Arai Corsair X Review: A Racer’s Dream?

If you are in the market for a high-performance racing helmet, the Corsair X by Arai is worth considering. 

Arai has been in the business of manufacturing motorcycle helmets for over 70 years, and the Corsair X is the pinnacle of their lineup.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best full face motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Arai Corsair X


What Customers Like

  • Superb ventilation
  • Quiet even at high speeds
  • Visor is hard to open with gloves on

Overview of the Corsair X Helmet

The Corsair X is technically built for the track but can also be used on the street or any other type of motorcycle

Arai has several helmets in their lineup, but the Corsair X is their top-tier racing helmet. It is available in solid colors and graphics, including racer replicas. 

The price of the Full-face helmet ranges from $879 for a solid color to $999 for top-of-the-range graphics.

Shell and Weight of the Helmet

The shell of the Corsair X is made of Arai’s proprietary composite material, the PB SNC2, which is a blend of super fibers and a mesh net with their proprietary resin blend. This combination makes the shell strong and as light as possible. 

The helmet weighs 3.5 pounds, which is somewhere in the middle of the weight range for helmets in its class. 

However, Arai offers custom fitting, and they use five shell sizes, making it possible to get a close fit to your head and distribute the weight evenly.

Safety Standards and Fitment

Arai prioritizes safety and quality, and the Corsair X is Snell 2020 and DOT-certified. Arai’s helmets are built to the absolute highest levels of safety, and they have won several awards for safety, including the FIM Gold Medal in 2019. 

The Corsair X is available in extra-small sizes through 2X, and the fit is rather true to size. Arai recommends following their sizing chart and rounding down if you are between sizes.

The cheek pads and liners are interchangeable, and Arai offers a wide range of different thicknesses, making it possible to fine-tune the fit of the helmet.

Ventilation System

The Corsair X has a well-thought-out ventilation system that is designed to keep the rider cool and reduce fatigue on the track. 

The helmet has primary crown vents with three positions: all the way open, halfway open, and all the way closed. 

The helmet also has a standard vent with three positions and a clever venting system through their VAS shield on either side right above your brow, which directs air onto your temples. 

The helmet also has additional cockpit vents tucked behind the cheek pads and EPS, providing passive extraction of hot air up around your face. 

The helmet has switchable extractors on the back, which is unusual, and a downforce wing that can be lifted up to increase downforce.

Face Shield Mechanism

The Corsair X has a unique face shield mechanism that uses pods instead of newer gear systems that intrude into the shell. 

The pods have a release that pops off easily with a safety cable that prevents accidental deployment problems. 

The face shield can be removed by pulling a trigger, and it has a red dot that indicates when it is in the correct position for removal. 

The face shield can be easily replaced by putting it back on the red dot and lifting it up and down.

Face Shield Features

The Arai Corsair X helmet comes with a clear pin-lock ready shield out of the box, with a free pin-lock insert included. 

The pin-lock insert is installed on the inside of the face shield, creating a dual-pane system that reduces or mitigates fogging. 

The face shield is locked in place with a mechanism that has two positions: fully open and fully locked. 

To unlock the face shield, you need to press the button first and then pull the shield up. The face shield is pin lock ready, and the helmet also has racing prep visors, which are tear-off ready.

Face Shield Locking Mechanism

The face shield is locked in place with a mechanism with two positions. The first latch is called the “demist position,” which allows some airflow through the seal. 

If you push down harder, you will go into the fully locked position, which pulls the shield back and creates a complete seal around the whole gasket. Once the face shield is locked, it cannot be accidentally deployed.

210 Degrees Max Vision Shield

The Arai Corsair X helmet features a 210-degree Max Vision Shield that provides great peripheral visibility. 

When in the tuck position, there should be no issues with communication systems, as you can run either a clamp or a sticky mount on the helmet.

Hyper Ridge

The Arai Corsair X helmet has a hyper ridge, which is a line you see around the bottom edge of the helmet. 

The hyper ridge is meant to mitigate cracking that can occur around the opening of the helmet if it’s impacted. The hyper ridge works as a shock absorber to dampen any sort of impact that may occur.

