Scorpion EXO-R420 Review: Is This The Top Dog?

Scorpion Gear is a well-known brand in the motorcycle gear industry, offering a range of high-quality gear at affordable prices. Their products include helmets, boots, and everything in between, and they are renowned for their value proposition. 

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the Scorpion EXO-R420 helmet, a full-face helmet that offers great protection and style at an affordable price.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best full face motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

Scorpion EXO-R420


Sub Title

  • Comfortable
  • Great ventilation
  • A little noisy at high speeds

The R420: Features and Specifications

The Scorpion R420 is a second-tier full-face helmet in the Scorpion Gear lineup, sitting above the R320. The R420 is Snell-approved and features a polycarbonate shell that comes in a variety of colors, depending on your preference.

The R420 helmet comes in three shell sizes, ranging from extra-small to 4XL, making it a great option for those with larger head sizes. However, it’s worth noting that the Snell rating only applies to sizes extra-small through 2XL.

XS20 7/8 – 21 1/453-54
SM21 5/8 – 2255-56
MD22 7/16 – 22 13/1657-58
LG23 1/8 – 23 5/859-60
XL24 – 24 3/861-62
2XL24 13/16 – 25 3/1663-64
3XL25 9/16 – 2665-66
4XL26 3/8 – 26 3/467-68

The helmet’s intermediate oval fit is true to size, meaning that if you typically wear a large in other full-face helmets, a large in the Scorpion R420 should fit you well. Measuring your head and referring to Scorpion’s sizing chart is essential to ensure the best fit.


The Scorpion R420 features standard ventilation, with a ram air vent in the forehead area and a chin bar vent. The ram air vent is a sliding mechanism without notches, allowing for a gradual on and off. 

The vent is two-stage, with an option to open halfway or all the way, which directs air onto your face shield or mouth. 

The helmet’s arrow fin design at the back covers the exhaust, which pulls hot air out of the helmet and draws cool air in. 

Scorpion has also ported and channeled the foam EPS, which absorbs energy in case of an impact, to ensure that cool air rushing through the helmet gets onto your head.

Face Shield

The Scorpion R420 comes with a standard clear face shield, referred to as the Everclear, which is fog-treated for improved visibility in most situations. 

However, riders in foggy conditions, such as in the Pacific Northwest, may want to consider upgrading to a pin-lock-ready visor with pinlock tabs for optimal visibility.

The helmet’s face shield locking tab is in the middle, and riders will need to pinch it to open it. The detents on the shield allow for different ratchet positions for riders who want to adjust the shield’s airflow. 

Shield changes are relatively easy, with the helmet featuring the same elliptic ratchet system used in other Scorpion helmets.

Unlike the R520, the R420 does not have a deployable sun shield, which some riders prefer for its versatility. 

However, Scorpion offers various smoke options and iridium in various colors for riders who want to customize their helmet further.

Interior Features

The Scorpion R420’s interior features a chin curtain that reduces wind noise and buffeting, which is not always present in helmets in this price range.

The emergency release poles at the bottom of the helmet allow for gentle helmet removal by EMS personnel in case of an impact. 

The D-ring closure is standard, and the quick-wick two-washable comfort liner is antimicrobial and meant to keep riders cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather

The helmet’s cheek pad is also part of the neck roll and works well with glasses, although fitting will depend on the glasses and the rider’s head shape.

One of the helmet’s standout features is the speaker pocket, allowing riders to install their communication system with ease. 

The shell clamp or adhesive pad allows for secure attachment, and riders can choose their preferred communication system for added convenience.

The R420’s dual-density EPS crash liner is a crucial safety feature, offering protection in various impact scenarios.

The liner’s channels enhance the full-face helmet’s ventilation system, providing maximum airflow to keep riders cool and comfortable.


Scorpion Gear offers an industry-leading five-year warranty on the R420 helmet, setting it apart from competitors in the market. 

The company has its warranty house in the United States, ensuring that customers can reach out for support and assistance with any issues they may have during the warranty period.

Features and Benefits

Snell-approvedGradual opening with the option to direct airflow to face or mouth
Polycarbonate shellTrue to size for a comfortable fit
Three shell sizesEnsures proper fit for a wide range of head sizes
Intermediate oval fitOffers a high level of protection
Standard ventilationProvides cooling airflow during rides
Ram air ventGradual opening with option to direct airflow to face or mouth
Arrow fin exhaust designPulls hot air out and draws cool air in
Everclear face shieldFog-treated for improved visibility
Face shield locking tabEasy shield changes with elliptic ratchet system
Chin curtainReduces wind buffeting
Emergency release polesAllows for gentle helmet removal by EMS personnel
Quick-wick two-washable linerAntimicrobial and keeps riders cool or warm
Speaker pocketAllows for easy installation of communication system
Dual-density EPS crash linerProvides protection in various impact scenarios
Five-year warrantyIndustry-leading warranty for added peace of mind

What I Like and Don’t Like About This Helmet

I love this new full-face helmet, especially its perfect fit and added visibility. I like that this helmet is comfortable, safe, and good value for the price.

On the other hand, I had a few negative experiences with this helmet, such as the false advertising of a tinted visor, a cracked or broken locking mechanism for the visor, and issues with noise levels, ventilation, and fogging.

These negative experiences didn’t sit well with me, leaving me disappointed with the helmet.

Personally, if I were looking to purchase this helmet, I would take into account both the positive and negative reviews.

The good fit, comfort, and safety aspects seem appealing, but the issues with the visor and noise levels would give me pause. I would want to make sure that the helmet meets my specific needs and preferences before making a purchase.


The Scorpion R420 helmet is a great option for riders looking for a well-priced, high-quality, and stylish helmet. 

It offers Snell certification, multiple shell sizes, excellent ventilation, and a comfortable interior with several useful features. 

Its affordability and warranty make it a compelling option for riders on a budget who do not want to compromise on safety or style.


Is the Scorpion R420 helmet Snell approved?

Yes, the Scorpion R420 helmet is Snell-certified, providing riders with peace of mind and assurance of its safety.

What is the intermediate oval fit?

The intermediate oval fit is a head shape classification that fits most heads in the American market. It is not round or narrow but somewhere in between, making it comfortable for most riders.

Does the Scorpion R420 helmet come with a sun shield?

No, the Scorpion R420 helmet does not come with a sun shield. However, riders can purchase different face shields to customize their helmet’s look, including tinted and mirrored options.

Does the helmet have a chin curtain?

Yes, the Scorpion R420 helmet has a chin curtain that helps reduce wind noise and buffeting. The mesh material allows for some airflow while still providing added comfort.

Is the comfort liner washable?

Yes, the comfort liner in the Scorpion R420 helmet is removable and washable, making it easy to clean and maintain for extended use.

What is the warranty on the Scorpion R420 helmet?

Scorpion Gear offers a five-year warranty on the R420 helmet, which is above the industry standard. The company has its warranty house in the United States, ensuring customers can reach out for support and assistance during the warranty period.

Scorpion EXO-R420


Sub Title

  • Comfortable
  • Great ventilation
  • A little noisy at high speeds

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