Dainese MIG 3 Leather Gloves Review: Price Justifies Mixed Upgrades?

I’m always on the lookout for high-quality riding gloves that provide protection without sacrificing comfort and flexibility.

So when the updated Dainese Mig-3 leather summer motorcycle gloves were released, I was keen to check them out and see if they live up to the reputation of the original Mig gloves.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you? Let’s find out!

Dainese MIG 3 Leather Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

  • All-rounder glove with value
  • Updated classic design endures
  • Balances protection and flexibility

Our Verdict Of The New Mig-3 Leather Motorcycle Gloves

I was excited to take the new Mig-3 summer motorcycle gloves (1) for a spin and experience the changes firsthand. Slipping my hands in, I immediately noticed the looser fit around the wrist and fingers.

The reworked panels and fabrics definitely provide more airflow to the hands and knuckles. However, the bulky wrist cuff now seems disproportionate next to the slimmer gloves. I prefer the more tailored shaping of the old Migs in this area.

The Amara palm lining feels pleasantly soft and supple, if slightly slick at first. The textured grip should improve once worn in. The divided pinky panel and stretch gussets do help mobility in tight spots.

Speaking of materials, I’m concerned about the decline in leather quality compared to earlier Dainese gear.

The hide feels thinner and more plastic-y, lacking that premium luxury touch. Minor quibbles aside, the new gloves appear decently constructed with tidy stitching throughout.

A Brief Background

For those unfamiliar, Dainese is an iconic Italian manufacturer of premium motorcycle gear. Their products are known for incorporating innovative safety technology into stylish designs.

The Mig glove line has a cult following in the riding community and is known for delivering robust protection in a flexible, lightweight package.

The previous version, the Mig-2 motorcycle gloves, debuted way back in 2014. After nearly a decade, Dainese has now released the successor Mig-3 model.

But with such big shoes to fill, the question is whether the new iteration retains everything riders loved about the Mig gloves.

I decided to scrutinize the upgrades to evaluate if these successor gloves warrant the $120 price tag.

Breaking Down the Changes

At first glance, the overall construction seems similar to the outgoing model. The gloves feature a combination of milled cowhide leather and 3D air mesh panels with durable faux suede palm reinforcements. The trim sporty styling remains unchanged as well.

However, peering closer reveals several key differences:

  • Redesigned backhand panels – More 3D mesh now covers the back of the hand and wrist. The flexible lycra panels near the knuckles are gone too, replaced by leather.
  • Extra ulna protectionRigid TPU armor with shock-absorbing