REV’IT! Apex Air H2O Review: Outperforms Pricier Jackets?

With so many motorcycle jacket and pants options on the market, it can be tricky to identify high-quality gear that truly protects riders across changing conditions.

I recently tested out the Rev’it Apex jacket, which is marketed as a versatile four-season jacket. I wanted to see if these premium leather offerings lived up to the claims about versatility and protection.

After extensive testing, does the Rev’it Apex jacket provide ultimate all-weather protection and comfort? But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best leather motorcycle jacket? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Apex Air H2O Jacket


Key Takeaways

  • Versatile four-season protection
  • Premium leather construction quality
  • Excellent CE impact armor integration

Rev’it Apex Jacket Construction and Materials

The Rev’it Apex jacket features a premium leather construction. The leather used on the main shell feels thick and durable yet remains pliable and comfortable when riding.

Leather, of course, provides excellent abrasion resistance in the event of a slide or crash.

The jacket incorporates stretch panels in key areas to allow a performance fit while maintaining flexibility. The combination of leather and stretch allows a snug, body-hugging fit that does not restrict bike movement.

Ventilation is handled through perforations on the side torso, chest, lower back, and lower front sections. These perforations are quite small and don’t interrupt the look of the jacket.

Air intakes on the biceps allow airflow directly into the jacket. A large exhaust vent on the upper back facilitates airflow out.

Sizing and Fit

To ensure a proper fit, measure your chest and waist and refer to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer when selecting the motorcycle jacket.

The REV’IT! Apex Air H2O Jacket offers a range of sizes to accommodate different body types. The chest size ranges from 33.5 to 52 inches, while the waist size ranges from 28.3 to 48.4 inches.

It’s important to accurately measure yourself to find the right size for optimal comfort and protection.

Additionally, the jacket features adjustment tabs at the cuffs, upper arms, and waist straps, allowing for further customization of the fit.

Remember that a perfect fit is not guaranteed, so it’s essential to carefully follow the manufacturer’s sizing guidelines and consider your preferences and riding style when making your selection.


CE-Rated Armor for Impact Protection

The Rev’it Apex has built-in CE-approved armor in the elbows and shoulders. The exact protectors used are:

  • Shoulders: SEEFLEX Level 2 protectors
  • Elbows: SEEFLEX Level 2 protectors

These CE Level 2 pads provide a respectable amount of impact absorption while remaining flexible and comfortable. They are secured via pockets and Velcro straps to keep them stable in a crash.

The jacket is prepped for upgrading the elbows, shoulders, chest, and back armor. For example, you can upgrade to the SEESOFT Level 2 back protector for enhanced spinal protection. The chest can be equipped with the SEESOFT Level 1 protector.

Key Protection Features:

  • Multiple-point adjustable belt system to customize fit
  • Leather construction with abrasion resistance
  • Stretch panels for flexibility
  • CE Level 2 armor in elbows and shoulders
  • Chest and back protector pockets (protectors sold separately)

Considering its street-focused design, I was impressed by the protection technologies incorporated into this jacket. The armor provides substantial impact absorption compared to many leather jackets.

Key Features

Full mesh outer shellPolyester 600D, Polyester mesh, Polyester 300D hexagonal
Detachable waterproof linerRemovable Hydratex lite liner
Adjustable cuffs and waist strapsSeesmart CE level 1 protection at shoulder and elbow
TPU protection at shoulders
Pocket for optional Seesoft CE level 2 Type RV back protectorTPU protection on shoulders

Weather Versatility

As mentioned up front, Rev’it markets this jacket as a true four-season option suitable for diverse conditions.

The perforations provide decent airflow for warm-weather riding, given the amount of leather. The cuff zippers can be opened to allow maximum air intake through the sleeves.

While not as airflow-focused as a mesh jacket, it’s decent for riding in summer when moving.

The jacket comes with a removable full-sleeve thermal liner for cool and cold conditions. This provides a noticeable amount of insulation and wind resistance. The collar and cuffs are designed to seal out wind when closed fully.

A removable, waterproof, breathable liner is included for riding in the rain. This easily slips into the jacket shell and did a good job keeping out moisture in my testing.

So, regarding weather versatility, the Rev’it Apex lives up to its billing as a jacket suitable for year-round riding in various climates.

The combination of ventilation, insulation, and waterproofing makes this jacket much more flexible than most leather options.

Comfort and Convenience

The Rev’it Apex checks the boxes when it comes to comfort and functionality as well. The leather is pliable and breaks in nicely to conform to the rider’s body shape. It does not feel overly stiff or restrictive when riding.

The collar is lined with soft padding that prevents chafing at the neck. The cuffs incorporate soft textile panels along the inner wrists.

Convenience features include two zippered side pockets, a chest pocket, and an internal pocket. The side pockets are roomy enough for a phone, wallet, keys, and other essentials.

