HJC C91 Titanium Flip-up Review: Safety Features or All Hype?

Modular motorcycle helmets offer the best of both worlds: a versatile flip-up design with the safety of a full face. HJC has been an industry leader in affordable modular lids for years.

But how does their new C91 stack up for daily street riding? Does this versatile flip-up provide ample impact protection without breaking the bank?

But, the main question I will answer in this HJC C91 Taly Helmet review will be: Is this the best women’s flip-up motorcycle helmet for you? Let’s find out!

HJC C91 Titanium Flip-up Helmet


Key Takeaways

  • Versatile flip-up design
  • Impact protection on par
  • Great value for the price

My Take on the HJC C91 Taly Helmet

After going hands-on with the HJC C91, I’m thoroughly impressed with the complete package it delivers. As expected from an industry heavyweight with over 460 helmet (1) models under their belt, HJC nailed the versatility and protection metrics.

The easy flip-up function works flawlessly for quick chats, grabbing a drink, or getting fresh air mid-ride. And the polycarbonate shell meets stringent safety standards without adding excess weight.

I’m also pleased with the ample list of premium features included at this price point. The anti-scratch sun visor, stainless steel chin bar components, one-handed visor replacement, and Bluetooth speaker capability stand out. Competitors cut these for cheaper modular lids, but the C91 keeps them to maintain functionality.

While it doesn’t have the plush interior padding or cascading rear vents of HJC’s top-shelf lids, the C91 provides tremendous value at just $200.

Riders prioritizing comfort may want the premium HJC i90 instead, but the entry-level C91 succeeds as a lightweight urban warrior.

With its ace balance of versatility, construction quality, and all-day comfort, this modular punches far above its cost. For a trusted interim lid or even as your sole flip-up motorcycle helmet for years of daily use, the C91 has you covered.

A modular lid built for the streets

Riding the streets exposes you to all kinds of hazards, from sudden braking cars to nasty potholes. The C91 provides ample armor to handle these urban obstacles while retaining comfort for the long haul.

The helmet includes a smoked anti-fog sunshield that drops down with the flick of a switch. This gives you instant shade when the clouds part without having to fumble with sunglasses.

A pin-lock-ready face shield allows you to install an insert to eliminate visor fogging in damp weather as well.

Ventilation is handled by dual intakes up top and an exhaust spoiler integrated into the rear. You can fine-tune these vents while riding via large, glove-friendly switches.

A removable chin curtain blocks turbulence-inducing wind—just what you need when trying to communicate via the helmet’s integrated Bluetooth system.

Key safety & protection features:

  • ECE and DOT-certified
  • Polycarbonate composite shell
  • Multi-density EPS liner
  • Integrated sunshield
  • Anti-fog pinlock-ready face shield
  • Removable chin curtain
  • Optional Bluetooth connectivity

Flip it up, flip it down—the versatility of modular

The C91 turns heads with its angular contours and sheen titanium silver finish. But its “flip-up” chin bar is what sets it apart from other lids.

With the flip of a tab, you can raise the front entirely to chat with other riders or get some fresh air mid-ride.

Many cheap modular helmets have flimsy opening mechanisms prone to breaking. But HJC uses stainless steel components that are certified for thousands of opening cycles here. You get the versatility without sacrificing durability.

HJC: Helmet juggernaut

Founded in 1971, HJC has half a century of experience crafting exceptional motorcycle lids. The Korean company produces 1.5 million helmets annually, making it the largest helmet manufacturer by volume.

Unlike some brands that outsource manufacturing, HJC helmets are made exclusively in their own factories. Their single-minded focus results in exceptional fit, finish, and attention to detail model after model.

The C91 continues this legacy, offering flip-up convenience without compromising critical impact protection. For under $170, it’s an unbeatable value that refuses to cut corners.

