Held Sambia 2-in-1 EVO GTX Gloves Review: Best Women’s Touring Gloves?

We have tested my fair share of gloves over the years in search of the perfect pair for long-distance touring. Most fall short when it comes to delivering comprehensive coverage across all three areas.

However, the Held Sambia 2-in-1 Gore-Tex women’s motorcycle gloves stood out with their versatile dual-chamber design and rugged construction.

In this in-depth review, I’ll share my experiences using these premium touring gloves to help fellow riders determine if they live up to their price tag.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best women’s motorcycle gloves? Let’s find out!

Held Sambia 2-in-1 EVO GTX Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Dual-chamber versatility
  • Lasting comfort and grip
  • Maximum impact protection

Held Sambia 2-in-1 EVO GTX Gloves Verdict

While I fortunately didn’t go down on this 1,200-mile journey, I left with total confidence in the knockout shielding these Held gloves provide.

The molded knuckle armor, thick goat hide, and supple cowhide leather palm form a formidable barrier against abrasion.

Meanwhile, the injection molded finger shields, wrist guard, and layered Super Fabric dissipate and deflect blows.

Throughout multiple long days in the saddle, I never felt pinched or uncomfortable, thanks to the careful placement of elastic panels. Air flowed freely through the mesh and perforations, keeping my hands cool even on hot asphalt.

Final Impressions: A Premium Long Distance Touring Glove

For serious touring riders who log thousands of miles annually, glove failure or exhaustion simply isn’t an option.

That’s why I wholeheartedly recommend the feature-packed Held Sambia 2-in-1 EVO GTX gloves to those seeking ultimate protection, versatility, and longevity. Though the price exceeds many casual riding gloves, they deliver functionality on par with wearing two separate gloves.

Factor in the Gore-Tex waterproof and windproof guarantees, reinforced palms, wrist closure, and tactile feel, and you’ve got a glove ready to tackle any epic journey.

If you demand the very best in safety, sensitivity, and comfort from a touring glove, look no further. The Sambia motorcycle gloves stand miles above the rest. Ride on!

Comparison to Similar Gloves

Alpinestars SPX V2 GlovesMid-weight sport-riding gloves with carbon fiber knuckle protection and goatskin leather construction.
Alpinestars Stella SMX-1 Air V2 GlovesWomen’s racing gloves are optimized for track and aggressive performance riding with ventilation and a palm slider.
Sedici Lucca Women’s GlovesWomen’s racing gloves optimized for track and aggressive performance riding with ventilation and palm slider.

The Held Zambia gloves stand out from other women’s offerings with their dual-chamber Gore-Tex waterproofing and heavy-duty protection.

They prioritize maximum coverage and distance riding versatility over the lightweight feel and responsiveness of racing gloves like the Alpinestars Stella. While the Sedici Lucca gloves match the stylish aesthetics, they lack rugged palm reinforcement for long tours.

A Premium Riding Glove Packed with Features

Upon first glance, the robust list of specifications on the Held Sambia gloves is enough to make any rider do a double take.

The long gauntlet-style cuff extends well past the wrist, sealed by two sturdy Velcro straps. The first secures around the narrowest point of the wrist for a snug fit, while the second fasten at the opening.

Ventilated TPR armor across the fingers and knuckles provides impact protection. Underneath the exterior TPR shield on the knuckles is a layer of shock-absorbing foam padding. Goatskin leather panels on the back of the hand grant abrasion resistance, augmented by stretch mesh inserts for flexibility.

The showpiece is undoubtedly the dual-chamber configuration. Sliding my hand inside, I could choose to envelop it completely within the Gore-Tex waterproof inner layer.

Alternatively, I had the option to place my fingers and palms in the external “breezy” chamber made of perforated kangaroo leather. This grants a heightened feel and breathability compared to the fully waterproof option.

Unparalleled Dexterity and Control

The perforated kangaroo leather palm delivers exceptional grip and sensitivity when operating the throttle and brake.

Touchscreen compatibility in the index fingertip furthers ease of use with GPS devices and smartphones. I’d love to see it expanded to the thumb as well in future versions for accessing touch displays with a pinching motion.

Beneath the leather palm, padded blocks of Super Fabric provide abrasion protection without impeding flexibility.

The external pinky side and heel of the hand enjoy full coverage from exterior seam reinforcement. Extending down from the gauntlet cuff, extra wrist armor boosts impact absorption.

Engineered for Distance Riding Comfort

My first outing with the Held Sambia gloves was a three-day ride through the winding coastal roads of Northern California.

Temperatures fluctuated between 55 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, with occasional light showers. This presented the perfect opportunity to test the dual-chamber functionality.

Transitioning Between Chambers

When dry weather prevailed, I exclusively used the breezy chamber to maximize ventilation and sensitivity. Then, at the first sign of precipitation, I paused to shift my hand into the Gore-Tex inner compartment. The process took under a minute, thanks to the wide gauntlet opening and slippery interior lining.

Despite the bulkier feel of the waterproof layer, I was amazed at how little it impeded finger dexterity. I could still operate all the bike’s controls with precision. The glove tips are pre-curved to mimic a natural clenched fist position, reducing hand fatigue.

What has been your experience with motorcycle touring gloves? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the size of the Held Sambia women’s glove?

I recommend ordering one size down from the size chart. I typically wear a size 7 glove, but the size 6 Sambia fits me best with its pre-curved shape.

How do these compare against winter gloves?

They lack the insulation required for true cold-weather riding. However, switching to the GoreTex liner provides wind and water protection down to around 45 degrees when paired with a heated grip accessory.

Would you choose these over sports gloves for aggressive riding?

No – they prioritize long-distance comfort over ultimate feel and flexibility. For track and performance riding, I’d pick a pair like the Held Phantom 2 gauntlet gloves that are designed specifically for speed and responsiveness.

What is the expected lifespan of the Held Sambia gloves?

With proper care and maintenance, they should last 5+ years of steady use before needing replacement. The dual-chamber system essentially doubles their mileage. As long as you wash them regularly and apply a leather conditioner to the palms, you’ll get your money’s worth from these premium gloves.

And Finally…

The Held Sambia 2-in-1 GoreTex gloves show what’s achievable when you incorporate the best materials and technologies into a touring glove.

Beyond the standout dual-chamber configuration, they provide complete coverage across all essential areas – dexterity, protection, comfort, and waterproofing among them.

While the retail price is steep, I see these as a lifelong investment toward safety and performance.

For globetrotting riders who spend more time behind the bars than anywhere else, these gloves will enrich every mile of the ride.

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