I found the overall fit to run true-to-size based on the sizing chart. The jacket is comfortable both on and off the bike thanks to the tailored fit and stretch panel integration.

Rev’it Apex Pants Overview

Now, let’s discuss the Rev’it Apex pants that complement the jacket. These are designed as a matching set, but the jacket and pants can be mixed and matched with other gear.

The Apex pants have a nearly identical design ethos as the jacket. They are constructed from leather with stretch panel inserts for flexibility. The pant legs include perforations for ventilation.

Armor and Safety Features

The Apex pants include Level 2 SEEFLEX protectors in the knees and Level 1 SEESMART hip pads for impact protection. Knee sliders are included to handle abrasion in a slide.

The pants provide a snug performance fit. The waist is adjustable via Velcro straps. The pant cuffs can be secured over or under boots thanks to zippers and snap buttons.

Key specs and features of the Rev’it Apex pants:

  • Leather construction
  • Stretch panel integration
  • CE Level 2 knee armor
  • Waist adjustments
  • Air intake perforations

The pants offer a slim, sleek fit without overly compressing or binding. The armor remains stable when riding aggressively. Airflow from the perforations was adequate to prevent overheating.

Four Season Versatility

Like the jacket, the Apex pants are designed for year-round riding. The perforations and stretch panels help prevent excessive heat buildup in warm weather.

The full-side leg zippers can be opened to maximize airflow in extremely hot conditions.

For cold weather, the pants have a removable thermal liner. This provides noticeable insulation for cooler rides.

The pants are even equipped with a waterproof liner similar to the jacket. I found this combination of features makes the Apex pants functional in just about any riding conditions aside from the most extreme heat or cold.

Value for the Money

$300 for the jacket, the Rev’it Apex set sits at the higher end of the pricing spectrum.

But when you consider the premium leather construction, armor integration, weather versatility, and overall quality, I think the jacket is worth the investment for riders who are able to spend more.

The set costs substantially less than top-tier racing leathers with similar safety ratings. Yet it offers comfort and features its competitors lack.

It may be difficult to justify the price tag for riders on a tighter budget. But those able to invest in the Apex jacket and pants will be rewarded with some of the most versatile, high-end street riding gear available today.

Pros and Cons of Rev’it Apex Jacket and Pants


  • Premium leather construction
  • CE Level 2 impact armor
  • Four-season weather versatility
  • Comfortable even in hot weather
  • Removable insulation and waterproof liners
  • Excellent abrasion resistance


  • Expensive compared to textile jackets and pants
  • Limited color options
  • Not as airflow-focused as mesh gear in extreme heat

Conclusion: A Premium 4-Season Option

In conclusion, the Rev’it Apex jacket provides a premium riding experience across a wide range of conditions. The integration of safety features, versatility, and comfort is impressive.

Riders looking for high-end leather gear with excellent protection and versatility across seasons will find the Apex hits the mark. It truly ranks among the best 4-season options available today.

Given the leather construction, I was skeptical whether these could truly perform in hot weather. Yet the perforations and stretch panels make these surprisingly comfortable even when the mercury rises.

The safety credentials are also top-notch, with CE Level 2 armor in critical zones backed up by premium leather.

So, while the price is not cheap, those able to invest in the Rev’it Apex jacket and pants will surely not be disappointed.

This set provides a premium experience across the spectrum of weather conditions and riding scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Rev’it Apex work well in hot weather?

The perforations and stretch panel integration allow surprisingly good airflow, making the Apex jacket and pants usable in the summer heat.

How is the sizing on the Apex?

The sizing runs true-to-size based on Rev’it’s size chart. Order your normal size for a performance fit.

What options are available for customizing the armor?

The Apex jacket is prepped for the Seesoft CE Level 2 back insert and Seesoft Level 1 chest protectors. These must be purchased separately.

How does the Apex leather compare to premium race leather?

The leather quality is close but not quite as thick and heavy-duty as the highest-end racing suits. But protection still meets CE Level 2 standards.

Comparison to Similar Jackets and Pants

How does the Rev’it Apex compare to other premium leather riding gear options? Here is a look at key competitors:

BrandProtection RatingWeather Versatility
Rev’it ApexCE Level 2Excellent
Alpinestars OscarCE Level 1Good
Dainese Laguna SecaCE Level 2Fair
Spidi 4SeasonCE Level 1Very Good

As you can see, the Rev’it Apex essentially ties Dainese’s Laguna Seca for protection ratings and four-season versatility. But it does so at a lower price point, giving it excellent value.

The Spidi 4Season offers more value at the sacrifice of premium materials and protection. While the Alpinestars Oscar looks stylish, it does not provide as much seasonal versatility.

So, the Rev’it Apex hits a nice sweet spot between safety, comfort, versatility, and value when compared to other premium riding gear in its price range.

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