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Joe Rocket Burner Glove Review: Toasty Enough for Cold Rides?

I used to think winter riding was a non-starter without thousands invested in specialized gear. But could a pair of battery-powered heated gloves let me push past the cold?

I decided to test out the Rocket Burner winter motorcycle gloves to see if they could extend my riding season affordably. Do they really transform cold-weather comfort?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for winter for you? Let’s find out!

Joe Rocket Burner Glove


Key Takeaways

  • Durable leather shell
  • Versatile winter upgrade
  • Impressive heating power

Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Lite Heated Gloves – Our Verdict

Overall, I’m highly impressed with the Rocket Burner gloves (1) after putting them through the wringer on a blustery winter ride.

The heating performance proves these batteries pack serious warmth despite the compact size. My usually frozen fingers basked in blissful heat even when I dialed it down to the lowest setting.

That’s crucial because nobody wants to burn through the battery reserves too rapidly. Yet the lower warmth effortlessly battled the bitter cold during my ride.

I expected adequate heat, but the Burners over-delivered to keep pace with the ruthless windchill. Whether you run hot or cold, the adjustability caters to your comfort preferences.

While not inexpensive upfront, the Rocket Burners justify their price by allowing winter mileage that would otherwise get cut short.

The supple leather stands up to impacts while retaining flexibility for long-term comfort. And not having to wire up grips or a vest on every bike makes these winter motorcycle gloves ultra-convenient. For extending your riding season affordably, I can’t recommend the Rocket Burner gloves highly enough!

Braving the Elements

As an avid rider, I strive to log miles year-round despite the fickle-high desert weather. But the windchill can make winter riding an endurance exercise. I’ve tried layering up with liners and winter gloves, yet numb fingers remain a distraction.

Could battery-powered heated gloves allow me to comfortably ride when temperatures dive? I decided to suit up and find out!

Revving Up the Rocket Burner Gloves

I chose the Dr. Joe Rocket Burner heated gloves for their cordless convenience—no need to wire up heated grips or vests.

The gauntlet-style glove sports a durable goatskin leather shell with 3M Thinsulate insulation and DuPont thermal lining.

Touted features include:

  • Onboard heat via rechargeable 7.4V lithium-ion batteries
  • Multiple heating levels
  • Armored knuckle protection
  • Touchscreen-compatible fingertips

I was skeptical whether these gloves could truly deliver effective warmth. But I geared up and made the chilly ride to the far end of Tramway Boulevard.

Testing on a Frigid Ride

As soon as I switched on the gloves, Oh, what a difference! My frozen fingers reveled in the gradually building warmth despite the roaring windchill.

Within a minute, the heat bloomed from toasty to sweltering on the highest setting. I dialed it back down for the return leg, impressed at how the lower warmth effortlessly fought off the cold.

Even wearing a summer jacket, I felt downright cozy, thanks to those fiery glove batteries! The snug fit also didn’t hinder grip or throttle control. And the protruding control buttons made it easy to adjust heat levels mid-ride.

By the end, these Rocket Burners earned top marks in my book! Let’s dig deeper into the details…

Rave Reviews: Pros of the Rocket Burner Gloves

Toasty Warmth Exceeds Expectations

The battery-powered gloves heat up FAST—almost too fast on the highest level. The lowest setting maintained a pleasant warmth throughout my ride despite chillier conditions. Impressively energy efficient!

I expected adequate rather than amazing warmth, but the Rocket Burners impressed me with their stellar heating performance.

Versatile Fit Adds Flexibility

The thick leather and inner lining didn’t restrict movement. I easily operated the clutch, throttle, and controls despite the bulk. Fingers never felt pinched or tight inside.

The gauntlet-style cuff keeps the wind out while an elastic wrist panel prevents air gaps. Coupled with the cozy warmth, I barely noticed the cold!

Durable Shell Shrugs Off Impacts

Supple goatskin leather resists abrasion—helpful if taking a tumble!—and retains flexibility for comfort. The exterior stands up to scrapes better than textile or mesh.

Injected plastic knuckle armor adds impact protection without compromising the feel. The gloves provide great abrasion insurance without turning into stiff body armor.

Room for Improvement: Cons to Consider

  • No waterproofing—must apply protective sprays
  • The lithium battery sits on the bottom of the glove
  • Pricey initial investment

While those drawbacks don’t outweigh the strengths for me, they indicate areas for improvement. Careful use and preparation help maximize longevity.

Overall, the Rocket Burner gloves earn a top rating as my new winter riding essential thanks to their game-changing warmth!


Could the battery placement be problematic in a crash?

It’s possible. If you tend to slide your palms down in a fall, the battery location could expose it to abrasion. But for me, the heating performance outweighs that concern.

How long does one charge last?

Joe Rocket claims around 3 hours of heating on a full charge. My real-world experience aligns with that estimate as long as you don’t use full blast the whole time.

Would you recommend it for wet weather?

I advise rain protection layers until Rocket releases a waterproof version. On light precipitation days, you may survive short rides without soaking through.

How does warmth compare to heated grips or vests?

While less coverage than grips or vests, the Burner gloves focus warming power directly on the hands. I’m amazed at how well they worked, given the smaller batteries.

And Finally…

These Rocket Burner gloves unlocked comfortable winter riding for me! Now, numb fingers won’t cut my seat time short, even when temperatures take a dive. Consider heated gloves if you want to push your riding season into colder weather.

Have you tried battery-heated gloves before? Share your experiences below!

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