Knox Urbane Pro Gloves Review: Safest Summer Gloves Under $150?

Combining multiple armor components with leather and textile construction, do these Knox Urbane Pro gloves hit the sweet spot for warm-weather riding?

But, the main question I will answer in this Knox Urbane Pro Gloves review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you? I put them to the test to see if they’re worth the $130 price tag.

Knox Urbane Pro Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Lightweight With Tpu Armor
  • Balances Protection and Airflow
  • Retains Excellent Feel Through Palm

Knox Urbane Pro Gloves: Our Verdict

After analyzing the details on the Knox Urbane Pro (1), I believe they hit a nice balance between protection and airflow for warmer weather riding.

The armor placement covers high-impact zones without limiting flexibility – they move freely without restrictive bulk.

I typically prefer maximum protection, but once the mercury rises, the tradeoff for ventilation pays dividends in comfort.

Surprisingly, the Urbane Pros don’t sacrifice much safety, considering the TPU knuckle guard, palm sliders, and Amara leather construction.

For riders prioritizing airflow, they prove a smart choice over the hotter, pricier Orsa and Handroids. However, they aren’t perfect…

In my experience, pulling on the fixed neoprene cuff to remove them can get annoying. I’d prefer an additional pull tab.

Also, while the palm perforations and 3D mesh flow air exceptionally well, they fail to provide waterproofing. So, riders looking for insulation or water protection should consider winter options.

After testing these in 80+ degree heat, I gladly accept the moisture risk for the superb comfort and ventilation.

Before buying elsewhere, make sure to check for the latest pricesOpens in a new tab. and any special offers on the Knox Urbane Pro to snag the lowest deal.

Their prices fluctuate over time, and sales do pop up. You may luck out and score an awesome bargain!

Comparison To Other Summer Motorcycle Gloves

Alpinestars SPX V2REV’IT! Quantum 2Scorpion EXO Sprint Carbon
Full leather construction with molded polymer knucklesKangaroo leather palm with TPU knuckles and wrist protectionCarbon fiber knuckle protector with leather and textile materials
Minimal ventilation from perforationsStrategic perforations on the back for coolingStrategic perforations on back for cooling
Excellent abrasion resistance but runs hotRace-level protection balanced with comfortLightweight track and performance option

What About Protection?

An image explaining about the protection of the Knox Urbane Pro Gloves

The Knox Urbane Pro contrasts with these options by focusing more heavily on ventilation through the 3D spacer mesh.

The Urbane Pro armor also looks less robust than the full carbon or TPU shells of the higher-end track mits.

So, while the Knox option sacrifices some protection, it remains a strong choice for riders prioritizing ventilation over racing performance during warm weather.

The Knox Urbane Pro incorporates multiple protective elements to help safeguard your hands while riding. This includes:

  • TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) knuckle protector – This hard plastic shell helps shield the vulnerable knuckle area from impact.
  • SPS slider – A reinforced slider located on the palm provides abrasion resistance in the event of a slide-out. This helps prevent serious hand injuries.
  • Additional TPU slider at the base of the hand – This extra TPU slider provides further abrasion protection.
  • Amara leather palm – The palm is made from abrasion-resistant Amara leather, offering good durability and slide protection.

While not designed specifically for track use, these protective features make the Urbane Pro a reasonably capable street/canyon mitt. The armor is focused on key impact zones without overly compromising flexibility and dexterity.

The combination of the TPU knuckle guard, palm sliders, and leather construction provides a good balance of protection and comfort for general riding use.

This makes the Urbane Pro a sensible choice for riders prioritizing ventilation over maximum hardcore armor.

A Lightweight Glove Built for Warm Weather

I typically prefer maximum protection in my riding gear. However, when temperatures climb, the tradeoff for airflow becomes worthwhile. The question is, have the Knox Urbane Pro black gloves sacrificed armor in favor of breathability?

They contain multiple protective components, including: