REV’IT! Avion 3 Women’s Gloves Review: Ideal for Hot Weather Riding?

These perforated, short-cuff riding gloves boast goatskin leather construction for abrasion protection along with molded knuckle armor and TPR finger sliders. A key question is whether these features provide sufficient coverage and defense from injury for female hands.

But the main question I will answer in this review is: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for women? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Avion 3 Women’s Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Ideal for summer riding
  • Protect hands from impacts
  • Accommodate female anatomy

Our Verdict On The REV’IT! Avion 3 Women’s Gloves

After testing the Rev’It Avion 3 gloves myself, I can definitively say they live up to the hype for warm-weather street riding.

The pre-curved design accommodates slender female fingers far better than most unisex gloves I’ve tried. In my experience, few rival brands nail the proportions for narrow-handed riders with longer digits. I really like that Rev’It focuses on tailoring protection for women’s anatomical hand structure.

In my opinion, the Avion 3s lack the insulation and weather barriers needed for cold or soggy rides. I typically choose winter-specific gloves once the mercury drops below 50 degrees.

However, the airflow from the perforations feels fantastic, preventing a clammy grip in summer. I also like the discrete molded knuckle shields, which offer serious impact protection without appearing overly bulky.

After using both men’s and women’s options, these Avions provide the best balance of flexibility and crash protection for female riders.

At least for fair weather cruising on paved roads. Our data shows the majority of impacts affect hands and wrists, so I strongly believe the armoring legitimately boosts safety over most fashion gloves. For warm, dry environments, the Rev’It Avion 3s secure a top spot in my gear closet.

Why Proper Motorcycle Gloves Matter

Protecting your hands while riding should never be an afterthought. As an experienced motorcyclist, I know firsthand how vulnerable they are.

Gravel, debris, and pavement tear easily through the skin in the event of a slide. And impacts can shatter bones or even sever fingers if unprotected. Quality gloves act as a crucial shield against hazards.

Proper fit also plays a major role. Loose gloves hinder control of the bars and levers. Excess material bunches uncomfortably as well.

That’s why paying attention to gender-specific design makes a difference. Men’s gloves rarely accommodate narrower hands and longer, more slender fingers.

So do REV’IT!’s Avion 3 gloves succeed in offering protection engineered for women? Let’s break things down piece by piece.

Closing the Fit Gap with Pre-Curved Design

Getting a snug yet flexible glove fit proves tricky, but