Bearing Drift Jacket Review: Can It Handle All Weather Riding?

Bearing recently released their new Drift jacket for men and women, replacing their previous Jack jacket from the past two seasons. This jacket really changed the game with its hoodie zip-out lining.

The main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best waterproof motorcycle jacket for you?

So, should you upgrade to Bearing’s latest Drift jacket? Let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits.

Bearing Drift Jacket Review


Key Takeaways

  • Protective
  • Versatile
  • Highly visible

An Evolution In Motorcycle Jacket Design

More Key Takeaways:

  • Designed for comfort, weather protection, impact absorption
  • Removable hood and quilted vest lining
  • Safety features like reflective panels and CE armor
  • High viz colorway maximizes visibility
  • Technical waterproof and breathable fabric

When the Jack jacket first debuted, it pioneered the integration of a hoodie lining that riders could zip out.

This versatile design was a massive hit, selling extremely well for Bearing. Now, they’ve built upon that concept with the Drift, their new 2020 replacement.

Several updates make the Drift an enticing successor. It retains the classic motorcycle jacket silhouette but enhances comfort and safety. The initial release comes in three colorways for men and two for women.

The staple black-on-black option features a black hoodie lining inside. It’s available for both men and women seeking a more understated aesthetic. Lady riders can also select an eye-catching black and fuchsia version.

Camo remains a wildly popular bearing style, so it’s no surprise that a classic black camo Drift iteration caters to this demand. However, the most unique choice has to be the high visibility colorway.

Ultimate Safety With Reflective Design

Riding a motorcycle already boosts visibility, but the high viz Drift takes it to another level. Silver reflective material coats the front and back exterior.

This dramatically improves nighttime visibility for a major safety benefit. The slightest flash from a headlight illuminates the rider like a shining beacon.

While some prefer a classic black or camo jacket, this high-viz choice prioritizes maximum visibility. Safety is worth the trade-off of style for many motorcycle enthusiasts.

Optimized For Comfort And Performance

Beyond the eye-catching colorways, how does the Drift jacket perform for daily motorcycle rides?

The softshell exterior provides flexibility for a natural range of motion. It’s also soft, lightweight, and breathable.

Ventilation zips under the arms circulate air to prevent overheating. These openings feature contrasting colors or reflective yellow on the high-viz version.

For cold and wet rides, the Drift has you covered. It’s fully waterproof, with a storm flap behind the zipper to seal out moisture.

The jacket also includes CE-approved armor pads for the elbows and shoulders. These can be adjusted to fit your body precisely.

Long cuffs with hook and loop closures prevent air from sneaking up sleeves. Zip hand pockets give you a place to warm up frozen fingers or stash small items.

So in terms of comfort, ventilation, weather protection, and impact protection, the Drift hits all the key criteria.

Adaptive Destination Lining

Where this new Bearing jacket truly innovates is with the interior lining. Previous models had a permanently attached hoodie lining. The Drift instead has a removable hood and unique destination lining.

This allows you to fully zip out the hood when not needed and wear it by itself as a jacket. Unzipping the lining also reveals a puffer vest that adds warmth. The vest includes side pockets and a stand-up collar to trap heat.

The destination lining adapts the Drift for varying weather conditions. Ride with just the shell to stay cool in summer, and then re-insert the hood and puffer for winter warmth. Removing the hood also gives the jacket a streamlined silhouette.

Technical Fabric And Safety Standards

What enables the Drift’s impressive weather protection? It utilizes Bearing’s BW300+ membrane fabric combined with a wickable inner lining. This combination is lightweight, breathable, and waterproof.

An ABS system runs down the back to guard your spine if you are thrown from the bike. Reflective panels on the back boost visibility while riding as well. Like all Bearing jackets, it meets or exceeds CE safety standards.

The lady’s version uses the same technical fabrics and safety features. It’s designed to fit a woman’s proportions but doesn’t compromise on protection.

Conclusion: A Versatile Riding Essential

After breaking down the critical elements of this jacket, it’s clear the Drift is a very appealing successor to the Bearing Jack.

It performs the vital functions of a riding jacket exceptionally well. The addition of a removable hood and quilted vest liner also adds greater adaptability.

For riders seeking a highly visible and safety-focused option, the high-viz colorway is a compelling choice. However, the black and camo versions retain classic motorcycle styling.

Overall, with its technical fabrics, armor, reflective elements, and versatile lining, the Drift is sure to become a favorite for every season.

Considering its features and innovations, upgrading to the Bearing Drift is highly recommended. This jacket is built to perform and keep you comfortable across many miles of riding. Stay safe and enjoy the freedom of the open road.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What sizes is the Drift available in?

The Drift comes in sizes small through 3XL for men and XS through 2XL for women. It has a relaxed fit to allow wearing layers underneath.

Does it have a warranty?

Yes, Bearing offers a 3-year warranty on the Drift jacket. You can extend it up to 3 years through the Bikeheads website.

Is the Drift fully waterproof?

With the BW300+ membrane fabric and storm flap behind the main zipper, the Drift is 100% waterproof. Moisture beads up and runs off the jacket.

Can the hood be removed?

Definitely. The hood can be completely zipped out for a streamlined look. The quilted vest lining remains inside.

Is there a high-viz color option?

Yes, the high visibility Drift has reflective silver material on the front and back for maximum nighttime visibility.


Your motorcycle jacket is an essential part of safe riding equipment. The Bearing Drift balances protection, comfort, and visibility to keep you safe across many miles on your bike.

Before your next ride, consider upgrading to this versatile new jacket designed for ultimate performance. Ride on!

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