Shoei X-14 Review: The Helmet That Redefines Performance and Safety

Welcome to another episode in my review series, where I test out motorcycle gear for a couple of weeks and then share my initial thoughts good or bad)  with my readers. 

Today, we’ll be looking at the Shoei X-14 helmet, a high-quality and expensive piece of equipment that many riders swear by.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best full-face motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Shoei X-14 Review


What Customers Think

  • Very snug fit
  • Wind noise is minimal
  • I was amazed at how good it feels

The Basics

Price and Specs

The Shoei X-14 comes in around $700, add the dark smoke visor, and it will set you back another $55. 

This helmet is not for those on a tight budget. The shape of the helmet is an intermediate oval, meaning it’s slightly longer front to back than it is side to side. 

The X-14 weighs 3.62 pounds, making it a lightweight option when compared to other full-face helmets.

Shoei Helmet Sizing

2XS51 – 52
XS53 – 54
SM55 – 56
MD57 – 58
LG59 – 60
XL61 – 62
2XL63 – 64
3XL65 – 66

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

Safety Features and Certifications

The helmet is DOT-approved, and Snell certified, meaning it should provide excellent protection in case of a crash. 

It also comes with an EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) that allows medical professionals to easily remove the helmet without causing further injury to the rider’s neck. 

While this is a great feature, there are concerns about whether most medical professionals on public roads would be familiar with the EQRS system. Regardless, it is an added safety feature that we appreciate.

The Shield and Aerodynamics

Shield Replacement and Quality

Replacing the shield on the Shoei X-14 is incredibly easy, thanks to the QRE (Quick Release Equip) base plate system, which allows for toolless shield removal. The shield itself feels solid and offers 99% protection from UVA and UVB rays.

Noise Reduction and Sound Dampening

The Shoei X14 helmet provides superior noise reduction and sound dampening, making it a quieter helmet than many others on the market. 

However, the reviewer noticed a low-frequency flutter that was not loud but annoying, especially at low speeds. I had never heard this flutter with their previous Arai helmets.

Vortex Generators and Aerodynamics

This helmet features exclusive patent-pending vortex generators on the sides designed to reduce air friction and improve aerodynamics

During testing, I couldn’t notice a significant difference, but it’s possible that the vortex generators would have a more noticeable effect at higher speeds.

Ventilation and Comfort

Testing the Ventilation

To test the ventilation of the X-14, I rode around on a 95-degree Atlanta summer day with the visor closed. 

As expected, it was uncomfortable at red lights and in slow-moving traffic, but once I started moving, even slightly, the ventilation began to cool me down. 

The helmet also features a cheek pad cooling system that helps direct airflow through it, further enhancing its ventilation capabilities.

Unmatched Comfort

The comfort of the Shoei X-14 truly sets it apart from other helmets. It is the most comfortable full face helmet I’ve ever worn, with a soft, high-quality interior liner that feels snug and secure. 

Comparing the process of putting on the X-14 to other helmets, it was clear that the X-14 stands out in terms of comfort and ease.

Glasses Compatibility

For those who wear prescription glasses, it’s important to know how a helmet feels with glasses on. 

During testing, I found that getting the glasses on was a bit challenging, but once they were in place, they felt comfortable and secure.

Features and Benefits

Intermediate oval shapeLonger front to back, providing comfortable fit
Lightweight at 3.62 poundsReduces fatigue during long rides
DOT-approved and Snell certifiedProvides excellent protection in case of a crash
EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System)Allows for easy removal of helmet by medical professionals
QRE (Quick Release Equip) base plate systemToolless shield removal
Superior noise reduction and sound dampeningQuieter helmet than many others on the market
Exclusive patent-pending vortex generatorsReduces air friction and improves aerodynamics
Efficient ventilation systemCools down the rider during hot weather and slow traffic
Comfortable interior linerProvides a snug and secure fit
Glasses compatibilityAccommodates prescription glasses for riders who wear them

What I liked and Did’t Like About This Helmet

During the initial ride, the helmet performed as expected, and I was pleased with its stability and minimal lift. 

The helmet was also quiet, although I always wear earplugs. However, during a ride on a sunny day, I discovered a significant problem with the helmet.

Glare Issue

When riding toward the sun or with the sun overhead, the helmet’s visor produces a blinding glare. I  tried to ignore the issue and even tried using a dark-tint visor, but the problem persisted. 

The glare came from the top of the visor, making it difficult to ride safely without being blinded.

Final Thoughts

The Shoei X-14 is an expensive helmet, but I can understand why so many riders are willing to invest in it after testing it out. 

Every aspect of this helmet feels top-quality, from the shield and aerodynamics to the ventilation and comfort. 

While I wouldn’t recommend this helmet to everyone due to its high price tag, if you have the budget and are looking for a premium helmet to protect your head while riding, the Shoei X-14 is an excellent choice.


Is the Shoei X 14 quiet?

Yes, the Shoei X-14 is one of the quietest full-face helmets on the market. It has been praised for its quietness by both users and reviewers. 

The X-14 has a number of features that contribute to its quietness, including a well-designed shell, a comfortable liner, and effective ventilation.

The shell of the X-14 is made of multiple layers of fiberglass and carbon fiber, which helps to absorb sound waves. 

The liner is also made of a soft, comfortable material that helps to reduce noise levels

And the ventilation system is designed to keep your head cool and comfortable, which also helps to reduce noise levels.

If you are looking for a quiet full-face helmet, the Shoei X-14 is a great option. It is comfortable, well-made, and effective at reducing noise levels.

Is the Shoei X14 carbon fiber?

Yes, the Shoei X-14 is made of carbon fiber. The shell is made of a multi-layer composite of carbon fiber and fiberglass, which helps to make the helmet lightweight and strong.

Is Shoei X14 DOT approved?

Yes, the Shoei X-14 is DOT approved. It meets the FMVSS 218 standard, which is the federal safety standard for motorcycle helmets in the United States.

What are the vortex generators on the Shoei X-14 helmet for?

The patent-pending vortex generators on the sides of the helmet are designed to reduce air friction and improve aerodynamics. Their effect might be more noticeable at higher speeds.

How is the ventilation of the Shoei X-14 helmet?

The ventilation of the Shoei X-14 helmet is impressive, thanks to its cheek pad cooling system that directs airflow through the helmet. It provides effective cooling once you start moving, even at slow speeds.

How comfortable is the Shoei X-14 helmet compared to other helmets?

The Shoei X-14 is considered one of the most comfortable helmets, with a soft, high-quality interior liner that feels snug and secure. It stands out among other helmets in terms of comfort and ease of use.

Shoei X-14 Review


What Customers Think

  • Very snug fit
  • Wind noise is minimal
  • I was amazed at how good it feels

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