Alpinestars GP Tech V2 Gloves Review: Race-Level Protection?

No matter how skilled you are, all riders eventually go down. So when a nasty high-side tore up my old gloves, I started researching alternatives that could prevent broken bones if things go wrong at triple-digit speeds.

Will these Alpinestars motorcycle track gloves withstand the extreme forces of high-speed crashes and protect my hands?

But the main question I will answer in this review is: Are these the best track motorcycle gloves? Let’s find out!

Alpinestars GP Tech V2 Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Allows great flexibility
  • Goatskin resists abrasion
  • Extensive armor for protection

A Deep Dive into Alpinestars’ Lineup of High-End Gauntlets

When it comes to protective motorcycle gloves, Alpinestars offers an extensive selection across a wide price range.

At the premium level, two main racing glove models stand out—the GP Tech V2 reviewed here and the Super Tech R model. Both feature impressive safety technology and materials like Kevlar and carbon fiber knuckle protection.

So, what sets the GP Tech V2 apart? At $349, it packs serious performance without the ultra-premium price tag of the Super Tech (retailing over $700). The Super Tech uses rare kangaroo leather for optimal abrasion resistance.

However, I wondered whether the GP Tech V2 could provide nearly as much protection for almost half the cost by utilizing alternate materials.

Leather, Kevlar, and Plastic: The Tech Behind the Gloves

The GP Tech V2 uses goatskin leather for the palm, which Alpinestars claims offers excellent abrasion resistance, comfort, and feel. The back of the glove features Kevlar fabric, a tough synthetic fiber designed specifically for impact and heat resistance.

  • Hard plastic sliders on the knuckles, fingers, wrist, and outer hand provide additional impact and slide protection.
  • Vented TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) armor on the wrist guard allows airflow to keep hands cool.
  • The molded rubber puck on the outer hand promotes sliding in a crash.

With such serious protective technology, could these track