Sedici Misano Gloves Review: Ideal for Summer Heat?

I decided to test out the new Sadichi Masano summer motorcycle gloves to see if they provide the ideal blend of features for commuting duty. The Missanos offer robust protection in a minimalist, lightweight package suited for warm weather riding.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for hot weather? Let’s dive into the construction and components to find out!

Sedici Misano Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

Sedici Misano Gloves: My Only Nitpick

My only complaint revolves around minimal perforation coverage. Extra vents would lower palm temperatures, especially combined with the dark backing. Upgrading future versions with increased airflow would kick the Masanos up another notch.

Beyond that, they check every box for commuting and canyon running duty in hot weather. The svelte profile even permits layering under a jacket for colder months while retaining an outstanding feel.

So, if you’re looking for sturdy, tactile summer hand protection, the Sadichi Masanos deserves a spot on your shortlist. Let’s jump into the finer details!

Comparison to other Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Product NameKey Features
Alpine Stars SMX1 Air V2 GlovesVentilated for hot weather Knox SPS knuckle protection Pre-curved palm and fingers
BILT Spirit 3 GlovesAffordable entry-level option touchscreen compatible fingertips Silicone printed grip palms
Revit Dirt 3 GlovesDirt-bike specific design Double layer Clarino palm Mesh panels for breathability

The Alpine Stars gloves offer robust protection with Knox armor and abrasion-resistant construction but focus on warmer weather riding.

The BILT Spirit 3 gloves provide an affordable summer glove with decent features given the budget price point. Touchscreen compatibility enhances convenience.

Finally, the Revit Dirt 3 option specifically targets off-road, dirt bike handling with reinforced palms and enhanced ventilation.

So choices span lightweight street, general-purpose summer duty, and dirt-focused applications. Pick the right pair based on your riding style!

A Streamlined Setup for Hot Days

Right off the bat, the featherweight goatskin leather construction points toward the Masano’s intended use – summer riding.

Perforations at the backhand and fingers allow decent airflow to keep hands cooler even when the mercury rises. I’ll cover the protective elements shortly.

The pre-curved design echoes the natural closed-fist position for a superb off-the-bat fit. I measure 8.5 inches around my mitt, fitting perfectly into a large. Stick to the sizing chart, and you’ll lock in your ideal size as the gloves (1) run true.

While covering the cuff, note the velcro enclosure and leather flap. This shields the wrist while crashing down. It’s a tiny detail making a big safety difference.

Moving inward, synthetic suede at the thumb and extra leather layers across the outer pinky and base of the palm raise abrasion resistance in vulnerable zones.

Armor That Disappeets into the Background

Dual-density foam comprises the floating knuckle protector. Flexible thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) armor atop the fingers and custom-molded outer hand reinforcement complete the protective package.

The armoring remains completely unobtrusive until called into action, retaining flexibility critical for clutch/brake modulation.

Touchscreen-compatible fingertips allow easy device operation. Silicone grippers add slip resistance for solid bar hold while offering bonus abrasion protection. The outer pinky coverage reduces seam exposure while strengthening a typical weak point.

Constructed for Safety, Built for Comfort

Goatskin Leather Construction

The primary outer construction of the Sadichi Masano gloves utilizes diamond goatskin leather. Goatskin breaks in rapidly, molding to your hands within the first few rides.

The material withstands sliding abrasion exceptionally well. Its suppleness and thin profile maximize sensitivity critical for brake/clutch operation.

What Is Goatskin Leather? While cowhide leather remains more abundant, goatskin offers advantages for motorcycle gloves.

It proves thinner yet tougher than cowhide, with millions of tiny overlapping fiber bundles allowing flex while resisting tearing.

The material breaks in faster, aided by natural lanolin oil. Goatskin breathes better as well, thanks to a looser grain structure.

Minimalist Urban Styling

The low profile, non-gauntlet design epitomizes the Masanos’ intended use as summer riding gear. Short cuffs play nicely with jacket sleeves while delivering ample mobility. Pre-curved engineering follows natural hand contours out of the box for immediate comfort.

Innovative Air Panel Construction

Ventilated perforated panels along the backhand knuckles/fingers and palm sidewalls enable critical airflow. The perforations reduce trapped moisture while driving air through movement.

But upgrades might include larger, more numerous vents and increased perforation coverage.

