’m likewise thrilled by the SEESMART armor, which provides serious impact absorption without appearing overly bulky or conspicuous off the bike.

Potential drawbacks could include sizing, as some riders mention the jacket fitting small. Personally, I would size up and utilize the ample adjustment straps to tune the fit as needed.

I also typically add a waterproof top layer for heavy storms since the Rev Eclipse 2 itself is not fully waterproof. But these minor caveats hardly detract from the outstanding ventilation, protection standards, and overall value.

Ita a great looking abrasion resistant jacket, but before purchasing, be sure to check for the latest pricing and discountsOpens in a new tab., as they frequently offer special deals that undercut other retailers. RevZilla also price matches, so you can buy worry-free.

Like and share this review if you found my breakdown of the Eclipse 2 jacket helpful! I aim to provide riders with candid assessments rooted in real-world experience, focusing on product ratings and category recommendations. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

How Does the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Compare?

Firstgear Kilimanjaro 2.0 Women’s JacketDurable Cordura fabric, hip length cut, waterproof liner
Sedici Marco 2 Mesh JacketLightweight mesh & poly shell vented for airflow
REV’IT! Liv Women’s JacketActive circulation system, stretch panels for flexibility
Firstgear Kilimanjaro 2.0 Women’s JacketDurable Cordura fabric, hip length cut, waterproof liner

The REV’IT! Eclipse 2 jacket shares some similarities with these other offerings in terms of breathable construction and protection.

Key differences come down to fabric technology, weatherproofing, and armor components. The Eclipse 2 seems to offer a good middle ground with abrasion resistance, circulation, and adjustability.

However, alternatives like the Kilimanjaro 2.0 or Liv might suit riders who need more weather protection or a perfect female-oriented fit, adding another category to consider.

The Eclipse 2 competes directly with mesh and textile jackets from brands like Icon, Alpinestars, and Joe Rocket. See how it stacks up against one of its closest rivals:

Why Look For A Hot Weather Motorcycle Jacket?

During hot, sweltering temperatures, the right gear enables riding to be enjoyed instead of endured. A lightweight mesh or textile jacket with ample airflow keeps you cool while commuting or cruising backroads.

Although it is tempting to ride in just a t-shirt, having erosion and impact resistance literally saves your skin when the unexpected occurs.

A quality riding jacket like the *REV’IT!, with its strategic mesh panels making up over 50% of the total jacket surface area, if doesn’t just help you feel cool, but also a high product rating among riders. Eclipse 2 balances protection, circulation, versatility, and style.

Here is an expanded features and benefits section with more details on each key characteristic of the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 jacket:

Key Features and Benefits

CE-rated Class A Abrasion Protection

The outer shell of the Eclipse 2 jacket utilizes 600D polyester reinforced with PWR mesh, providing CE-rated Class A erosion resistance.

These rigorous standard tests are based on motorcycle slide impacts, meaning you can rely on the jacket material to hold up in a crash while preventing painful road rash. The addition of the mesh fabric boosts tear and wearing resistance for greater protection.

Ample Mesh Paneling 

Strategic mesh paneling makes up over 50% of the total jacket surface area, enhancing product breathability and comfort. The open weave construction promotes unrestricted airflow circulation to keep you cool even on sweltering days.

Mesh covers the chest, torso, back, and portions of the arms, providing circulation exactly where riders need it most.

Removable and Upgradable Armor

The jacket includes Level 1 SEESMART CE-rated back armor for impact protection, with the ability to upgrade to Level 2 inserts for elevated safety standards.

CE Level 1 armor pads at the elbows and shoulders are offered as optional add-ons as well. All armor pieces can be removed for off-bike wear or cleaning.

Reflective Panels and Piping   

High-visibility reflective piping lines the sleeves and back of the jacket so you will be seen on the highway.

This reflective material shines brightly under headlights and street lamps to make you stand out on night rides. The added visibility provides an extra layer of passive protection against accidents.

Adjustment Straps      

Both the waist and arms feature Velcro adjustment straps that let you customize the fit. This tuning capacity accommodates different base layers and body shapes while eliminating annoying flapping at higher speeds.

No riding jacket fits all riders perfectly off the rack, so adjustability in the form of Velcro cuffs enhances comfort, safety, and flexibility, contributing positively to the jacket’s product rating.

Handy Storage Pocket

A convenient front zippered cargo pocket integrated into the lining carries small essentials, highlighting the practical design and product thoughtfulness.

