Dainese 4 Stroke 2 Review: Supreme Comfort or Poor Value?

I strongly believe that having a good pair of gloves for protection and comfort is non-negotiable. The Four-Stroke 2 gloves caught my eye for their stylish Italian design and use of high-end materials. But are they worth the lofty price tag?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you?

Let’s unzip these gloves and take a hands-on look at the features and functionality. By the end, you’ll know exactly who should buy the Four-Stroke 2 motorcycle gloves.

Dainese 4 Stroke 2 Review


Key Takeaways

  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Sleek Italian styling and luxury
  • Great for warm, dry conditions

Dainese 4 Stroke 2 An Evolutionary Upgrade

The Dainese Four-Stroke 2 gloves replace the previous Four-Stroke model, which was hugely popular among riders. So, this newest iteration had big shoes to fill!

At first glance, the changes from the earlier Four-Stroke glove appear subtle. But Dainese added some clever touches that make these premium gloves even more comfortable and protective:

  • Enhanced Knuckle Accordion: An elastic accordion panel stretches across the knuckles, increasing flexibility when gripping the bars.
  • Extended Wrist Pull Tab: A grippy pull tab makes it easier to tug the gloves on in a hurry.
  • Beefed Up Wrist Enclosure: chunky Velcro and extra overlap at the wrist provide a super secure closure.

While the upgrades seem minor, they add up to a supremely comfortable glove perfect for everyday riding.

Constructed Like a Race Glove with an Urban Style

The Four-Stroke 2 gloves borrow technology from Dainese’s track-focused race gloves but are packaged into a stylish, urban-ready package.

They use the same premium goatskin leather as the race-ready Full Metal gloves, with the addition of flexible polyurethane accordions. The knuckle protector uses injection molded plastic combined with shock-absorbing resin and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU).

This stab-resistant construction meets the CE standard for impact absorption during a crash. So, while they look trendy, the Four-Stroke 2 gloves offer serious protection for the street.

Unrivaled All-Day Comfort Ideal for Urban Commutes

Here’s where the Four-Stroke 2 gloves really shine. The mixture of textiles, leather, accordions, and armor come together to deliver sublime long-haul comfort.

Strategic perforations aid airflow across the back of the hand to reduce sweating. The knuckle accordion and stretchy thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) fabric over the fingers allow your hands to flex naturally while riding.

Despite the bulky armor, the slim cuff slides easily under most motorcycle jacket sleeves. And the Velcro closure keeps the glove firmly in place without uncomfortable pressure points.

For commuting and casual urban rides, I’ve yet to test a more comfortable short-cuff glove than the Four-Stroke 2. My hands stayed cool even when stuck in heavy traffic on a hot summer day.

Ideal for Warm Weather Street Riding

While superbly protective, the Four-Stroke 2 excels as a lightweight warm-weather glove. In my opinion, they lack the insulation and weather protection required for cold or wet riding.

The short cuff, perforated leather, and stretch panels make them highly breathable. In warm temps, they promote great airflow to keep hands dry and comfy.

But the thin leather and textile construction provides little insulation against the cold. Although the exterior sheds light precipitation, they lack a waterproof liner to block heavy rain.

So, I recommend the Four-Stroke 2 specifically as a soft protection option for warm and dry street riding. Riders in cooler climates or seeking more weather versatility should look elsewhere.

A Prestigious Pedigree of Premium Italian Craftsmanship

It’s no secret I’m obsessed with Italian gear and the Dainese brand in particular. Their innovative style and meticulous construction quality really shine through in these exceptional gloves.

True to Dainese fashion, the subtle design details of the Four-Stroke 2 elevate them beyond expectations:

  • The micro-etched goat skin leather texture for enhanced grip recalls fine Italian driving gloves
  • Strategic polyurethane accordions artfully balance flexibility and protection
  • A discrete Dainese logo and iconic screening lines accent the wrist closure

Beyond looks, every aspect focuses on delivering a flawless riding experience. While expensive, the premium materials and obsessive Italian craftsmanship make these gloves a joy to wear.

Final Verdict: Who Are the Four-Stroke 2 Gloves For?

So, are the Dainese Four-Stroke 2 gloves worth the hefty price? In my opinion, it depends on your riding needs:


  • Supremely comfortable for long days
  • Lightweight and highly breathable
  • Protective construction stops abrasion
  • Gorgeous Italian styling


  • Expensive
  • Lack weather protection
  • Minimal insulation

For Style-Conscious Fair Weather Street Riders:
If you rack up miles on sunny urban roads or canyon carving, then yes – the Four-Stroke two gloves warrant the splurge.

Their battered knuckles prove these gloves saved my hands in a low-side crash. Yet they remain a pleasure to wear on every casual ride thanks to the ergonomic Italian design.

Not for Year-Round or Adventure Riders:
If riding in cold weather or frequent precipitation, you’ll want more insulation, weatherproofing, and adjustability. You can likely find equally protective gloves without paying the Dainese premium.

So, in summary, the Dainese Four-Stroke 2 gloves deliver race-spec protection coupled with sublime long-distance comfort, assuming warm, dry conditions. While pricey, I believe they earn their keep for riders who log daily commuting miles or blast canyons on hot weekends.

Have you tried the Dainese Four-Stroke 2 motorcycle gloves? Share your experience in the comments below! I’m eager to hear your thoughts.

Ride safe out there, motorheads. And remember – gear up properly so you can keep enjoying the thrill of the ride for years to come!

Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do the Four-Stroke 2 gloves come in?

The Four-Stroke 2 gloves range from size XS all the way up to 3XL. Refer to the size chart on Revzilla.com to choose your ideal fit based on hand circumference measurement. I’m typically a large in gloves, and the L Four-Stroke 2 pair fit perfectly.

How do these compare to winter motorcycle gloves?

The Four-Stroke 2 is designed specifically for warm-weather riding. They lack insulation or membrane protection against precipitation. I would opt for a fully waterproof winter glove with PrimaLoft or Thinsulate lining for cold or wet riding conditions.

What color options are available?

Currently, the Four-Stroke 2 gloves come in black, black/anthracite, black/red, and black/gray. The red and gray versions add flair while retaining a classic, understated look.

Can I wear these off-road or dual sport riding?

Long, gauntlet-style gloves work better for off-road riding to protect jacket sleeves from dirt and debris. The short Dainese cuff also provides less impact protection. So they aren’t ideal for trail or dual sport use.

How do I clean leather motorcycle gloves?

Use warm water with a gentle soap and sponge to clean leather gloves. Never put them fully submerged or in the washing machine.

Allow them to air dry away from direct sunlight or heat to preserve the leather. Apply waterproofing wax once fully dry to maintain water resistance.

And Finally…

Whether bombing through empty canyons or lane-splitting downtown traffic, the right pair of motorcycle gloves makes every ride more comfortable and carefree.

For warm-weather street riders seeking protective Italian style, the Dainese Four-Stroke 2 gloves deliver an exceptional experience worth their premium price. Their unrivaled long-haul comfort ensures your hands feel great even after a full day aboard your beloved steed.

Yet those demanding hardcore weather protection or insulation should look elsewhere to avoid disappointment. Adventurers desiring adaptability across diverse conditions favor a more versatile glove.

But if sunny pavement prowling remains your pure passion, then by all means, give these glorious Dainese gloves serious consideration. Your weathered mitts will thank you down the road – or trail, as it happens!

Now it’s your turn – let me know which motorcycle gloves handle your riding style in the comments. Ride on and shift safely, friends!

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