First Mfr Street Cruiser Jacket Review: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

With so many options on the market, it can be tough to determine which jacket offers the ideal blend of features, comfort, and value.

One newer model that stands out is the First Manufacturing Street Cruiser, released in 2021. In this in-depth review, we’ll break down everything you need to know about this leather motorcycle jacket.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best leather motorcycle jacket for you? Let’s find out!

First Manufacturing Street Cruiser Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

  • Classic leather moto styling at a budget price
  • Made from thick, premium 1.0mm naked cowhide
  • Great comfort and mobility for cruising

An Overview of the First Manufacturing Brand

While it may not be a household name yet, First Manufacturing has quietly been producing quality gear for over 30 years.

Operating their own tannery and manufacturing facilities, they supply leather to many major brands. Recently,

First Manufacturing decided to start selling jackets directly to riders as well – skipping a few distribution steps and passing the savings along.

The Street Cruiser represents First Manufacturing’s initial independent offering. It provides riders with premium naked cowhide leather at an accessible price point.

Retailing for around $300, it delivers robust 1.0mm leather that feels substantial in hand. Given the materials and construction, it’s an impressive value play for the cost.

Street Cruiser Leather and Build Quality

The Street Cruiser uses naked cowhide leather sourced from First Manufacturing’s own tannery. The leather has a smooth, matte finish that resists scuffing and abrasion.

While not waxed, the leather has a lightly protective coating for durability.

With 1.0mm thickness, it’s thicker than the leather on many comparable jackets. This enhances abrasion resistance in a slide while giving it a pleasing, weighted feel.

Despite the hearty construction, the jacket remains flexible enough for a comfortable fit in the riding position.

The leather itself has a premium look and hand that belies its reasonable cost. While offered in only classic black, the naked cowhide has visual depth and character.

All the zippers are heavy-duty YKK, with the main zipper featuring a sturdy metal First Manufacturing-branded pull tab.

Fit, Comfort, and Performance

One of the standout features of the Street Cruiser is how well it’s tailored for riding. The sleeves are slightly longer with extra gussets to prevent binding when you grip the handlebars.

A flexible panel at the back adds stretch, so you can easily tuck and move on the bike.

The jacket uses a relaxed fit through the body, with plenty of room to layer underneath. For reference, a size medium comfortably fits a 42-inch chest and 195-pound, 6-foot-tall rider. The length falls to the hips for coverage on a cruiser.

Despite the casual silhouette, the Street Cruiser doesn’t forget function. The sleeves have adjustable snap cuffs and stretch panels.

Zippered vents under the arms and rear exhaust ports enhance airflow. While not overly technical, it’s a purposeful design.

The only caveat is that the jacket does not ship with CE-rated armor. You’d have to add that yourself for true impact protection.

However, at just $20 for a set of CE elbow, shoulder, and back armor, the upgrade is easy and affordable.

Sizing Chart


Unique Touches and Convenient Features

A few other thoughtful components give the Street Cruiser unique flair. The stand-up collar has an inner zipper to attach a removable sweatshirt-style hood. When not in use, the hood stows in the back pocket.

For carrying essentials, the jacket boasts two zippered hand pockets, an interior stash pocket, and a vertical chest pocket. The front hand pockets are subtly angled for an ergonomic, natural hand position while riding.

Inside the jacket, a moisture-wicking mesh liner helps keep you cooler on warm rides. The mesh fabric also allows any vents to flow air effectively through the jacket. It’s a simple addition that boosts comfort in warmer weather.

Comparison to Similar Jackets

JacketLeather TypeArmorPerforated?
Alpinestars Faster Airflow V21.3mm CowhideCE Level 1Yes
First Manufacturing Street Cruiser1.0mm CowhideOptional CENo
Roland Sands Ronin1.2-1.4mm CowhideCE Level 1Yes
Dainese Racing 41.1-1.3mm CowhideComposite ProtectorsYes
Highway 21 Motordrome1.2mm CowhideRemovable CENo

The First Manufacturing Street Cruiser compares very favorably to other leather motorcycle jackets in the $200-$300 price range.

It uses a high-quality 1.0mm naked cowhide leather, more commonly seen on pricier jackets. The Street Cruiser manages to keep costs down through direct sales, allowing it to offer premium materials at a budget-friendly price point.

Compared to the Alpinestars, Roland Sands, Dainese, and Highway 21 jackets listed above, the Street Cruiser holds its own in terms of leather quality and thickness.

Many of these rival brands use leather between 1.0 mm and 1.3 mm thick, quite similar to the 1.0mm leather on the Street Cruiser.

The biggest difference is the Street Cruiser does not come with CE armor installed. However, CE armor can be added affordably as an upgrade.

And while the other jackets feature perforations for ventilation, the non-perforated Street Cruiser may have an advantage in cooler weather.

For riders seeking a well-made leather jacket without the premium markup, the Street Cruiser deserves a close look.

It provides comparable materials to pricier options for hundreds less. While not loaded with features, it focuses on high quality leather for protection and durability.

The Bottom Line

For riders looking for a quality leather motorcycle jacket without breaking the bank, the First Manufacturing Street Cruiser hits a sweet spot.

Made with thick premium leather, it maintains a classic look with just the right amount of technical features for performance. Given the materials and construction, it’s a bargain at this price point.

While still a newer entry to the market, the Street Cruiser has quickly become a popular choice with cruiser and touring riders.

If you’ve been holding off upgrading your leather jacket, this fresh option deserves strong consideration. It walks the line between fashion and function, delivering durability, protection, and style all in one smart package.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of riding is the Street Cruiser jacket suitable for?

With its relaxed fit and cruiser length, the Street Cruiser is ideal for cruiser, touring, and vintage-style bikes. It provides great coverage when sitting upright in a cruising position. The leather construction also makes it versatile for urban street riding.

Does this jacket run true to size?

Initial production runs of the Street Cruiser seem to fit slightly large. For the best fit, consider ordering one size down from the size chart. If between sizes, sizing up is preferable to allow for layering.

Is this a good jacket for tall or short riders?

The hip-length cut of the Street Cruiser works well for riders of varying heights. Taller riders have room for the sleeves and body to properly drape and move. For shorter torsos, the bottom can be cinched for a more precise fit.

Can you wear this jacket off the bike?

With its basic moto styling, the Street Cruiser transitions seamlessly into casual wear off the bike. The leather gives it a classic appeal that works great for everyday use. Just remove the armor and exterior armor pockets when not riding.

Does the jacket keep you warm in colder weather?

While not overly insulated, the thick leather provides good wind resistance. Layer a hoodie or mid-layer underneath, and the Street Cruiser can handle dropping temps into the 40s Fahrenheit. Stay warm by zipping up the fleece hood as well when riding in chillier conditions.

In summary

In summary, the First Manufacturing Street Cruiser exceeded expectations for a leather motorcycle jacket under $300.

While room for improvement exists in armor provisions and sizing consistency, it nails the fundamentals.

For cruiser riders needing a durable, quality leather jacket, it’s a recommended option that won’t break the bank.

After checking out this detailed review, head over to Revzilla to learn more or order your own First Manufacturing Street Cruiser.

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