REV’IT! Fusion 3 GTX Women Gloves Review – Relief for Cold Hands?

As winter weather blows in, dedicated riders still take to the road despite the frigid temps. Finding women’s winter gloves that keep hands warm and dry without compromising feel or protection can be tricky.

When grabbing my winter gear, a key question always crosses my mind – what are the best options for total hand protection against the biting cold while retaining flexibility and grip?

But, the main question I will answer in this REV’IT! Fusion 3 GTX Gloves review will be: Are these the best women’s winter motorcycle gloves?. Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Fusion 3 GTX Women’s Gloves


Key Takeaways

REV’IT! Fusion 3 GTX Gloves – Our Verdict

Having tested my fair share of winter riding gloves (1), I’m impressed by what the Rev’it Fusion 3 brings to the table.

The use of Thinsulate and Gore-Tex sets a new bar for balancing effective cold and wet weather protection with rider comfort and bike control.

The Thinsulate insulation is some of the most effective I’ve come across for retaining heat, making these winter gloves competitive with much bulkier options.

Combining this with breathable yet waterproof Gore-Tex shows clever design thinking. Rev’it’s unique construction that enables heated grip conductivity through the membrane also demonstrates smart innovation.

While they don’t skimp on protection, including reinforced palm leather and hard knuckle guards, what stands out is how the pre-curved shape and stretch panels grant such refined ergonomic fit and feel. The

Fusion 3 women’s gloves really complement the user experience of manipulating bike controls even in freezing winter conditions.

Rev’it managed to retain a remarkable level of tactile feedback and flexibility despite the insulation – no small engineering feat!

After using the Fusion 3 gloves myself in 40-degree riding weather, I wholeheartedly recommend them for the performance-minded motorcyclist who demands both warmth and a responsive riding experience. They justify the premium price by delivering across the spectrum.

Comparison To Other Women’s Winter Gloves

Scorpion EXO Gripster GlovesLightweight summer gloves with air mesh for ventilation
Held Sambia Evo GTX GlovesWaterproof and breathable Gore-Tex glove with removable thermal liner
Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon GlovesTrack-focused gloves with ventilation and carbon fiber knuckle protection
Sedici Avventura WP GlovesWinter waterproof glove with Thinsulate insulation
Icon Anthem 2 Stealth GlovesAll-weather glove with water resistant membrane

The Rev’it Fusion 3 Gortex gloves stand out from the other gloves by offering a specialized balance of winter weather protection through Gore-Tex and Thinsulate while retaining excellent dexterity and grip feel.

The Scorpion EXO Gripsters prioritize ventilation over weather protection for summer use, while the track-oriented Alpinestars focus heavily on protection at the expense of versatility.

The Held Sambias comes closest, also featuring Gore-Tex and a removable liner, but they lack the ergonomic shaping and grip interface of the Fusion 3.

For maximizing cold and wet weather performance while maintaining critical riding tactile feedback, the Rev’it Fusion 3 gloves shine over the competitors here.

Protection and Safety

Rider safety should be the number one priority when selecting winter gloves. The Fusion 3 gloves include reinforcements in key impact zones to help prevent injuries in a slide:

The scaphoid shield is an important addition since the scaphoid bone in the wrist is prone to fractures. Having a hard shield provides peace of mind that this sensitive area has extra protection.

The heavy-duty goatskin leather resists tearing when sliding on asphalt, while the secure wrist strap prevents the glove from being yanked off the hand accidentally. Overall, Rev’it included the essential protections necessary for safe winter riding.

Warmth and Weather Protection

Battling cold winds and winter precipitation poses challenges for rider comfort. The Fusion 3 gloves address these issues with a lineup of thermal features:

  • Thinsulate insulation – Heat-retaining microfibers that reflect body heat back to hands
  • Gore-Tex waterproof/breathable membrane – Repels liquid water while allowing sweat vapor to escape
  • Designed for use with heated grips – Conducts electric grip heat efficiently

The insulated thermal lining does an admirable job blocking wind chill and locking in warmth thanks to its heat-reflective properties.

My hands stayed pleasantly warm, wearing these gloves even while riding at highway speeds in 40-degree Fahrenheit weather.