Stash a phone, wallet, snacks, or other riding necessities for quick on-the-fly access without needing to open exterior pockets.

Integrated Jean Loops  

Jean loops connect the jacket to your pants’ waistband to prevent the jacket from riding up. This keeps you covered and avoids abdominal exposure even when tucked aggressively on a sportbike. The loops work over street jeans as well for casual wear off the bike.

Finding the Perfect Fit

An image explainin the fitting of th REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket

Getting the right size matters when riding, as loose jackets flap at speed while too snug impedes movement. Using REV’IT!’s sizing chart, I found my measurements aligned with my usual jacket size.

Considering that reviewers warn that the Eclipse 2 fits small, sizing up might work better between sizes. Remember, jackets break in slightly after some wear.

REV’IT!’s Size Chart


Serious Protection for Safety-Focused Riders

An image explaining the protection features of the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket

While circulation and cooling comfort initially attracted me, the Eclipse 2’s protective elements make it much more than just a breezy mesh jacket. REV’IT! Built-in ample armor and resistance for riders prioritize safety alongside beating the heat.

The outer shell utilizes a 600D polyester reinforced with PWR mesh fabric. This blend achieved CE-rated Class A certification in wearing resistance testing modeled after real-world motorcycle slides. The jacket holds up even when the worst occurs, providing effective barrier protection against road rash.

I always ride with upgraded CE Level 2 armor for maximum impact absorption. The Eclipse 2 accommodates by permitting swapping its stock CE Level 1 SEESMART back insert for superior aftermarket options. SEESOFTTM CE Level 1 shoulder and elbow pieces also come standard, with preparation for upgrading here as well.

Finally, strong reflective piping prominently covers the sleeves and back. This reflective material makes you highly visible to surrounding traffic for reduced chance of accidents in low light.

Touching on cooling, protection, and visibility, the Eclipse 2 aptly balances all facets of a well-rounded riding jacket.

So, while unmatched ventilation enticed me upfront, the Eclipse 2’s sturdy wearing-down resistance, upgradeable armor, and reflective elements combine to make this jacket protect just as well as it cools.


What is the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket?

The REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket is a lightweight jacket that cools riders during hotter days and warmer nights. It is a textile jacket designed for hot days.

What kind of protection does the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket offer?

The jacket is equipped with SEESMART CE-level 1 protectors at the shoulders and elbows. It also has a pocket for a SEESOFT CE-level 2 back protector insert-type RV.

Is the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket comfortable to wear?

Yes, the jacket is designed for comfort with ventilation panels for airflow. It is lightweight, making it comfortable for riders on warm days.

What colors are available for the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket?

The jacket comes in a stylish silver-grey color.

Can the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket be used for city riding?

Yes, the jacket is suitable for riding around town and offers both style and protection for city rides.

How is the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket constructed?

The jacket is made of durable textile material that guarantees both protection and comfort for riders.

Does the REV’IT! Eclipse 2 Jacket have any special features?

Yes, the jacket has ventilation panels for airflow, making it an essential riding gear for warmer nights and hotter days.

How does the Eclipse 2 jacket handle getting wet in the rain?

While not fully waterproof, the polyester fabric resists light moisture fairly well. For heavy rain or storms, wearing a separate waterproof layer overtop is advised, indicating an essential category for protective gear.

Does this jacket work for sports bikes or adventure touring?

Definitely! The combination of airflow, armor protection suits both street and off-road riding. The adjustments and roomy fit allow wearing all needed layers, too.

What kind of armor does the Eclipse 2 use?

It comes with a removable SEESMART CE Level 1 back protector. SEESOFTTM CE Level 1 protector at the elbows and shoulders are optional upgrades for extra impact absorption.

Is the jacket true to size?

Many reviewers recommend ordering one size up for the best fit since the Eclipse 2 does run small. Going up a size provides comfort without overly compromising airflow and safety.

And Finally…

I strive to provide riders with helpful reviews based on real-world testing. Let me know your top priority for choosing a summer jacket below!

Do ample *ventilation* and airflow matter most for your hot days? Or do you put protection and armor first when considering a lightweight motorcycle jacket? I look forward to hearing your experiences and opinions!

Have you tried the REV’IT? Eclipse 2 or a similar riding jacket? What features do you look for when buying motorcycle gear? Let me know your experiences and recommendations in the comments below!

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