Held Paxton Gloves Review: Safe for City Sorties?

In this article, we will explore the intricate details and features that have made the Held Paxton Gloves a standout choice in the market.

From their construction and materials to their ergonomic design and protection capabilities, we will uncover the reasons behind their popularity and why they should be on every rider’s must-have list.

Can they truly deliver the perfect balance of comfort, functionality, and durability that every rider craves?

But, the main question I will answer in this review will be: Are these the best motorcycle gloves for street riders for you? Let’s find out!

Held Paxton Review


Key Takeaways

  • Secure fit, snug adjustability
  • Quality leather, not armored
  • Sharp style, essential protection

Held Paxton – Our Verdict

Based on the construction details and material choices, I feel the Paxtons hit a nice sweet spot between vintage design and functional urban protection.

The armored TPU knuckles reinforced external seams, and Kevlar-backed leather palms prove they take safety seriously.

Without thermal liners, the Paxtons lack weatherproofing for harsh winter riding. But given reasonable speeds for spring through autumn commuting, I would trust them to dissipate and resist abrasion impacts while blending right into a heritage outfit.

Ultimately, I believe style-minded city riders can rely on Paxton’s materials and construction for injury-free riding seasons.

Comparison to Similar Products

REAX TaskerOpens in a new tab.– Versatile, minimalist design
– Superior comfort and fit
– Advanced protective features
Sadichi CorsaOpens in a new tab.– Perforated leather for ventilation
Touchscreen compatible
– Reinforced knuckles
Klimb InductionOpens in a new tab.Lightweight and breathable
Touchscreen compatible
– Reinforced knuckle shielding

The REAX Tasker offers a blend of classic style and modern shielding, with features like accordion stretch, knuckle reinforcement, and touchscreen compatibility.

Compared to the Sadichi Corsa and Klimb Induction, the Tasker provides a more premium leather construction and advanced protective elements but at a higher price point.

The Sadichi Corsa and Klimb Induction are more budget-friendly options that still offer good ventilation, touchscreen functionality, and reinforced protection.

The Corsa has a more perforated leather design for improved airflow, while the Induction uses a lightweight, breathable material.

Overall, the REAX Tasker cater to riders seeking a high-quality, versatile glove with a focus on both style and safety, while the Sadichi and Klimb options provide more affordable alternatives with similar core features.

A Closer Look at Materials and Armor

An image showing the material and armor construction.

Constructed from supple cowhide leather and armor on the backs and soft deerskin leather on the palms, the Paxtons certainly feel sturdy yet flexible right off the bat.

The palms incorporate durable Kevlar stitching, too. I’m impressed by the quality and comfort. But what about armor?

They include rigid TPU plastic knuckle shielding plus underlying foam for shock absorption. On the outer edge of the palm, extra layers offer abrasion resistance in case of slides.

However, coverage around the pinky and outer wrist could be better. The Paxtons aren’t heavily armored but offer essential impact shields.

So, in terms of materials and armor:

  • Pros: Kevlar stitching, foam padding
  • Cons: Minimal pinky/outer wrist coverage

Sizing and Fit

An image showing the size and fitting.

When it comes to finding the right size and fit, I always start by measuring my hand’s circumference (around the widest part, not including the thumb) with a soft measuring tape. For the Held Paxton, I went with the manufacturer’s recommendations instead of just guessing.

They suggest measuring the knuckles, excluding your thumbs, for the most accurate reading. Their sizing chart puts me in the medium range.

However, knowing they incorporate durable skin, which will break in and form your hands over time, I ordered a size down too small for a more precise fit.

The Paxtons arrived and slid right on comfortably. No bunching between the fingers and no pinching or restriction with movement either—the pre-curved contour matched my natural grip shape perfectly.

Once I buckled the wrist strap and fine-tuned the hook-and-loop cinches to my preference, I was impressed by the personalized fit achieved straight away without any extended wear-in anticipation.

So, I’d advise cross-checking your hand measurements against the brand’s recommendations for riders in the market for these Held classics.

Sizing down is likely, but keeping one size below should let the hide mold snugly without over-constricting.

An hour’s ride around town immediately proved the proper fit and lasting comfort I’d expect from a premium name like Held. No disappointments so far!

On fit and adjustability, the positives are:

  • True-to-size chart
  • Lots of wrist strap overlap
  • Easy to cinch the closures
  • No loss of tactile feedback

Held Men’s Sizing Chart


Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

Pros and Cons

Premium constructionMinimal armoring on outer pinky
Rigid plastic knuckle armorNot fully waterproof
Foam padding over fingersLack thermal insulation
Abrasion-resistant palmMinimal armoring on the outer pinky
Pre-curved fingers
Good tactile feedback
Adjustable wrist closure
Vintage aesthetics
High quality materials
Good value for cost


Are the Held Paxton gloves good for summer riding?

Yes, the perforated finger sidewalls allow decent airflow to keep hands cool in warm weather. However, they lack waterproof membranes for wet weather.

What kind of warranty do they carry?

Held offers a 1-year warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Normal wear from use is not covered.

Do the Paxtons have any smart device compatibility?

No, these gloves do not feature conductive fingertip materials for touchscreen use. You’d need to remove them to access phones.

Can the wrist closure be adjusted for different arm thicknesses?

Yes, the hook and loop wrist strap has a 4 inch overlap range to customize the fit for different forearm sizes.

Final Verdict: Vintage Style with Essential Urban Protection

The Paxtons might not offer heavyweight track armor, but these vintage beauties provide ample padding for the hazards of city riding.

The premium hide construction, plastic knuckles, and padding across high-impact zones work harmoniously to dissipate crashes while retaining flexibility for regular riding duties.

Matched with abrasion-resistant riding gear, the Held Paxtons deliver style and essential shielding for urban sorties without breaking the bank. Retro-loving city riders like myself deserve serious consideration.

What has your experience been with the Paxtons? Share your thoughts below!

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