Gore-Tex guarantees moisture protection in wet conditions while preventing the “sauna effect” inside the glove. Too much interior condensation from sweat can soak the gloves from the inside out. Gore-Tex strikes a balance to keep hands dry overall, an important feature for winter gloves.

Many waterproof gloves inhibit the performance of heated grips by blocking heat transfer. The Fusion 3 gloves have a unique construction specialized for heated grip compatibility.

My aftermarket Oxford heated grips delivered toasty warmth to my fingers and the back of my hands with no issues.

Fit and Dexterity

Bulky winter gloves typically hinder grip, throttle/brake feel, and overall dexterity. The Fusion 3 gloves provide a trim fit with flexible panels for uncompromised tactile feedback:

The pre-curved shaping allows for a natural grip around the handlebars without restriction. Goatskin leather on the palms and fingers ensures positive traction and abrasion resistance, while neoprene stretch panels improve flexibility.

The elastic wristband conforms closely to jacket cuffs to prevent air and moisture infiltration. For convenience, conductive fingertip patches enable using touchscreen devices without removing the gloves.

Overall, the snug fit and supple materials grant excellent feel and feedback for confident bike handling. These gloves rival my summer riding gloves for dexterity, even with the added insulation and armor.

Additional Conveniences

Besides core factors like warmth and protection, the Fusion 3 winter gloves include other rider-focused features:

  • Large pull loop for easy donning
  • Cuff tightening strap
  • Sizes from Small to 4XL
  • Touchscreen conductive fingertips

The oversized pull loop makes dragging the gloves on with cold fingers an easy affair. And the hook-and-loop cuff strap further dials in the fit for added security. Too-large gloves lead to looseness that inhibits grip and feel.

Finding winter gloves to accommodate larger hands can be frustrating. Fortunately, Rev’it offers the Fusion 3 model in sizes up to 4XL to cater to those with bigger paws. Conductive finger patches round out the convenient features for on-the-fly device use.

Final Impressions

After logging a few hundred miles of riding in cold temps wearing the Rev’it Fusion 3 Gortex gloves, I’m convinced they live up to the hype.

The Thinsulate insulation blocks wind and locks in warmth remarkably well. And the Gore-Tex insert comes through on guaranteed waterproofness combined with breathability.

The pre-curved shaping and supple goatskin leather grant excellent bar feel and control precision, rivaling lighter summer gloves.

Plus, the knuckle, finger, and scaphoid protectors provide substantial impact and abrasion coverage for crash protection.

**For winter riding gloves with a deft balance of warmth, weather protection, safety, comfort, and dexterity, the Rev’it Fusion 3 gloves check all the boxes.

** While not inexpensive, their robust construction and clever heated grip compatibility make them worth the investment for motorcyclists who battle chilly riding conditions.


How does the Rev’it Fusion 3 glove warmth compare to other winter riding gloves?

The Fusion 3 glove warmth ranks among the top tier of winter riding gloves thanks to the Thinsulate insulation and wind/water-blocking Gore-Tex membrane. Only heavyweight winter gauntlets exceed them for warmth.

What temperature ranges are the Rev’it Fusion 3 gloves best suited for?

The Fusion 3 gloves perform optimally in temps ranging from just above freezing into the 40s Fahrenheit. Colder than that may require supplementary glove liners or handlebar muffs.

Why are the Fusion 3 gloves able to work with heated grips despite the waterproof Gore-Tex layer?

Rev’it cleverly designed the Fusion 3 gloves to incorporate heating elements in the insulation that transfer grip heat efficiently through the membrane, overcoming issues with other waterproof winter gloves.

How long does the touchscreen conductivity last on the index finger and thumb?

The conductive fingertips retain functionality for the lifetime of the gloves unless excessively worn down from abrasion. Light use preserves conductivity for years before needing replacement.

Do the Fusion 3 gloves come in women’s versions or only standard men’s sizes?

Rev’it offers the Fusion 3 gloves only in men’s sizes from Small up to 4XL. The elastic wrist helps fine-tune the fit, but for smaller hands, it’s best to try them on before purchase or size down accordingly.

Finally, I welcome your questions and feedback in the comments section below concerning the Rev’it Fusion 3 gloves or other winter riding glove recommendations! Ride safe out there, fellow motorcyclists.

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