REV’IT! Volcano Gloves Review: Light As Air for Summer Rides?

Most summer motorcycle gloves are either relief-robbing saunas or leave your hands and wrists vulnerable to unforgiving rubble and asphalt.

But what if Revit finally discovered that elusive sweet spot with their new Volcano gloves? Could this budget-friendly pair gift your rides a renewed thrill amid soaring temperatures and winding canyon trails?

In this REV’IT! Volcano Gloves review, you’re about to uncover if the hype is real. But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Volcano Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Ventilated and flexible
  • Great value for money
  • Impact protection included

REV’IT! Volcano Gloves – To Buy or Not to Buy?

Considering their specialization for aerodynamic summertime riding, smart protective touches, and value pricing, my verdict is clear…the Revit Volcano gloves deserve your consideration for conquering those soaring temps this year!

As far as temptation goes, these ventilated mitts push all the right buttons for me. Your hands and wrists take a beating off-road, so having lightweight, dexterous protection is crucial.

Yet sweating profusely or losing feel at the controls sucks out the fun too. The Volcanos artfully balance these competing needs.

Now, if heat stroke and slick grips continue hampering your riding adventures, why endure it any longer?
Give these fresh Revit gloves a go and discover if they’re your missing link this summer! Your undying gratitude just may spur me to cook up more hot takes.

How Do They Compare?

Product NameDescription of Features
Klim Induction GloveLightweight, highly breathable adventure glove with elastic wrist closure and palm slider
Alpinestars SMX1 Air V2 GlovesSummer mesh street riding glove with leather palm, foam knuckle protector, and touchscreen finger
Revit Dirt 3 GlovesOff-road focused gloves with injected protectors, Kevlar fabric, and vent zips

The Klim Induction offers lightweight breathability for adventuring, while the Alpinestars SMX1 Air excels for warm