Spidi’s Carbo EVO Gloves Review: Too Expensive for Beginner?

When riding at high speeds on the track, having complete confidence in your motorcycle gloves is mandatory. Compromising protection to save money could end painfully after just one crash.

That’s why I put Spidi’s premier Carbo Track EVO gloves to the test during recent circuit sessions to see if they warrant the hefty price tag.

Do these high-end racing gloves provide sufficient abrasion resistance and impact defenses for aggressive track day riders?

But, the main question I will answer in this Spidi Carbo Track EVO Gloves review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the track?. Let’s find out!

Spidi’s Carbo EVO Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Superb knuckle protection
  • Excellent dexterity and feel
  • Comfortable even in the summer heat
  • Durable palm slider and reinforcements

Putting the Spidi Gloves Through Their Paces

I’ve logged over 25 hard laps wearing the Carbo Track EVOs on three track days so far. Sessions lasted 20-30 minutes, pushing my Ninja ZX-6R near the line on tight circuits with only short straights. My focus was judging the glovesstability, cooling, grip, and overall endurance lap after lap.

Spidi Carbo Track EVO Gloves – Here’s what stood out:

Impact Protection

The carbon shield over the main knuckles feels literally rock solid. Knocks against the tank and fairings during hangs-off cause no pain or bruising thanks to their shock-absorbing inner padding.

The thick leather over the fingers, wrist, and edge of the palm should withstand abrasion even in a high-speed crash.

Sensitivity & Control

The pre-curved palm and fingers mapped to my hands’ relaxed grip shape perfectly. The inner liner’s smooth finish prevented sweating or moisture build-up.

Fingertips remained conductive for using my smartphone. Gripping the brake lever and clutch was easy with the tactile goatskin palm.

There are no signs of seam failures or protector separation, even after several heat cycles.

Cooling Flow

I expected my hands to bake inside the Carbo EVOs from lack of airflow. But the laser-cut ventilation holes, perforated leather, and mesh panels transported evaporative cooling surprisingly well.

Finger joints never felt excessively hot or numb during rides.

Comfort & Fit

The Carbo Track EVOs avoid pressure points thanks to its ergonomic design and flexible armor around the knuckles and wrist.

For adjustable security, the twin wrist cuffs prevent the gloves from sliding forward on impact while keeping the arm’s skin protected.

I rate the comfort equal to lighter poly-leather gloves. The break-in period also felt shorter than expected to mold them to match my hand’s shape.

While expensive at circa $400, the Carbon EVO gloves deliver hardcore protections and functionality needed for circuit riding without sacrificing flexibility.

The main question is whether casual track riders require this level of defense compared to options that are 100 bucks cheaper.

Comparison to Similar Gloves

GloveKey Features
Alpinestars SP-8 V3• 0.8mm full-grain leather<br>• PU knuckle protection<br>• Kevlar® palm reinforcement
Alpinestars GP Tech V2