Tear Down Features

Let’s take a look at the helmet’s tear-down features. The chin curtain is Beefy and will keep a lot of the noise and wind out. The Arai Corsair X helmet also comes with a Stout chin curtain that can be removed or slid away. 

The air spoiler provides some added aerodynamic efficiency at speed; you can pull it down or tuck it up and out of the way.

Emergency Quick Release Tags

The helmet has emergency quick-release tags that allow someone to remove the cheek pads before taking the helmet off your head more safely. 

To remove the cheek pads, you need to grab the whole front of the cheek pad and pull it toward the rear of the helmet. 

This will disengage the clip up front, and then you can pull the rest of it out. The neck roll has a little tab that is inserted into the cheek pad, which you can remove. 

The cheek pads come in various thicknesses, so if the fit is not perfect out of the box, you can get a different set of cheek pads to achieve a better fit.

One-Piece EPS System

The Arai Corsair X helmet features a one-piece EPS system that is multi-density. The EPS is finely tuned, just like the shell. 

The helmet has five shells and five EPSs, accounting for the physical dimensions of bigger and smaller heads and the weight and energy generated in an impact. 

The helmet’s internals has vent holes, but there is no channeling. Arai makes no compromises when it comes to that EPS for ventilation or otherwise, as they want that one-piece solid EPS.

Comfort Liner

The Arai Corsair X helmet has a comfort liner that is adjustable. If you need to account for a rounder head fit, you can adjust the tension on the suspension system, which has three settings.

 You can also remove a strip on either side to customize the fit further. The Comfort liner is wicking and anti-microbial, with mesh on the top. 

The crown liner has one alternative option, either thicker or thinner, depending on the stock size you’re working with.

The DF-X2 Diffuser Extension Spoiler

The Arai Corsair X GP Spoiler Extension is commonly referred to as the “DF-X2 Diffuser Extension” in racing circles. 

It is a specially designed attachment that is mounted to the rear of the Arai Corsair X helmet. 

The spoiler extension is an aero-tuned bit of kit that is used by professional race teams to smooth high-speed airflow and improve stability.

Improved Aerodynamic Properties

The Arai Corsair X GP Spoiler Extension features improved aerodynamic properties that are specifically designed to spare tenths of a second at full race speeds. 

The spoiler extension helps to reduce drag and increase downforce, which results in improved stability and control for the rider. 

The spoiler is designed to work in conjunction with the helmet’s existing aerodynamic properties to create a more streamlined profile.

Professional Racing Use

The Arai Corsair X GP Spoiler Extension is a popular racing supplement that is used by many professional race teams. 

The spoiler extension is designed to provide the extra edge that racers need to stay competitive and improve their lap times. 

The spoiler extension is easy to install and can be quickly attached to the rear of the Arai Corsair X helmet.

Features and Benefits

PB SNC2 shell materialStrong and lightweight shell
Custom fitting with five shell sizesClose fit and weight distribution
Snell 2020 and DOT certifiedHighest levels of safety
Interchangeable cheek pads and linersFine-tuned fit
Well-thought-out ventilation systemReduces fatigue on the track and keeps rider cool
Unique face shield mechanism with podsEasy to remove and replace face shield
Pin-lock ready shield with free pin-lock insert includedReduces or mitigates fogging
210-degree Max Vision ShieldGreat peripheral visibility and no communication issues
Hyper Ridge shock absorberMitigates cracking from impacts around the opening of the helmet
Emergency quick-release tagsCheek pads can be removed safely in case of emergency
One-piece multi-density EPS systemFinely tuned for impact protection and ventilation
Adjustable comfort linerCustomizable fit and wicking and anti-microbial properties
DF-X2 Diffuser Extension SpoilerImproved aerodynamics and stability at high speeds
Popular among professional race teamsProvides a competitive edge and improves lap times

What I Like and Don’t Like About This Helmet

I like to be cool, and this is why I really like this helmet. It has really good ventilation with all vents open. You’ll feel like you’re riding on a cool, refreshing breeze even on a scorching 90+ degree day with high humidity.

One thing that could be better is the visor. It can be really difficult to pen with my