Icon Hooligan Facelift Gloves Review: Best for Urban Sport Riding?

Most riders need no introduction to the Icon brand. Over the past two decades, they’ve built a reputation for pushing boundaries and never compromising on quality.

The Hooligan gloves carry on that tradition, leveraging the latest in material technology to create a motorcycle glove (1) that can handle serious urban riding while retaining top-notch comfort and feel.

In this comprehensive first-hand Icon Hooligan Facelift Gloves review, I’ll be breaking down all the key features that make the Icon Hooligan gloves such a versatile choice:

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best urban motorcycle gloves for you? Explore how Hooligan offers the best gear for those who need maximum performance. Let’s find out.

Icon Hooligan Facelift Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Add liner to waterproof glove
  • Flexible armor absorbs impacts
  • Purpose-built for urban warfare

Our Verdict On The Icon Hooligan Facelift

For me personally, the lightweight backhand mesh allows superb ventilation to prevent overheating without compromising safety, a testament to why Hooligan offers the best blend for those who need maximum performance in a minimal chassis. I tend to run hot, so maximum airflow is a top priority – they check that box for sure.

One potential drawback I found was that they lack the heavyweight insulation or waterproofing required for true winter riding.

However, adding Icon’s optional Hipora insulating liner transforms them into a remarkably warm and dry winter glove able to handle even wet snow and freezing temps.

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Comparison with Competitors

Product NameKey Features
Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon v2Carbon fiber knuckle protection, Jessica waterproof lining
Held PaxtonKangaroo leather construction, viscoelastic foam padding, pre-curved fingers
Reax Tasker Leather100% drum-dyed goatskin leather, rubberized reinforcements, slippery coating

The Icon Hooligan stand out for their lightweight and flexible construction using vented polyester mesh and Amara synthetic leather, catering to bikers who need performance in a minimal chassis.

They offer molded TPU protectors for serious impact absorption. The optional Hipora insulating liner also enables winter usability.

Key advantages over the Alpinestars option include better airflow from the mesh backhand along with a more affordable price point. The Icon construction appears more robust as well.

Compared to the Held Paxton, the Icon Hooligan has the benefit of a ventilated back panel for superior airflow during hot weather riding. The Held Kangaroo material likely offers better abrasion protection,

Finally, the Tasker model from Reax relies on all-leather construction rather than textile mesh panels. I think this may provide slightly better durability but compromises ventilation. The Icon Amara palm has proven itself highly durable nonetheless.

Material and Construction 

The Hooligan features a lightweight material and construction vented polyester mesh backhand mated to an AX Laredo palm overlay. This optimized combination offers flexibility where you need it while retaining chafing protection. 

The AX Laredo is Icon’s proprietary mix of synthetic and durable textiles engineered to provide excellent grip without compromising feel or flexibility. It’s been designed to hold up wash after wash while retaining shape.

Reinforcements made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) have been strategically positioned on the palm and outer fingers to provide extra abrasion and impact protection.

Additional TPU armor on the outer knuckles and backhand guard against trauma while remaining flexible enough never to restrict movement.

For colder riding conditions, a thin yet surprisingly warm 100g Hipora waterproof, windproof, and breathable insulating liner can be added as well, ensuring bikers are covered in all aspects.

Impact Protection and Armor

This image shows the Impact Protection and Armor of the Icon Hooligan Facelift Gloves

The Icon Hooligan provides serious impact and abrasion protection using armor for the inevitable get-offs common in real-world urban riding.

The knuckle armor uses a molded TPU protective and flexible construction. It absorbs and disperses