Strategic Textile Reinforcement

Durable textiles feature at key points. Elastic and velcro secure the cuff. Synthetic suede layers at the outer pinky/thumb and palm heel boost abrasion and tear resistance.

The knuckle armor incorporates open-cell foam – protecting hands by absorbing and dispersing impact force.

Invisible Until Needed Protection

Rigid thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) armor topping each finger remains 100% flexible…until impact energy deforms the plastic permanently.

The malleable floating outer hand shield absorbs/distributes force laterally over wide zones rather than allowing concentration on small areas.

Cuff, Wrist & Finger Armoring

Secure Wrist Closure System

A large velcro wrist strap ensures easy on/off and a snug fit. The closure flap uses an added leather layer, protecting the velcro if slid along the tarmac. But it’s short enough, avoiding interference with most jacket cuffs.

Finger Protection

Thin, molded thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) armor layers pad all four finger knuckles. This force dissipating plastic hardens on impact, diffusing energy over larger zones. TPU finger protection proves less bulky than composite or carbon options.

Tough super fabric (an advanced abrasion-resistant material) coats the most crucial fingers – throttle and brake.

The material incorporates rigid guard plates, shielding from crash damage. Abrasion resistance stands miles beyond standard leather or textiles.

Grip Enhancement & Seam Protection

Sure-Hold Silicone Palm Grippers

Dotted silicone grippers at the palm heel and fingertips practically glue hands to bars. The tacky rubber generates astonishing friction when wet/dry. The silicone also safeguards the palm, high abrasion, and tear zones.

Reinforced Outer Seams

Look closely along the outer edges of all glove fingers – no exposed seams exist, thanks to covering flaps. Seam failures represent a leading cause of road rash injuries. So sealing the tiny weak points proves vital.

Premium Feel & Function

Responsive Touchscreen Fingertips

Conductive padding along the thumb and forefinger ends allows easy smartphone/GPS use without stripping off gloves.

The material registers input through the leather for cold-weather usability. Surprisingly, few competitors integrate this vital feature.

Pre-Curved Design

Finger boxes feature pre-shaped curvature matching natural closed-fist ergonomics. This anatomical design prevents uncomfortable bunching while allowing your hands to rest in a relaxed position. Less fatigue equals greater comfort mile after mile.

Ventilation Performance

Targeted Airflow

Perforations along the backhand knuckles/fingers and sidehand air panels allow decent airflow. But upgrades might include larger, more numerous perforation zones to reduce palm temperatures. The dark liner likely contributes to inner heat.

Moisture Wicking

While not waterproof, the tight leather grain sheds light rain/spray. Sweat and moisture pass through perforations thanks to quality liner materials and ventilation. But gloves might dry faster with more open void space.

Abrasion & Impact Protection

Aramid Fiber Reinforcement

The entire backhand area features an aramid fiber inner lining – the same material in bulletproof vests. Aramids exhibit extreme tensile strength, resisting stretch while lowering tear probability through fiber surface contact.

Outer Hand Protection

Injected thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) armor overhands the outer hand/pinky zone. TPU permanently hardens and redistributes force on impact. The foam padding below prevents discomfort from rigid materials.

Foam Padding Shields Knuckles

Dual-density foam comprises the floating knuckle protector. Open-cell POM components close tiny air gaps in the material, enabling excellent shock absorption. The segment floats independently, dispersing crash energy over wide zones.

Stress Point Shielding

Scaphoid Protection

Look closely under the palm-padded armor shields the scaphoid zone (thumb/hand bone juncture). High-force impact concentrates here, with fractured scaphoids not uncommon. But the Masanos provide a possible crisis stopper.

Ulnar Side Protection

Thick, reinforced synthetic suede features at the ulnar (outer) palm – the glove edge colliding with the tarmac during slides. Suede proves highly tear resistant, while the palm padding defends from abrasion and damping force.

Thumb/Palm Abrasion Layers

Synthetic suede at the palm heel and thumb supplies supplemental abrasion and cut resistance. The material withstands thousands of miles of friction and damage from road debris hurled by the front tire.

Fit, Sizing & Construction

True Fitment Sizing

The Misano gloves run true to size referenced against the manufacturer’s sizing chart. I measured 8.5 inches in hand circumference, correctly matching the large size recommendation. So consult the chart and order your typical glove size with confidence.