Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.1 Gloves Review: Can They Go The Distance?

I’ve been a loyal Joe Rocket motorcycle gloves wearer for years. Recently, my trusty old pair finally bit the dust after countless miles on the road. It was time to replace them, but could a new pair of Joe Rocket gloves measure up to the beloved originals?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best-armored motorcycle gloves for you? Let’s find out!

Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.1 Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Snug But Comfortable
  • Full Flexible Protection
  • Proven Joe Rocket Pedigree

My History With Joe Rocket Gloves

When I first started riding again several years ago, I knew I needed proper protective gear. I headed to a few local shops and found a great armored jacket for visibility per my wife’s request. To complete the ensemble, I picked up fluorescent yellow Joe Rocket gloves to match the jacket accents.

Over the years, those gloves became an extension of my hands. The venting kept my paws cool in the hot Central Texas weather.

The armored knuckle protection saved me from bruising impacts. The reinforced leather palms and fingertips provided abrasion resistance while still allowing feel and flexibility.

Why It Was Time For an Upgrade

Recently, though, the old Joes finally gave up the ghost after faithfully protecting my hands for thousands of miles. The leather wore thin in spots, stitches popped, and velcro started giving way.

So, while I loved the fit, comfort, and protection of the previous Joe Rocket gloves, it was time to shop around for a replacement.

The Quest For New Gloves

I researched other top brands like Icon, Rev’It, and Alpinestars. But ultimately, I figured why mess with success? I already knew that Joe Rocket gloves checked all the boxes in terms of quality, comfort, and protection.

Glove CriteriaRequirement
ProtectionFull armored knuckles
ComfortGood ventilation, pre-curved design
DurabilityReinforced leather and impact padding
FitTrue sizing with adjustment options

Browsing online, I couldn’t find my exact previous gloves. But Joe Rocket made it easy to stay brand loyal. I found the extremely similar-looking Phoenix 5.1 model and ordered them in my usual size.

Unboxing And Initial Impressions

Fresh out of the box, the Phoenix 5.1s looked slick in all black. The styling stayed consistent with familiar Joe Rocket DNA. I hoped these new gloves could continue my positive experiences.

Old Faithful With A Facelift

Gliding my hands into the Phoenix 5.1s, the fit proved snug but workable even before the break-in. The pre-curved shape matched my natural grip contour. Firing up the bike for a maiden voyage, I could already tell the airflow and temperature control matched the beloved previous pair.

The Phoenix 5.1s provided reassuringly familiar functions and features:

• Diamond-Quilted Goatskin Leather

The exterior construction used Joe Rocket’s abrasion-resistant diamond goatskin leather and flexible neoprene paneling on the backhands and fingers for maximum dexterity. Interior suede wiping surfaces kept the face shield tidy.

• Reinforced Pre-Curved Palm

The pre-curved ergonomic palm design utilized an abrasion-resistant cowhide with extra reinforcement for a natural feel during clutch and brake operation.

• Knuckle Armoring