REV’IT! Summit 4 H2O Gloves Review: Upgrades Worth the Wait?

REV’IT!’s Summit gloves have been my go-to for years, and I was eager to test their latest iteration boasting enhanced waterproofing.

After taking the new REV’IT! Summit 4 H2O Gloves on demanding wet weather rides, a key question emerged—will the redesigned Hydratex liner live up to expectations for keeping hands dry?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Is this the best top-rated motorcycle gloves for cold weather for you? I’ll cover how these gloves stacked up to the competition.

REV’IT! Summit 4 H2O Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Durable palm grip
  • Snug adjustable fit
  • Superior wet weather performance

REV’IT! Summit 4 H2O Gloves The Verdict

I’m happy to say Revit made noticeable upgrades where it counts. The redesigned Hydratex liner takes wet weather protection to another level, keeping my hands bone dry even after hours of heavy rainfall.

Equally important, they trimmed excess material and bulk without compromising safety. The cuff adjusts tighter for a distraction-free fit that still slides on easily under the sleeves.

By sweat-wicking insulation and amping airflow, the Summit 4 H2Os better regulate temperature, too. My hands stayed reasonably cool, wearing them on 80-degree rides.

Ultimately, Revit smartly enhanced key elements of their popular glove while retaining the versatility I rely on for everything from commuting to touring.

Before buying elsewhere, be sure to check for special discount pricingOpens in a new tab. or sales on the latest Summit 4 H2Os to score the best savings. Their prices often fluctuate, so search for any ongoing deals.

Construction and Materials

The outer shell utilizes waterproof fabrics like Gore-Tex and abrasion-resistant Cordura on the backhand. Kangaroo leather bolsters high-wear areas for additional toughness against slides.

Underneath, a Hydratex waterproof Z-liner membrane bonds to the inner lining, preventing moisture from reaching the skin. This proprietary REV’IT! Technology proved better than expected at keeping hands dry.

I appreciated touches like ripstop fabric circling the cuff and adding structure so sleeves slide on more easily. 3D preshaped palm sections eliminate excess material for less bunching.

Hand Protection

When it comes to impact protection, the Summit 4 H2Os have riders covered in key zones. The gloves incorporate rigid TPU knuckle armor over the main knuckles, with softer Temper foam padding underneath to allow flexibility while shielding from crashes. I felt reassured by the CE rating certifying these as moto-grade guards.

The palm area also benefits from overlaying goatskin leather, one of the most abrasion-resistant materials short of kevlar.

Together with Temperfoam slabs reinforcing the heel and base of the thumb, the durable leather should hold up as the first line of defense during spills, protecting palm skin.

Crashes often involve hand bracing falls, so the gloves having beefy thermoplastic sliders running along the outer wrist proves essential.

These shields sat comfortably, not impeding flexibility but seeming sturdy enough to slide rather than dig into the pavement upon impact.

For those of us who ride in summer storms, the Summit 4 H2Os address the leading hazard – losing grip on wet handlebars.

The combination of textured gel print reinforcing the pressure points, with the natural adherence of drum-dried goat leather, inspires confidence in maintaining bar control despite slippery hands or accrued road spray.

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