REV’IT! Avion 3 Gloves Review: Ideal for Casual Summer Riders?

With hundreds of options on the market, finding the right summer motorcycle gloves can be a daunting task.

You want gloves that provide protection without overheating in the warmer months. That’s why I took a close look at the Revit Fly 3 gloves.

In this Revit Fly 3 glove review, discover whether these gloves check all the boxes, but the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for the summer for you? Let’s find out!

REV’IT! Avion 3 Gloves


Key Takeaways

  • Breathable with airflow vents
  • Solid protection; good value
  • Improved accordion flexibility

REV’IT! Avion 3 Gloves Key Takeaways

An Overview of the Revit Fly 3 Gloves

The Revit Fly 3 gloves build upon the previous Fly 2 model with two key upgrades:

  • An accordion stretch panel on the thumb instead of the wrist for improved flexibility
  • A wider palm area for a more comfortable fit

Otherwise, the Fly 3 retains the same lightweight, summer-ready design of its predecessor. Main features include:

  • Goat leather construction with perforated panels for maximum airflow
  • TPU protectors on knuckles & fingers for impact resistance
  • Touchscreen-compatible thumb and index finger
  • Short cuff with velcro closure for a secure fit
  • Available in sizes S-3XL

So, do these subtle changes make the Fly 3 a worthwhile upgrade over the Fly 2? Let’s analyze the vitals to find out.

Light and Airy Goat Leather Build

Weighing in at just 2.82 oz (80 g), the Fly 3 gloves are extraordinarily lightweight. This allows for supreme comfort and dexterity during use.

The perforated goat leather shell also permits tremendous airflow to keep hands cool. While leather doesn’t offer as much slide protection as textile, it provides better abrasion resistance in a crash.

For street & casual track riding, leather strikes the ideal balance of protection and breathability. Those looking for the ultimate track gloves may want a textile option instead.

TPU Protection Where It Counts

Unlike racing gloves with TPU sliders throughout, the Fly 3 strategically incorporates TPU only where it’s needed most – over the knuckles and finger joints.

This rigid shell armor provides impact protection without interfering with movement or adding excess bulk.

The extra TPR padding at the base of the palm is also nice for absorbing vibrations. Considering their lightweight design, the Fly 3 gloves offer decent protection for casual riding applications.

Improved Accordion Stretch Panels

Moving the accordion stretch panel from the wrist to the thumb makes a noticeable difference in flexibility.

Clenching your fist no longer feels restricted, and operating the throttle and brakes feels more natural. The panel integration could look a bit sleeker from an aesthetic perspective, but the functionality improvement is worth the tradeoff.

Pros 👍Cons 👎
Lightweight & breathableMinimal slide protection
Good impact protectionAesthetics could improve
Touchscreen compatible
Flexible accordion panels
Affordably priced

Who Are The Revit Fly 3 Gloves For?

The Fly 3 gloves hit a nice sweet spot between protection and comfort with their blend of leather and armor. While serious track riders may demand race-grade protection, these provide ample safety for casual street use.

Riders that will benefit most from the Fly 3 include:

  • Street riders looking for lightweight summer gloves
  • New riders want basic protection without breaking the bank
  • Sport tourers prioritize long-distance comfort
  • Commuters needing touchscreen compatibility

Overall, the Fly 3 offers impressive quality considering its affordable sub-$100 price point.


Do the Fly 3 gloves have a waterproof liner?

No, the Fly 3 gloves do not contain any waterproof membranes. They are designed for lightweight breathability rather than weather protection.

How do the Fly 3 gloves compare to the previous Fly 2 model?

The Fly 3 provides upgraded flexibility from its accordion panel repositioning. It also has a wider palm area than the Fly 2. Otherwise, it shares a similar summer glove design focused on ventilation.

What sizes are available for the Revit Fly 3 gloves?

The Fly 3 gloves come in sizes small through 3XL to cater to most hand shapes and motorcycle grip circumferences.

Will the Fly 3 glove touchscreen capability work with my smartphone?

Yes, the conductive thumb and index fingertips allow you to use touchscreen devices without removing the Fly 3 gloves. This is handy for GPS navigation.

Do the Fly 3 gloves have palm sliders or just exterior knuckle protection?

The Fly 3 gloves do not have any palm sliders, just external TPU hard knuckle armor for impact protection. The finger joints also have padded TPU shields.

Still Debating the Revit Fly 3 Gloves?

For riders looking for lightweight, cool-wearing summer gloves with sufficient protection, the Revit Fly 3 is a compelling choice.

While more hardcore track riders may demand bulkier racing gloves, the Fly 3 strikes an ideal balance for casual street use.

Have you tested the Revit Fly 3 gloves? I’d love to hear your experience in the comments below!

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