Held Evo-Thrux II Gloves Review: Ideal for Aggressive Riders?

Could these new German-engineered motorcycle gloves fully protect my hands during aggressive riding while retaining flexibility and feel?

In this Held Evo-Thrux II Track Gloves review, we will look at all the aspects of these gloves, but the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the track? Let’s analyze their construction and features to find out!

Held Evo-Thrux II Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Aggressive yet comfortable
  • Versatile, durable riding glove
  • Supple feel, ample protection

Held Evo-Thrux II Gloves – Our Verdict

While not as robust as full racing gloves (1), the Evo Thrux 2 provides ample protection for aggressive canyon carving or occasional track days.

The armor shields against bruising knocks without severely sacrificing flexibility. I’ve crashed in bulkier track gloves and broken fingers from hyperextension, so some pliability is welcome on the street.

The perforated fingers and knuckles offer ventilation to reduce sweating, and the overall ergonomic shape delivers a comfortable broken-in feel.

After evaluating their safety aspects, I believe Held designed the Evo Thrux 2 to excel in rough riding conditions.

The combination of goatskin, kangaroo leather, temper foam, and Super Fabric presents a versatile defense against abrasion, meaning they can withstand a slide without tearing.

Ultimately, the gloves provide reassuring insurance to push harder through corners, knowing my hands have ample coverage.

While not race-grade, I deem the Evo Thrux 2 properly equipped for attacking back roads yet comfortable enough for multi-hour sports touring.

Comparison To Other Track Gloves

Product NameKey Features
Alpinestars SP-8 v3 GlovesFull kangaroo leather construction, race-grade protection, minimal ventilation
Held Evo Thrux 2 GlovesGoatskin + kangaroo leather, hard knuckles + temper foam, perforated fingers/knuckles
Dainese Steel Pro In GlovesCowhide + kangaroo construction, carbon fiber knuckles, Primaloft insulation
Alpinestars GP Tech v2 GlovesFull kangaroo leather, race-ready protection, mesh fourchettes
Icon Hypersport GP Gloves