Firstgear Kilimanjaro 2.0 Adventure Jacket Review

Firstgear recently revised their adventure touring lineup, including the Kilimanjaro 2.0 jacket and pants. I was eager to see how these updated versions compared to the original Kilimanjaro gear.

Over several weeks and hundreds of miles, I put the Kilimanjaro 2.0 gear through its paces. Here’s an in-depth look at how these jackets and pants performed.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best adventure motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

Firstgear Kilimanjaro 2.0 Adventure Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Comfortable athletic cut design
  • Heavy-duty water-resistant fabric
  • Premium CE-rated armor protection

Kilimanjaro 2.0 Jacket Highlights

Roomy Comfort for Layering

The Kilimanjaro 2.0 has an athletic cut with extra room in the torso and sleeves for layering, insulating mid-layers underneath.

I typically wear a size large jacket, and the Kilimanjaro in size large fits comfortably over a fleece layer. The sleeves were long enough to fit over my gauntlet gloves without causing bunching.

Ventilation Where It Counts

This 3-season jacket has two large intake vents across the chest and exhaust vents along the back flank.

Even when working hard off-road, I stayed cool thanks to excellent airflow. The vents have protective panels that prevent them from tearing open in a crash.

Cinches Down for a Secure Fit

There are adjustable straps at the biceps, forearms, and waist so that I could tailor the fit. The Velcro cuff closures sealed out wind when tightened down.

I also appreciated the fleece-lined collar that prevented chafing at the neck.

Water-Resistant and Quick-Drying

The outer shell repelled light rain even without the included waterproof liner. It’s made from a heavyweight abrasion-resistant nylon that doesn’t absorb moisture.

I stayed comfortable even after getting caught in an unexpected downpour.

Flexible-Premium Armor

SAS-TEC CE Level 2 armor in the elbows and shoulders plus a foam back pad provided impact protection without limiting mobility.

I could move freely both on and off the bike thanks to the 4-way flex panels integrated into the jacket.

Convenient Storage with Four Pockets

I made good use of the two fleece-lined hand warmer pockets as well as the pair of chest pockets. The zippered chest pockets have weatherproof zippers to keep items dry. Inside the jacket are two more stash pockets.

Kilimanjaro 2.0 Pant Key Features

Athletic Cut Allows Freedom of Movement

Like the jacket, the Kilimanjaro 2.0 pants have an athletic cut that isn’t overly baggy or restrictive. I wore my normal size 34 pants, and the fit was spot-on. The articulated knees and action back panel prevent binding when riding.

Sturdy Construction Withstands Abuse

These pants are built tough with heavy-duty, abrasion-resistant nylon outer shell fabric. Triple-stitched seams and reinforced panels along the inner calves and seat add resilience. They showed minimal signs of wear even after repeated crashes during off-road riding.

Perfect for Layering Year-Round

The Kilimanjaro 2.0 pants have enough room to layer beneath, making them perfect for cooler weather riding.

Yet they weren’t overly baggy during the summer. The mesh bib helps keep you from overheating when temperatures rise.

Secure Storage Above the Knees

Two zippered stash pockets are high up on the thighs for securing small items. I preferred larger pocket openings for accessing them while wearing gloves. Also, the jacket covers the pockets when riding.

Full-Length Air Vents Enhance Cooling

Large vents across the thighs and calves help heat escape. Airflow from these vents was noticeable while riding in warmer weather. However, ventilation is less than the Kathmandu 2.0 pant.

Waterproof Protection Without a Liner

The Kilimanjaro 2.0 pants kept me dry even during extended rides in steady rain thanks to the waterproof outer shell fabric. Yet they’re highly breathable when working hard off-road.

Easy On and Off Over Boots

There’s a full-length zipper from the cuff all the way to the top of the calf, allowing me to zip the pants closed over my off-road boots. The hook-and-loop cinched cuffs sealed out dirt and debris.