C91 modular helmet key specs

Weight5.3 lbs (Size L)
Shell Sizes2
CertificationDOT & ECE Approved
ConstructionPolycarbonate Composite
Face ShieldOptically-superior 2D flat racing shield, anti-scratch coated, 95% UV protection
InteriorRemovable, washable cheek & liner pads
VentilationAdvanced polycarbonate composite ventilation system
Other FeaturesOne-touch integrated sunshield, ACS Advanced Channeling Ventilation System, RapidFire shield replacement system, Pinlock-ready shield

Riding with the C91: The open road calls

The C91 enters the fray at a competitive price point, packing must-have features for daily motorcycle expeditions. Its lightweight polycarbonate shell is engineered for stiffness while retaining flexibility to handle impacts.

An adjustable double D-ring strap and padded chin bar cushion keep the lid stable in the twisties. The eye port offers a wide, unobstructed field of view critical for spotting hazards on the highway.

Despite the budget-friendly price, HJC didn’t cut corners on materials. The anti-scratch face shield protects from** damaging UV radiation** while retaining exceptional optical clarity.

The included translucent smoke sunshield deploys and retracts in seconds. Just flip down the lever mounted atop the helmet—no need to remove your gloves to switch shields on the fly.

Key advantages over the HJC i90

The C91’s big brother, the HJC i90 helmet, takes modular performance to the next level but costs a fair bit more. So, how does the entry-level C91 compare?

First, they share a similar lightweight polycarbonate shell meeting stringent DOT & ECE safety standards. But the i90 features upgraded ventilation, an anti-bacterial interior liner, and a face shield system engineered to combat fogging better than the C91.

The key deciding factor comes down to budget and needed features. The i90 undoubtedly provides a superior riding experience but costs over $100 more.

For riders who log fewer annual miles or value affordability, the C91 delivers core essentials without breaking the bank.

HJC C91 vs. i90 quick comparison:

Shell constructionPolycarbonate compositePremium Integrated Matrix Plus
VentilationAdvanced channeling systemAdvanced ACS with adjustable rear spoiler
Anti-fog technologyPinlock-ready faceshieldPinlock Max Vision anti-fog
Comfort & fitRemovable cheek & crown padsSilvercool Plus anti-bacterial fabric

Is the HJC C91 modular helmet right for you?

The C91 hits a sweet spot that appeals to many riders. You get a protective polycarbonate shell armed with premium features like an adjustable sunshield and anti-scratch Pinlock faceshield. The cost stays low, but protection does not.

Riders needing robust ventilation for hot and humid riding conditions may want to consider upgrading to the premium HJC i90 helmet instead. But for fair-weather riding, the C91 brings exceptional value without compromising impact protection.

After analyzing the specs and taking it out on the road, I can say the C91 modular punches way above its weight class.

This lightweight flip-up truly embodies HJC’s ethos: premium construction with no frills—everything you need, nothing you don’t.

At the end of a long-riding day, that’s a combination I can live with. So if you’re seeking a versatile lid and want the assurance of a trusted brand with 50+ years in the business, look no further than the C91.

Frequently asked questions about the HJC C91 helmet:

What sizes is the C91 modular helmet available in?

The C91 comes in shell sizes ranging from XS all the way up to 5XL to accommodate riders of all shapes and sizes. Check HJC’s sizing chart to find your perfect fit.

Does it come with a Bluetooth communication system?

No, the C91 does not include Bluetooth comms out of the box. But it is pre-wired with integrated speaker pockets and mic mounts for easy installation of the HJC Smart 20B Bluetooth system, which is available as a separate purchase.

How long is the warranty period for defects?

HJC helmets are backed by a 3-year limited warranty protecting against manufacturer defects on parts, including the helmet shell, liner, and face shield mechanism.

Can I listen to music with this helmet?

Yes, you can listen to music using the C91 when riding. Just pair it with the HJC Smart 20B Bluetooth system or a third-party Bluetooth communication device. This connects wirelessly to your smartphone to stream music and audiobooks in stereo.

Does HJC provide free shipping & returns?

Yes! One of the best parts of buying from the HJC website is their free shipping and returns on all orders. So you can order hassle-free, knowing that exchanges and returns have no extra fees.

And finally…

When safety counts, you need a lid that checks all the boxes without emptying your wallet. With over four decades of crafting helmets for every riding scenario imaginable, HJC continues to deliver.

The C91 carries on that legacy, packing must-have features like a dropdown sunshield, anti-scratch visor, chin curtain, and ample