Held Paxton Gloves Review: Safe for City Sorties?

When browsing retro-style gloves for my café racer, I came across the Held Paxton model. Its vintage design piqued my interest, but living in a crowded metropolis with endless traffic, I need gear offering ample impact buffers, too.

Though fashionable, do the Paxtons provide sufficient padding and abrasion resistance for safe urban commuting? I examined their construction and protection levels more closely to find out.

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for street riders for you? Let’s find out!

Held Paxton Gloves Review


Key Takeaways

  • Secure fit, snug adjustability
  • Quality leather, not armored
  • Sharp style, essential protection

Held Paxton Gloves – Our Verdict

Based on the construction details and material choices, I feel the Paxtons hit a nice sweet spot between vintage design and functional urban protection.

The armored TPU knuckles reinforced external seams, and Kevlar-backed leather palms prove these gloves take safety seriously.

Without thermal liners, the Paxtons lack weatherproofing for harsh winter riding. But for spring through autumn commuting, given reasonable speeds, I would trust these gloves to dissipate and resist abrasion impacts while blending right into a heritage outfit.

Ultimately, I believe style-minded city riders can rely on the Paxton’s materials and construction for injury-free riding seasons.

Comparison to Similar Gloves

Product NameKey Features
REV’IT Summit 3 GlovesSeamless palm construction, carbon fiber knuckles, rubberized fingertips, tear-resistant outer shell
Scorpion Klaw II GlovesTPR knuckles, Kevlar stitched goatskin leather, neoprene panels for flexibility, tempered microfiber for wipe panel, 3M Scotchlite reflective details
Held Paxton GlovesPremium leather construction, rigid plastic knuckles, foam padding, abrasion-resistant palm, adjustable wrist closure
Icon Twenty-Niner 2D30 knuckle armor, kinetic heat shield palm, premium leather with stretch panels, silicon print zones on fingers and palm
Sadichi Corsa CEGoat leather chassis, palm and thumb reinforcement, folding knuckle protection, finger flex panels, hook-and-loop wrist closure

The Paxton gloves stand out for their retro design, premium leather quality, and essential impact protection.

However, gloves like the Summit 3 or Anthem 2 CE contain more robust armor, stretch panels, and tactile elements tailored for aggressive riding. For casual city rides, the Paxtons offer ample safety combined with heritage styling.

But track day enthusiasts or those prioritizing high performance may prefer other options with cutting-edge features above fashion. Ultimately, matching gear capabilities to your intended riding style proves paramount.

A Closer Look at Materials and Armor

Constructed from supple cowhide leather on the backs and soft deerskin leather on the palms, the Paxtons certainly feel sturdy yet flexible right off the bat.

The palms incorporate durable Kevlar stitching, too. I’m impressed by the quality and comfort. But what about armor?