How The Kilimanjaro 2.0 Compares to the Kathmandu 2.0

Since the Kilimanjaro 2.0 and Kathmandu 2.0 share similar styling and construction, I wanted to highlight some key differences that set them apart:

  • The Kathmandu 2.0 jacket has more vents, including shoulder vents, while the Kilimanjaro foregoes shoulder vents.
  • The Kathmandu 2.0 pant has larger thigh vents and cargo pockets compared to the Kilimanjaro.
  • The Kathmandu 2.0 gear has more overall storage and rear jacket pockets.
  • The Kilimanjaro 2.0 has a slightly streamlined look and fewer pockets for simplicity.
  • The Kilimanjaro 2.0 is around a $10 lower price point than the Kathmandu currently.

So if max ventilation and storage are essential, the Kathmandu 2.0 is a better option. But if you want simple, clean styling at a lower cost, the Kilimanjaro 2.0 gets the nod.

Kilimanjaro 2.0 Jacket and Pant: Ideal for Adventure Touring Riders

After extensively testing the Firstgear Kilimanjaro 2.0 jacket and pants in varying conditions, I’m impressed with their versatility, comfort, and overall performance. Here are some of my closing thoughts:

Comfortable, athletic cut — Allows flexibility while accommodating layers. I wore these for 8+ hours comfortably.

Durable, water-resistant construction — Withstood crashes and all-day rain while riding. Kept me warm and dry.

Ample ventilation — I stayed cool in warm temps thanks to the intake and exhaust vents.

Premium CE-rated armor — Provides ample impact protection without restricting movement.

Convenient storage — Plenty of pockets to stash ride essentials and valuables.

Great value — Offering premium features at a reasonable price point.

While max airflow and storage are less than the Kathmandu 2.0 alternatives, the value is hard to beat with the Kilimanjaro 2.0. This gear is purpose-built for the long haul, keeping you comfortable mile after mile while providing protection when you need it most.

I’ll be reaching for my Kilimanjaro jacket and pants on every adventure ride this season. Riders seeking versatile, high-quality adventure touring gear should have the Firstgear Kilimanjaro 2.0 at the top of their list.


What are the main differences between the Kilimanjaro 2.0 and Kathmandu 2.0 jackets?

The Kathmandu 2.0 jacket has more ventilation, including shoulder vents, while the Kilimanjaro 2.0 forgoes shoulder vents. Additionally, the Kathmandu has more storage pockets, including a rear jacket pocket. The Kilimanjaro has a slightly more streamlined look and fewer pockets.

How does the ventilation compare between the Kilimanjaro 2.0 and Kathmandu 2.0 pants?

The Kathmandu 2.0 pants have larger thigh vents and additional cargo pockets compared to the Kilimanjaro 2.0. The thigh vents on the Kathmandu allow more airflow than the Kilimanjaro.

Why choose the Kilimanjaro 2.0 over the Kathmandu 2.0?

The Kilimanjaro 2.0 costs around $10 less than the Kathmandu 2.0 currently. The Kilimanjaro also has a simplified, streamlined look with fewer pockets and vents. Riders not needing max storage and ventilation may prefer the Kilimanjaro’s clean styling.

Is the Kilimanjaro 2.0 gear fully waterproof?

The outer shell fabric on the Kilimanjaro 2.0 pants is waterproof, while the jacket has excellent water resistance and comes with an included waterproof liner for heavy rain. Both pieces kept me dry in wet conditions.

How does the sizing run for the Kilimanjaro 2.0 jacket and pants?

These pieces run true to size. I typically take a men’s large jacket and 34 pants and the same sizes in the Kilimanjaro 2.0 fit comfortably while allowing room for layers.


Is this the best motorcycle jacket? The Firstgear Kilimanjaro 2.0 jacket and pants offer incredible value for riders seeking premium adventure touring gear.

Their athletic cut provides comfort on long rides, while their durable construction withstands heavy use on varied terrain.

Adjustable vents allow you to regulate temperature as conditions change, and plenty of pockets securely carry ride essentials.

This purpose-built gear combines versatility, protection, and useful features at a reasonable price point.

If my experiences are any indication, the Kilimanjaro 2.0 will be the staple of your adventure ride gear collection. Stay cozy and protected mile after mile as you conquer your next motorcycle adventure.

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