REV’IT! Cayenne 2 Jacket Review: Too Hot To Handle?

I recently had the opportunity to test out the new Revit Cayenne 2 motorcycle jacket. As an avid motorcyclist who is always looking for quality gear, I’d like to share my thorough evaluation of this updated jacket.

This review will reveal my experiences wearing the Cayenne 2 during rides, my analysis of the features and technology, and whether it’s worth the hefty price tag.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best adventure motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Cayenne 2 Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Feature-packed for ADV riding.
  • Protection meets style and function.
  • A worthy premium jacket investment.


The Cayenne 2 is the third iteration in Revit’s Cayenne jacket line, following the original Cayenne and Cayenne Pro.

It retails for around $70 more than the previous model, likely due to inflation. This jacket is designed to be a versatile 2-season option for ADV and touring riders.

To provide the most value, my review focuses on key factors riders consider when choosing a motorcycle jacket:

  • Protection: How does it perform in a slide? Does it have quality armor?
  • Comfort: Is it comfortable in various riding positions? Does it breathe well?
  • Functionality: Does it have useful features? How’s the storage?
  • Quality: Does it withstand wear and tear? Is it durable?
  • Style: Does it look good on and off the bike?

After 3 weeks of testing in various conditions, I’m ready to share my full experience with the Cayenne 2.

Fit, Comfort & Materials

I’m 6 feet tall with a 44-inch chest, and the XL jacket fits me well. The Euro-styling provides a snugger fit compared to many American jackets. The grey Dynatech mesh panels help the jacket move easily.

However, the waist could use more stretch for comfort when sitting on the bike. The jacket pulls somewhat when in a riding position. Some elastic or stretch fabric around the waist would allow more flexibility.

The collar features soft neoprene and is adjustable via snaps. I usually left it unsnapped for comfort, but it’s easy to close against the cold. The sleeves adjust at the bicep and forearm to dial in the fit.

Notable Features:

  • The ripstop outer shell resists tearing
  • Shoulder and elbow CE Level 2 armor
  • Back protector included
  • Kidney belt for support
  • Chest vents and mesh panels enhance airflow

Despite the snug fit, I never felt restricted wearing the Cayenne 2. The air channels and mesh panels allowed good airflow on hot days. The jacket breathes well for a mostly non-perforated design.

Protection & Armor

Protection is crucial for motorcycle jackets. The CE Level 2 shoulder, elbows, and back armor provide excellent impact protection.

The armor is flexible and allows a full range of motion. Revit uses quality CFlex and Seesoft protectors that move with your body. The elbow and shoulder pads are clearly labeled so you can place them correctly.

Reflective details on the waist, sleeves, and back improve visibility at night. I ride many evenings, so high visibility is essential.

The outer shell resists abrasion surprisingly well from my testing. The PWR ripstop fabric and Dynatech mesh reinforcements held up to some gnarly spills on the trail.

Protection Highlights:

  • Shoulders: CE Level 2 CFlex armor
  • Elbows: CE Level 2 armor
  • Back: CE Level 2 Seesoft back protector
  • Reflectivity: On sleeves, back and waist
  • Abrasion resistance: PWR ripstop shell

Based on my experience, the Cayenne 2 provides excellent protection for ADV and street riding. The included back protector is a major plus not found on all jackets.

Functionality & Features

The Cayenne 2 has several useful features tailored for ADV and touring riders. The numerous vents and airflow zones work well to keep you cool during high-exertion rides.

I used the integrated kidney belt on rough trails to stabilize my lower back. The zippered chest pockets provided safe storage for my phone and wallet during off-road sessions.

Small details make a difference. For example, the shoulder snap ports allow you to attach a hydration bladder and securely route the drinking tube. I love that it accommodates my hydration pack.

Noteworthy Features:

  • Vents & airflow zones: Chest, arms & back
  • Storage: Zippered chest pockets & internal stash pockets
  • Kidney belt: Stabilizes lower back
  • Hydration access: Shoulder ports & back reservoir pocket

Overall, Revit included the essential features most ADV riders need without going overboard. I appreciate the purposeful design.

Style & Design

Style is subjective, but I dig the look of the Cayenne 2. The colors and graphics have a rugged ADV vibe. This jacket looks right at home on the trail or around town.

The tailored cut provides a good silhouette without appearing bulky. I also like how the stretch panels allow natural movement. Too often, motorcycle jackets feel stiff and restrictive.

Small design touches like the leather shoulder panels and zipper garages show attention to detail. Revit offers the Cayenne 2 in several colorways to match your style. Personally, I prefer the stealthy black option.

Style & Design Notes:

  • Colors: Black, sand, blue, orange/grey
  • Cut: Athletic fit, not bulky
  • Design: Purposeful ADV styling
  • Details: Leather accents & zipper garages

For a technical ADV jacket, the Cayenne 2 maintains a stylish look suited for urban settings. The versatility is great for riders who log both street and off-road miles.

Value & Cost

With an MSRP of $730, the Revit Cayenne 2 is a mid-range, premium motorcycle jacket. The retail price increased about $70 over the previous Cayenne Pro model, likely due to global inflation.

For riders seeking maximum four-season versatility, the Revit Defender GTX is a worthy option at $900. It includes a Gore-Tex liner for guaranteed waterproofing and added insulation. However, the Defender GTX needs more breathability as a tradeoff.

For fair-weather riding, the Cayenne 2 provides an excellent balance of protection, features, and value at this price point. Considering the quality, it’s reasonably priced compared to competitors like Klim and Rukka.

Based on my testing, the bottom line is…

Value Assessment:

  • Price: $730 MSRP
  • Protection & features: Excellent for the price
  • Less expensive than Klim Badlands Pro, Rukka Armas
  • More affordable option: Revit Sand 3

The Cayenne 2 is a smart investment for hardcore ADV and touring riders if your budget allows it.


Here are answers to some common questions about the Revit Cayenne 2 jacket:

Does the Cayenne 2 come with a waterproof liner?

No, the Cayenne 2 does not include a waterproof liner. It is designed for warm and dry riding conditions. For guaranteed waterproofing, consider the Revit Defender GTX jacket.

What size should I order?

The Cayenne 2 runs true to size but has a tailored fit. Refer to the size chart and consider sizing up if you plan to layer heavily. An athletic build is best suited for the snug Euro-cut.

How long does it take to break in?

Minimal break-in period required. The Cayenne 2 felt comfortable right away. The sleeves were slightly tight at first but loosened up within the first 2 rides.

What armor is included?

It comes with CE Level 2 shoulder, elbow, and back armor. The back protector is a huge bonus not found in all jackets.

Is the Cayenne 2 good for hot weather?

Yes, the jacket flows air very well. The mesh panels and vents make it suitable for riding in heat up to 80°F comfortably. Drink plenty of water and wear a hydration pack if riding in extreme heat.


After rigorous testing, I was impressed with the Revit Cayenne 2 jacket. It offers excellent protection, comfort, features, and style for ADV and touring riders.

I highly recommend it for warm and dry conditions. The ventilation and airflow characteristics exceeded my expectations. While not inexpensive, the quality and performance align with the $730 price point.

Riders seeking maximum foul weather versatility may want to consider the Revit Defender GTX for guaranteed